Me: Yes, this one is short, but I swear that the next one will be longer. I promise! :D Anyways, I only own Athena and Asarth and my own characters that appear! :) Happy reading!

Not long after our encounter with the bear, We come to a wooden bridge over a wide river. One of the Knights from Oaklore was standing guard and he recognized me.

"Hail Athena! What are you doing so far from the Keep?" I smirked.

"Hail Sir Pent. I'm going to FalconReach for the time being." Sir Pent nodded.

"I would be careful, though. They say that there is a Hydra underneath this bridge." I nodded.

"Alright, but we need to get to FalconReach before nightfall." Sir Pent grunted.

"Well, don't say that I didn't warn you, Athena." I walked on, but I heeded Sir Pent's words and kept my hand on my sword hilt. When the three of us got near the center, I froze when I heard a noise from under the bridge. I grabbed Twilly and leapt back as the bridge was broken and three Hydra heads appeared from the splintered remains of the bridge. I growled as set Twilly on the ground.

"This just keeps getting better and better." I muttered begrudgingly as I drew my sword. The Hydra heads roared and one of the smaller ones lunged and I poked one in the eye with my sword, making the head snarl in pain. I turned in time to be knocked off my feet with a wall of water with the largest head. I sat up and groaned.

"That hurt." I felt someone helping me up and I looked to see Sir Pent helping me to my feet.

"How are we going to destroy this thing?" He asked and Twilly bounced up.

"It's weakness is energy." He stated and I got an idea. I took off my pack.

"Sir Pent, do you have a spear?" Sir Pent nodded and passed me a simple spear as I produced a crackling yellow crystal from my pack. Never before was I glad was I glad that I got a bag of elemental crystals from Maya the Loremaster. I tossed the crystal into the air and as it fell before the Hydra, I used the spear to break the crystal and as the crystal shattered, it unleashed a large lighting bolt. The four of us watched as the Hydra was electrocuted and started to fall, one of the heads lounging in the gap that it had made in the bridge. Asarth snorted from my shoulder.

"Well... That went well." He spoke dryly and I rolled my eyes.

'You always know how to make the situation better, don't you Asarth?' Asarth just shrugged in reply to that. I turned when Sir Pent tapped my shoulder.

"Thank you, Athena. Many have perished when they faced the Hydra." I sheepishly rubbed my head.

"It was no problem, Sir Pent. I was just trying to get to FalconReach." Sir Pent nodded and left. I had a sinking feeling that Yuki and the others were going to hear about this.

"Athena! We have to get to FalconReach!" I looked down at Twilly and nodded.

"I know. Come on." I picked him up and carried him as I crossed the hydra head. I nudged it with my foot to make sure that it wouldn't fall if I stepped on it and it didn't budge. As I walked over the head, a squishing sound came from under my boots and the smell of fried fish was strong, but I held my nose and made it to the other side.

"Ewws! That was ucky!" Twilly said and I nodded.

"Yea, no kidding, Twilly." Suddenly I smelled smoke on the air.

"Is something burning?" Twilly looked and squeaked in fright.

"Oh noes! FalconReach is under attack!"