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Chapter 7: bedtime.

Thranduil sighed and stood outside the door of his son's room. Ainion was with the healers fetching Legolas' medicine while the king had to come up with some sort of way to make Legolas fall asleep. The king thought that in Legolas' mind, he didn't have to go to bed. Thranduil was sure that Legolas thought he could play and sleep whenever he wanted. But that had to stop. Legolas wouldn't like this, but he need boundries. Elrond was right behind the king.

"He's going to have to learn that he need proper sleep and with that saying, he's going to need a strict scheduled bedtime." Elrond commented.

The king thought to himself. "And are you going to help me put him to bed?-" He went to ask but Elrond quickly excused himself to take care of his sons. Thranduil rudly smiled and knew he didn't want to deal with a cranky Legolas. Thranduil sighed and opened the doors. There in his bed laied Legolas, he looked board.

He entered the room.

"Ion-nin, it is time for you to sleep." Thranduil said.

"Not tired." Legolas mumbled. "And it's too early for me to go to bed, I'm usually sleeping later"

Thranduil nodded, he knew of Legolas' sleeping habbits, he was usually asleep at midnight, sometimes at one in the morning and then he would sleep all day. That was not a healthy sleeping habbit for a small elfling. Thranduil knew this was going to be a tough situation.

"No, Legolas, this is actually the time you are supposed to be sleeping at. Now, lay your head down"

Thranduil gently placed Legolas' head down on the soft pillow, stroking his hair line in an effort to sooth the tired elfling to sleep.

"And go to sleep." Thranduil smiled, but Legolas kept frowning. Then an Idea come to his head.

"Ada?" Legolas asked before Thranduil left the room. Thranduil turned around; giving Legolas perfect attention.

"May I have somthing to eat?" Legolas asked. No way was he going to eat a thing, but this might give him a chance to stay up longer. Thrnaduil was pleased, his son was willing to eat-willing to eat. Thranduil smiled.

"Of course, I don't see why you can't have a small snack, I'll be right back" He smiled. After he lightly closed the doors, he couldn't help but jump and do a victory leap, causing some rather cute Elleths, who were innocently bypassing, to smile and giggle. Meanwhile, Legolas reached up from his nightstand and smiled he started to play quietly with his toys, he smiled.

"I should do this more often." He smiled.

After Thranduil had broghten Legolas some bread and butter, Legolas looked at the food.

"Hmmmm...I don't know." Legolas said. "It might be hard for me to swallow, may I have some water too, Ada?" Legolas smiled sweetly.

"Of course, Legolas." Thranduil left the room to fetch his son water, Legolas leaped and jumped (on his good leg) over to his balcony and threw the bread and butter out of his room. Smiling with pleasure he went back to his bed.

As the bread and butter flew in the air, Dan and Ro who were supposed to be in bed but rather taking a liking to Mirkwood's Elleths were outside. As Dan was about to sa somthing to make his pretty Elleth giggle, the bread collided with his open mouth and he chocked on it.

"Dan, chew your food, you're an animal" Ro said, without looking behind himself.

Legolas continued to play out this act for a few more nights, always asking for food and then water, making his Ada leave the room while he ditched the food. One time when his Ada brought him a snack, it was a bright red apple. He tossed that out the window, a few older Elfs who were paracticing target practice actually hit the apple. Other tahn the apple and bread and butter the food mostly landed on some rose bushes or a statue of some sort.

Legolas smiled at his game, he never thought it would end until...Thranduil came in the room with food and water.

"Here, Ion-nin...Now, which story would you like?" Thranduil moved over to Legolas' bookshelf looking for a book to read to his son, Legolas wasn't paying any attention, insted he started at the food, AND water. Legolas knew he was in trouble, he wasked for somthing to eat and Thranduil came with both objects. Thranduil was smart and brought water along with Legolas' snack, he didn't want to walk all the way back just to get some water.

"Legolas?" Thranduil asked. "Which story would you like?"

Legolas thought for a second and then realized he had a book in his Ada's study room. Smiling he asked for that book, Thranduil nodded, walking to his study to retrieve the book.

Quickly, Legolas took the stack of oranges Thranduil had given him and chucked it out his bedroom window. Of course, he hadn't noticed Elrond walking outside enjoying the summer night's breeze, while rocking the small half-elf, Estel. He stoped immediatly, and saw the oranges on the ground, smashed and ruiend. He looked up, noticing the candlelight in Legolas' room.

"Hmm." Elrond said. "I wonder if Thranduil knows of this..."

Thranduil smiled seeing Legolas drink all the water. "Wow, you were hungry" Thranduil smiled. He hoped his son's antics of him starving himself were over, but actually, Legolas was skinnier than ever. Thranduil sat on the edge of Legolas' bed and began reading, but Legolas' doors opened and in came Elrond holding his sleeping child.

"Thranduil...I see progress with you putting Legolas to sleep" He smiled. thranduil smiled back and stroked a few hairs away from Legolas' face. Elrond smiled back. "But do tell me, how exactly...are you putting him to sleep?"

"Oh! I'm reading to him and sometimes singing...Legolas is starting to eat more...I bring him a snack and some water each night, and he eats it all" Thranduil beamed at that. Elrond kept smiling.

"Oh, and have you seen him eat his snack...all gone?" Elrond asked.

Legolas got tense.

" it's usually gone when I come back with his water." Thranduil said. Elrond nodded, walking closer to the king and prince.

"Oh...well, what did Legolas have tonight?" Elrond asked. Estel stirred in his sleep, trying to get in a more comfortable position on his Ada's shoulder.

"He had a few orange slices. I think six" Thranduil said. Then he turned to Legolas and narrowed his eyes. "Why do you ask, Elrond?"

Elrond held out his hand and in the palm of his hand were orange slices that seemed to be smashed, and had dirt on them. Legolas tried not to gasp, but Thranduil already was fired up.

"LEGOLAS!" He screamed. Legolas flinched. "What is the meaning of that! I thought you were going to change..." Thranduil scoffed and turned his attention from Legolas. Not knowing what to do, he slammed the book and started walking away.

"Ada...ADA! Come back, ADA!" Legolas screamed. "Ada! I'm sorry!"

Thranduil kept walking with Elrond. Ignoring Legolas' pleas and demands to come back.

Meldiron was puzzled.

"Eh? He was throwing food? Out the window you say?" Meldiron handed Thranduil a glass of wine, Thranduil was an absolute mess. He looked like an Elfling that was told Chrismas was cancled. Meldiron passed a tray of food which Thranduil decined.

"I'm just...I don't want to say this...but I feel as if my trust for my own drained!" Thranduil said. "Trust is somthing that's hard for me to gain, You know that." Meldiron nodded, he knew that well. "Legolas...He just made me so upset, I didn't know what to do. I just, walked out of there. I ignored my own child's cries!"

Meldiron looked up. "That's great"

Thranduil looked confused.

"It's his way of grabbing your attention, Thranduil. When he's mad, you come running, when he's sad, depribed, going into trouble or being yelled have a tendancy to come running and defend him. I'm not saying you're a bad parent" Thrnaduil was listening. "But this might help Legolas become independant, and may even cure his illenss."

Thranduil never thought if it like that.


"Yes I did." Meldiron smiled. Thranduil was practically skipping and jumping for joy out of the room, to find Elrond when Meldiron stopped smiling.

"Wait...what idea?" He asked himself.

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