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Title: God's Bane

Chapter: Prisoner

POV Character(s) Allen

Warnings: Swearing, spelling, grammer...

Allen felt cold, and stiff in the neck.

Reluctantly opening her eyes, she saw black. Startled, Allen sat up and looked around. She was in a dark, small room, on a single bed. Groaning from the headache in her head, Allen clutched the area where it hurt. Memories flushed to Allen- she remembered walking from the laughing Minister and Lord, turning a corner, pain then darkness. Eyes wide, Allen leaped of the bed and too the door and tried to open it.

It was locked. Cursing loudly, Allen kicked the door in her anger.

She was kidnapped! Growling, Allen slammed her shoulder at the door repeatly, trying to break it down. Finally, Allen yelled out in fury and punched the un-budging door with her left hand. Just as the door went flying right as her fist hit the surface, Allen bolted out fo the room only to be grabbed by two pairs of strong hands by her forearms.

"Let go!" Screaming, Allen tried to get the hands off her by squirming, and roughly jerking her body around. The hands on her forearms tightened even more making her struggles fruitless.

With a growl, Allen glared up at her attackers and froze. The men were wearing red hoods, and Allen could almost smell the magic coming off them.

Crow. And Crow worked with the Black Order, which meant that...

'Shit.' Allen Walker was kidnapped by the Black Order. As strong willed as Allen was, she couldn't help but tremble as they started to drag her with them down the dark hall, into more halls. All the while Allen was scared.

They were going to put her in war, on a bloody field of pain and breaking. The Order was going to use her as a weapon in their hate-filled war. They wouldn't care how she felt! All the wanted was to use her.

Just then the two Crow dragging her stopped in front of a door. Allen looked up at the door as it was opened and was tossed inside, the door closing behind her.

Slowly getting up, Allen looked around the room. One word could just easily described it.

Messy. Really messy. Make that two. Piles of paper were surronding the desk and on the desk. Coffe was set on the table, and a chinese man dressed in white and had glasses sat behind it looking at her with intrest. Standing next to him was a man in a lab coat, and the Excorist girl, Lenalee- who as staring at her with her jaw dropped. The two Excorcist boys, Lavi and Kanda, where there too. Kanda was glaring daggers at her which she kindly returned in kind. Allen then brought her darkening glare at the sweat-dropping chinese man.

"What the hell do you want!" The man looked a little paniced from the dark, menacing edge to her voice.

Clearing his throught, the man started out," I'm Komui Lee, Chief Officer of the Black Order and Head of European Branch."

Allen glared more from where she stood. She looked very annoyed.

"Anyway...," Komui went on," You have Innocence."

"So?" Allen snapped.

"So we want you to join the Black Order," Komui said cheerfully. Everyone was looking from the happy Komui to the pissed of Allen. She looked ready to explode.

Trying to play it cool, Allen put on her poker face. "Why should I? I hate war, I don't want to be involved."

"Well, you have a parasatc Innocence. Umm...," Komui looked around for help from his fellow members.

"And,' said the male in a lab coat," Your master, Cross, sent us this-," he held up a letter from the messy pile," that says if you don't show up- 'most likely' he put in- we were to go after you. And that he gave us permission to use whatever force necessary."

Allen's face remained blank for a long time as she registered this information in. Her master sent a letter, she knew that much but what she didn't know was that he gave them permission to get her if she didn't show up. Cross knew she wouldn't show up and was probably laughing his ass off at her now.

"I hate you, Cross," Allen muttered darkly.

"Moyashi," the Japanese growled," stop it with the empty face, its annoying."

Veins popped out of Allen's head. "IT'S ALLEN, BAKANDA!"

Chaos was issued as weapons were drawn.

After sending a knocked out Lavi (who accidently got hit by Allen), Komui led the huffing Allen to a large chamber. Upon enetring, Allen was so absobed in her own thoughts, she didn't even notice as a dozen of thin white hands lifted her into the air. Allen cried as she was lifted into the air and looked up to see a strange being, almost as mystical as the crystal being in her cave. The 'thing' was white, like Allen's snow hair. Strange, white wave like hair sprouted from its head and had the lower face of a beautiful woman.

"Don't be afraid, I only wish to get to know your Innocence," the creature said. Allen felt a little bit violated as she held back a scream as the hands went into her skin. It felt so weird, unpleasent even. Allen's blood was screaming at her, yelling 'Innocence'. She wanted to strike down this Innocence, to destroy it for going inher skin without Allen's permission first. Allen bit down at her tongue to stop her screams.

Just as abrutly as it began, the creature set her down and remained silent. Allen twitched a bit when Komui placed his hands on her shoulders.

"So what do you say about little Allen Walker, Hebraska?" The Branch Head asked looking up at this thing called 'Hebraska', Allen twitched again when he referred her as 'little'.

"Allen Walker, as you say, has a synchronization rate that lies at eighty-three percent," Hebraska said.

"Synchronization rate?" Allen wondered, looking up at the man holding her.

"Your synchronization rate is the lifespan of your innocence, and the bond between you and the innocence. Lower the rate, the harder it is for the exorcist to invocate his or her weapon," Komuin explained.

"It is also dangerous in invocate your Innocence when the synchronoization rate is low," Hebraska included," But Allen Walker," Allen looked up it, dreading something bad might come," In the dark times ahead, Your Innocence will bring forth a Destroyer of Time out of you."


Komui clapped at Allen," Impressive, Miss Allen!" He said cheerfully, not taking in her dark aura,"We shall be expecting great things out of yo-ACK!"

Allen had punched him with her right hand, which he barely managed to block with his clipboard. "What did I do?" Komui cried out, backing away fom the small girl.

"You didn't mention anything about having this Innocence putting its hands into me," Allen growled. Komui was surprised that Allen figured out it was Innocence.

"Well... you weren't giving me any attention so...Welcome to the Black Order, Allen-chwan!" Komui said cheerfully. Allen stomped past him.

"I hate you, Komui-san."


Allen walked down the hallways and paused by a window and looked around in the hallway. No one would see her escape. But just as she was pressing her hands against the glass she was tackled.

"GYA! You're so cute!" It was Lenalee. The girl picked the stunned Allen up and started rubbing her cheek against Allen's cheek, going faster and faster until there was steam coming from the rubbing contact," Your skin feels so smooth like a baby's!"

"Lenalee-chan, you're going to burn her face off if you keep that up."

Lenaless stopped and looked over. Lavi was walking over to them grinning. "Looks like you're part of the Black Order now," he said.

"More like prisoner." Allen grumbled. It was true. They didn't giver her any choice.

Just then her stomach gave a loud rumbling sound. Clutching her stomach in embarrassment, Allen's face blushed," Where do you people eat?"

The two Exocrosit laughed. Lenalee grabbed Allen's hand and started dragging her down the hall," First, you get changed. Then we'll eat." From Lenalee's voice that promised 'enjoyment' from the changeing part, Allen guessed it would be torture for Allen- she hated being dressed up. Allen looked over at the red-head, her eyes pleading for help. But he just waved at her, looking like he was straining hard laughter.

Allen whimped when she was placed back to the room that she woke up in. There were no Crow, so she guessed they were just there so she wouldn't run away. There was now clotheing on the small bed, folded neatly. Allen gulped and looked at Lenalee and instantly regretted it.

Lenalee eye's were shinning brightly at Allen causing the small girl to back up against the wall as the chinese girl slowly advanced.

Allen's scream could be heard all over the Order. People paused in what they were doing and looked around, startled. Others just sighed, things weren't going to be the same for the Order

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