My username: Fabina11

Character Name: Bennett Lee Jones

Birthday: March 20th, 1995

Hair:Carmelcolor, little shorter than Mick's, like Mick's

Eyes: Dark-ish blue eyes

Other physical features': slightly tall, amazing smile

Personality: Really nice, sweet, pretty smart, sarcastic some times, helpful, cares very much about people he is close with and the people that he is close with friends

Hobbies: Plays ice Hockey. And baseball

Random stuff: Really good friends with Nina, like her brother, could easily become good friends with Fabian and Mick likes the idea of Fabina, doesn't mind Amber as a friend.

Still don't own House of Anubis Even More in love with Eugene

Nina's POV

UGH that voice I am NOT ready to hear it at all screamed one of my nicknames tackling me to the ground. "NANI, NANI, NANI, NANI!"

"Hey. Hello. GET OFF!" I said yelling the 'get off" part.

"Well you don't have to yell." My little sister said sarcastically while getting up.

"Hey, Nina!" Now that is the voice I wanted to hear, Paul. I got so excited I tackled him to the ground "PAUL!" I screamed.

"Well hello to you too miss Nanina .C. Martin." He laughed.

"HI! I missed you so much!" I yelled while hugging him. Gran finally came into the room, in her Pjs; Note to self it is still morning.

"Well I hope my hello is different than your brother's." Gran said laughing.

"Hi Gran!" I said while squeezing the shit out of her.

"Damn Nina. Why don't you get a damn bucket, so the stuff you squeeze out of her doesn't go into my room?" Paul said while putting on his coat.

"Not my fault you chose the cellar." I said.

"Cellar, Now you decide to be proper?" Paul said while laughing I playfully punched him.

"Ow, that hurt." He said sarcastically.

"Do you want it to!" I asked. While holding up my fist. He backed away from me. "Wimp." I mumbled under my breath. Paul started leaving.

"And where do you think your going?" I asked Paul.

"Skating. Oh and I got your board fixed." He said while tossing me my favorite skateboard.

"Thanks but I have thousands of them." I said.

"Look at it." I looked at it, it read; "To our oldest daughter Nanina .C. M Love Mum and Dad." I read out loud. "Thank you." I said blinking away tears. "So now that everyone is here I can introduce everyone." I said while looking around. "This is Paul my older brother, Naomi my little sister, Emmett my cousin, Sakirra my best friend, Olivia my friend and Naomi's best friend, Seth Naomi's boyfriend, My Grappa and, My Gran." I said pointing to everyone as I said their name. Then signing it. "Guys this is Amber, Alfie, Mick, Mara, Patricia, Joy, Jerome and, Fabian." I said and signed.

"Why do you keep moving your hands?" Amber asked.

"I am moving my hands because Emmett, my cousin is deaf and when I'm moving my hands its called sign language." I explained.

"I'm mute don't forget me N - I – N – A." Sakirra singed.

"Okay don't have to be pushy and spell out names Saki." "And Sakirra is mute." I said.

"Bye guys!" Paul said about to leave.

"Paul James Martin get you ass over here now!" Gran said.

"What?" Paul asked.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Skating to 'Marco's', why?"

"With who?"

"People from school."

"That's his lying face!" I said.

"I know who are you really going with?" Gran asked. Then he whispered something in her ear she nodded and he left. "Nina show then to their rooms while I make breakfast."

"Breakfast!" Mick and Alfie said their smiles widening, as we walked up the stairs.

"I'm making; Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh squeezed orange juice and your favorite homemade-" I cut her off.

"Homemade chocolate pie!" I screamed. We were almost to the top

"And no pranking Nina!" she said sternly, everyone looked shocked. We were on the second floor.

"Okay guys I'm gonna go to the attic and grab some things you all can pick out you rooms."

"Wait how many people per room?" Jerome asked.

"Like Anubis house two people per room, the room with double doors at the end of the hallway don't open those doors and the one to the left Amber you're in there who wants to share with my sister?" I explained and asked.

"I'll share with her." Mara said.

"Okay." I said before heading upstairs to the attic. Paul Naomi and I always hung out there I sat on the swing that was in there and Picked up my laptop and my new phone that came in the mail after I left, and walked onto the hallway where everyone was waiting for me.

"I told you guys to pick out you.-" I got cut off by Jerome.

"We already did." Oh.

"Okay let's go downstairs." I said,

"I'm helping you Grandmother." Trudy said as she came into the room. "Where is the bathroom?"

"Upstairs and make a left."

"Thank you."

Paul's POV

"I'm going to pick up Alek, Chloe, Amy, Jasmine and, Paul." I whispered into Gran's ear. She nodded. I left and rode my skateboard to where I left my car. We planed this for Nina all of her best friends from San Fran here.

"Took you long enough I could've ran there faster."

"Shut up Alek." We got into the car and drove back home. I opened the door to find Nina and her friends…

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