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Trains blurred past, either slowing down gradually or speeding ahead into dark tunnels. Night-workers and late-workers approached the slowing trains, briefcases in hand or backpacks slung lazily across a slumped shoulder.
In a way, the station was quiet, peaceful. But that changed when the police arrived.
"Spread out and search!" A police woman demanded, shouting into her radio and pointing in several directions. Officers did as ordered, sprinting along the platform to search for us.

I felt like a child - weak and vulnerable.
Once again, I felt scared.
"Astra!" Liam begs, shaking my shoulders "Astra, listen to me!"
I stare back at him, eyes wide, body shaking.
"What are you doing?"
My gaze goes to a small, mousy boy, who is crouched near us. I didn't even notice him, and apparently Liam didn't either, judging by the expression on his face.
He has big brown eyes. I quickly realise that he is the boy from the alleyway - the one I left behind to die.
When I don't respond, he continues.
"Is your name Astra?" He asks me curiously.
I give him a small, stiff nod.
"Why are you hiding?" He asks, eyes flicking to Liam.
"We're not." Liam tells him "We're just... playing a game."
"What game?"
"ASTRA SMITH?! LIAM O'DONOVAN?! COME OUT!" An officer yells.
"You're Astra Smith, aren't you?" The boy's eyes widen in a mixture of surprise and horror.
"Please, just stay quiet. Don't tell anyone we're here." I beg.
"You're dangerous." He whispers "Your face was all over the newspapers and the TV. They're searching for you, and him." He points at Liam.
Liam shrinks back from the finger, wincing.
"You killed a man." The boy continues softly "You both killed a man."
The boy gets to his feet in a hurry, and screams "OVER HERE! THEY'RE OVER HERE BY THE BINS!"
I'm frozen, horrified that the boy has gave us up.
Liam grabs my hand and yanks me to my feet. We sprint along the platform, and I hear radios crackle as messages are passed between the officers.
"Where are we going?!" I shout, accepting that our cover is blown.
He jumps down onto the ballast, and brings me down with him. I land badly, and something snaps in my ankle. I howl in pain.
"Sorry!" He puts his arm around me, steadying me, and helps me hobble along "But we have to run, Astra! Even if we can just get out of the station..."
I nod, gritting my teeth, and make myself hobble faster.
The officers are shouting at eachother, but I can't hear them. They're screaming now, but I don't know what.
We disappear into darkness, just as electric-blue sparks explode from the ground.


We're somewhere on the outskirts of London, surrounded by forests and chain-link fences.
"How are you doing?" Liam asks, leading the way, breathing heavily.
I press my lips together to contain my cries of pain, and just make a 'Mhm' noise which sounds like I'm being strangled.
So far, we've survived four oncoming trains by either diving onto the ballast or throwing ourselves down onto the railroad ties, sparks flying above us. Each time, I've staggered back to my feet, shaking with fear and crying like a coward. Each time, Liam tries, and eventually manages, to calm me down. It amazes me that he's not frightened.
"What are we going to do, Liam?" I whisper, ballast crunching beneath my ruined shoes.
"We keep on walking." He tells me.
"I meant what are we going to do afterwards?"
"We get far away, and like you said a long time ago, we can go and build new lives for ourselves."
"That was different, Liam." I tell him "That was if we broke our tags, and we never did. We faced up to the law in the end. That's what we've got to do again."
"Astra," He spins sharply on his heels and turns to stare at me "If I go back, I go to prison. I murdered a man."
"It was in self-defence!" I tell him "The courts will understand."
"Since when have we been in favour with the law? We have criminal records longer than our names, Astra. We go back, we spend the rest of our lives in prison cells. And I don't want that!"
I realise that this is escalating into an argument, so I try to keep my voice calm "We can't run forever, Liam."
"Don't you think I know that?!" His voice trembles, and that makes it clear to me that he is frightened, just as much as I am, but he's better at hiding it.
"Okay, we keep on walking." I tell him slowly, wanting to avoid conflict.
"No, you're going to stop and come with me."
We both turn, horrified to see the policewoman with the handcuffs once again.
"My, my, my, the pair of you have really let your guard down this evening!" She gives us both a smug smile.
We watch as officers appear along the tracks.
"And yes, young man. You will be spending a long time in a prison cell." She flicks her dyed-blonde hair over her shoulder casually "Now, shall we do this the easy way, or the hard way?"
I put my hands out "The easy way."
She stares at me, unable to believe what she's hearing.
"I'm sorry?"
"Astra?!" Liam stares at me, shocked.
"Cuff me. I surrender."
Slowly, she grips my left wrist, and places a cold metal cuff on it. She reaches for the second, and I slam my fist into her face, sending her reeling backwards, clutching her nose and cursing.
We run again, and as predicted, the officers nearby all run to her to try and help her.
"After them!" She demands.
With the unexpected burst of adrenaline, I can almost forget about the pain in my leg. We make it a fair distance.
"What now?" I ask, wheezing.
"The forest!" Liam orders.
I make my way for the forest, not even checking whether there are any trains coming. I make it to the other side, and sprint towards the forest, but then I remember Liam.
I stop sharply, and my bad leg buckles beneath me, sending me crashing onto the moist earth. I lay there, completely numb and useless, eyes locked on the figure in front of me.
A stag. A glowing stag.
With much effort, I manage to roll myself to my side, and watch as Liam tugs uselessly at his jacket. It's been caught on a railroad spike.
The officers are running towards him.
I look back at the stag, who is still standing there, glowing as bright as ever.
The stag represents death.
I can hear a train, and I'm screaming, barely audible against such sound.
He looks up at me, as if he managed to hear me over the train.
"GET UP!" I yell.
A blur of red shoots past, and I scream once again, horrified.
When the train has passed and disappeared into the distance, there is nothing left of the boy known as Liam O'Donovan.
A random scrap of his purple jacket flutters in the breeze, landing in my palm. I'm dragged to my feet, the scrap laying forgotten on the earth, and handcuffed.
I know without turning around that the stag is gone.

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