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Summary: It's Christmas aboard the Gokai Galleon! Just a little ramble fic because I'm in the holiday spirit :-D

A/N: Merry Christmas everyone! The upcoming episode of Gokaiger is about Gai getting everyone excited for Christmas, yeah? So here are just a few random takes on what could (but definitely won't) be happening on the Gokai Galleon this Christmas. It's based loosely on bits of the trailer ;-)


Part one

This whole 'Christmas' idea was starting to sound very good to Captain Marvelous. The food, the presents, the food, the tree, the food, the cheer—and did he mention the food?

"This one," he pointed enthusiastically at the chocolate pudding in one of Doc's cookbooks.

Joe looked up from the mixing bowl in front of him, gave the page a bored glance, and went back to his mixing. "I'm already making it," he said monotonously.

"Excellent," Marvelous' eyes lit up. He looked over to the bowl with childlike delight as Joe pulled the spoon up, pouring the chocolate back into the bowl to check the consistency. Marvelous never looked away from the bowl, dreamily thinking about how the pudding would taste when it was done.

Joe repeated the consistency test a few moments later, very aware of Marvelous' hawk-like stare and dangerous smile. "Go away," Joe said bluntly without looking away from what he was doing.

"Eh?" Marvelous asked.

"You're making the pudding nervous, and you're annoying me. Go. Go help Gai and the girls decorate the tree."

Marvelous was about to pull rank, when he remembered Doc was in the kitchen, preparing a practice roast for the one he was going to cook in two days' time. "I'll see if Doc needs any help," he said, rushing to his feet. Joe just shook his head slightly and continued with his baking.

A few minutes later, Gai wandered over and took Marvelous' vacated seat. Joe thought Gai smiled too much as it was, but it was like the beaming grin had not left his face since this whole Christmas thing started. Joe was fascinated by the concept, and thought it sounded like a nice idea, but he couldn't say he was as caught up in the excitement the way the rest of the crew was.

"That looks like it will be delicious," Gai said cheerfully. "This is going to be the best Christmas ever!"

"It seems like a lot of unnecessary work," Joe grumbled.

"But Joe-san, it's worth it!" Gai said, championing the cause of Christmas once more to the reluctant first mate. "Christmas is about being together, spending quality time with the people you care about most. It's about giving and sharing."

There was a question Joe had wanted to ask Gai, but he was yet to find a way to casually slip it into a conversation. Thankfully, the eager Earthling spared him the trouble.

"Have you thought about presents yet?" Gai asked, but then kept talking before Joe had a chance to answer. "I think I know what to get Marvelous and Ahim, but I'm struggling with what to get the rest of you."

"I don't want any presents," Joe said gruffly.

"Ah, but it's Christmas, Joe-san! You're getting a present."


"Why?" Gai looked confused. "Because at Christmas time, you're meant to get presents for the people you care about. Family, friends—special someones." Gai wriggled his eyebrows at the last part, not through any suspicion Joe had someone in mind, but just in a general teasing air. When the first mate's cheeks reddened slightly, though, Gai exclaimed and clamped one hand over his own mouth, gesturing wildly with the other one.

Joe shot him a glare, before glancing over his shoulder at Ahim and Luka. They'd finished decorating the tree, and were heading towards the private cabins. Once they left the main cabin, Joe did a quick scan of the room before returning to the pudding. He'd finished making his mixture, but kept stirring to give the appearance of nonchalance.

"Joe-san!" Gai exclaimed in an excited whisper. "There is a special someone! Who? Who?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Joe muttered, embarrassed. Now was the perfect time to ask the question he'd been holding in for over a day, but he still found it hard to find the words.

Gai just grinned at him, like an idiot. Joe desperately wanted to punch him, but restrained himself. He needed Gai's help.

"With people from Earth," Joe asked tentatively, trying to sound disinterested. "What do they get for each other? What do people buy for, say, their family? Their friends? Their... their special someone?"

Gai wasn't fooled, though, and gave Joe a knowing grin. "That depends," he said. He stroked his chin in thought. "You need to know what the person you're buying a gift for likes. That goes for everyone. But if it's a special someone," Gai raised his eyebrows, leaning his head in towards Joe. The first mate frowned and pushed him away. "If it's for a special someone, it has to be something … romantic!" Gai concluded dramatically.

"What do you mean, 'romantic'?" Joe said, trying and failing miserably to keep up his nonchalance.

"Ah, that's for you to decide, Joe-san!" Gai said, getting to his feet. "It needs to be a gift from you, not a gift from me."

And with that Gai bounded off, gleefully happy at his 'discovery'. Joe sighed, feeling no closer to solving his dilemma. He glanced towards the staircase leading down to the private cabins. This whole Christmas thing was more trouble than it was worth.

Okay, REEEEEEEALLY short opening, but I thought in the spirit of sharing, I'd share this fic with you all. Now, I already have a few ideas of my own that I'm going to include, but if anyone has any requests/suggestions for what THEY'D like to see in a Gokaiger Christmas, I'm open to suggestions! I'll try to work in as many as possible, so long asthey don't clash with other suggestions/where I was already planning on this story to go.

Merry Christmas!

Little Goose :-D