Timcanpy is separated from Allen at the moment... Takes place after Cross knocks her out in India. This doesn't really go along with the story line-ish..-ish-again..

Warnings: FemAllen, OoC-ness...I Don't know... What else? Blood?

My idea of how fem!Allen Walker Looks like is her looking like Lala from To Love Ru Motto (Anime vers.) Shorten her a little bit, make hair white, eyes grey then the red curse mark. Wahla! Pwetty, Cute, Adorable genderbent Allen Walker...

Full Summary: Allen Walker, a young girl who doesn't know her place within the world and hates war with passion, stumbles upon strange crystal-like machines in the earth that, unknown to Allen, where servants and creations of the White Ark. Allen tries to fix these machines which only seem to respond to her touches. However the war seems to be taking her in as Allen learns more of herself, her innocence and the shadowy gentleman within her reflections.

The night was silent, the air cool. A perfect crescent moon night. Yet, no matter how perfect the night was, the small white figure of the girl was tense. Those silver eyes looked around the empty streets of the small town she took refuge in. She had narrowly escaped a large Akuma after the several cube formed innocence in her hands.

Allen never meant to find them, she just so happened to stumble across them by the lake, in an old run-down fishing shack she came across.

The young female glared down at the pieces that were glowing warm within her hands, their green light just dim. Then her head shot up as faint thud echoed. With quick eyes she looked for the source and saw a door had been opened. A small group, two men and one girl, stepped out. Quickly, Allen hid behind a nearby barrel- tense. The uniform the trio wore was one she saw many times. The Exorcists uniform of the Black Order. The ones with Innocence, like her, who served in the war for God against the enemy- the Noah.

It was easy, not at all difficult to figure out the Black Order's goal. Gather Innocence, find the Heart, defeat the Noah.

Allen was often tempted to do as her Master asked her , more like ordered, to do. Follow Timcampy to Order's Headquarters and help defeat the Noah. It excited her that she'd be able to make a family again, ones similar to her, the had Innocence too. They would understand her with a deformed, red left arm. But Allen didn't join. The Black Order was in war. They would put her in and Allen hated war with a hell-like passion.

Sounds of people screaming in pain, families torn apart, souls obliterated, dieing wills, lust for blood and kill, the boiling hatred. All the darkness, she hated it. People drowned in war, they would forget themselves and cause pain and sadness and hatred. Allen didn't hate war, she loathed war. It disgusted her beyond belief.

Allen watched the group walk towards her hiding place. Thinking of sprinting up and into the nearby woods, her legs tensed up ready for the sprint. Then they were just barely ten feet away. So close, now five feet away. Allen went against the idea and sunk herself lower behind the barrels to the dirt-covered ground. They were too close. They'll sense the innocence. The four pieces of innocence within her hands and her innocence as well. The trio of exorcists would most likely take herself and the innocence to their headquarters, force her into their bloody-hate filled war.

The trio of Exorcists continued on into the forest. Relief filled the white head, her muscles loosened up. Slowly standing up, looking at the retreating exorcist's backs, she walked towards the opposite side of town, towards the hotel. She needed some food, and a long nap.

After checking in at the small motel, Allen listened to the talk around her as she slowly ate her meal. To her luck, there was talk of the exorcist. They had been in town for a week now and had just left to some other area. Allen, relived by this news, decided she needed some 'fun' time.

She engaged herself in poker with some rather self-centered men, winning every round. Allen was very happy of her cheating skills, and was proud of them.

The men got up and left mumbling as they went, "How she do it? I though we gave her all the bad cards! Couldn't tell if that beauty was cheating..."

Smiling brightly she retired to her room. The Innocence were exactly where she left them, in her small little purse, still glowing warmly. Closing the black bag, she pulled the covers and laid herself within their warmth, placing the purse underneath her pillow.

Her hands ached though. The need to hold onto her master's golem, Timcampy. A childish act she gained over the years, and continued on whole heartily since it felt nice to hold the small golden ball close to her. Sighing in fond memory of Timcanpy, she slowly fell asleep until a rather loud thudding on her door startled her.

With a soft groan, Allen forced herself out of bed. Grumbling to herself she went to the door and opened to see who'd knock on her door at this hour and why.

What greeted her eyes was a very tall male, but then again she was rather small for a fifteen-year old girl, as told by her Master. The man had red hair, help up with a bandanna, an eye-patch over his right eye, and red scarf and had the exorcist uniform on. Her eyes slightly widened.

He was one of the men she saw earlier entering the woods. This was bad. They must of sensed her Innocence.

The late-teen in front of her grinned broadly down at her, for a moment seemed to have froze. "STRIKE!"

Allen, eyes widened up at him, confused. Strike? What on earth did 'strike' do with anything.

The red-head gripped her hand, smiling charmingly down at her. "Why hello there pretty little lady. How are you this very fine night?"


Allen and the red-head looked towards the voice. Allen was screwed. So very screwed. The other two were here as well.

The one who spoke was a tall, Japanese man, his blue eyes cold, and his blue hair up in a pony tail. The other was a girl, long green hair in pigtails, with purple eyes. By the looks of her, Allen guessed she was Chinese.

"Ah! Yu! Look at this adorable, pretty lady! Ain't she cuuute!" The red-head sang. He grabbed the shocked Allen by her shoulders and showed her off to them like she was some very prizable object.

"AH! SO CUTE!" The exocist girl glomped Allen, "Oh... You have white hair? Whats that on your f-?"

Allen, regaining her senses, moved away from the trio back to her door. "I'm sorry, but you knocked on my door. Did you want something?" Yes. Did they or where they just knocking on the door for pure fun? Allen wanted some sleep!

Plus... Weren't they suppose to be out of town? Unless...

The Chinese girl smiled. "We're sorry for waking up but this was the room we had rented and we had forgotten something in here. Do you mind if we could-?

Smiling sweetly to them, Allen stepped away from the door, allowing them in. Allen was relived again after so many time today. They just forgot something. That's girl and red-head came in and started to look right under neath the drawers, table, chairs and bed.

The girl got up and sighed. "Seems like it's not here. I'm sorry we interrupted your sleep."

"Ah-no-no! It's okay! I was about to fall asleep- so you really didn't interrupt- well maybe me falling asleep! But I wasn't asleep yet so nothing to apologize for! " Allen said hurriedly, waving her hands in front of her then, laughed nervously.

'Gwah! I'm such an idiot! They aren't after me... wahhhhh...I'm An idiot.'

The Japanese man was still outside the door, glaring at her. Allen looked at him curiously. "What?"

"Che. A typical Moyashi." The man continued to glare at her.

It was Allen's turn to glare. She didn't like the name 'moyashi.' "My name is Allen! I don't even know what a 'moyashi' is anyway!"

The red-head spoke up from the floor. "Miss Allen-chan," Allen looked down at him," 'Moyashi means 'bean sprout' in Japanese." The red-head grinned brightly at her.

It struck Allen like lightning. The Japanese man was referring to her height. Immediately heat came to her face and she glared at the Japanese man who glared right back. "MY NAME IS ALLEN, GIRLY FACE!"

That seemed to struck a nerve for the man came right at her with a black sword. Her blood seemed to strangely react to this as many times before. It practically gave out a soft sing of 'Innocence~!' Raising her left arm the blood struck, and was stopped right there. The man's eyes widened in shock.

'Awww... Crap.'

"I'm Lenalee, this is Lavi, and that is Kanda. We're Exorcists of the European Branch."

That was was all Allen could remembered before she bolted out of the room, with her large coat, and the black purse in her hand with the four innocence pieces. She knew they would be following her. They wouldn't let an Accommodator out of their hands.

'Well... they lost this one.'

Allen dropped herself behind some boulders, lying flat on her stomach. Closing her eyes, she listened to her heart's hard thobbing, and for the sound of foot steps.

It was a narrow chase, the red-head Lavi used his innocence hammer to grow and catch up with her. Allen ducked a whole load and ran around trees. The Lenalee girl was also hard to get rid of. She was very fast with her innocence boots, and kicked trees out of the way to get to Allen. Allen had to boost up her running to get away narrowly, very narrowly. The thick forst helped her escape the flying Chinese girl. The hard one to shake off was the swords-man, Kanda. He was chopping and slashing his way through all the trees to get to her. Allen had to resort to her innocence to escape. Kanda had managed to grab her long white hair and pull her to him. Swiftly, Allen lodged her right elbow into his stomach, spin around and cry out, "Innocence Activate!" sending out the white claw of her left hand into his face, sending him flying into the air. Allen, feeling bad about fighting, managed out a quick apology then continued running. A stitch in her side. Her legs sore.

But Allen managed to win this round. She was sore and tired. She needed to rest.


Not yet. She had to keep walking forward, the Exorcist were no doubt searching for her still.

With a grunt, Allen pushed herself off the ground, stumbling a bit when she took one step foward. She grabbed the stab of rock sticking out of the mountain next to her to steady herself only to be rewarded with a crunchy noise below her feet. Startled Allen looked down at her feet, seeing cracks appear, then the ground gave way.

With a cry, Allen and her belongings fell into the dark hole. Still looking up she could see a boulder slam where she use to stand, sealing off their entry from the world above.

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