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"I love you, Hayato."

The sentence kept ringing in his head. He was getting annoyed. Frustrated, he sweep away all the files on his table with his right hand. Holdind his head with a hand, he started muttering what heard like curses. He was feeling hard to breathe. Since that day. Yes, since that day he couldn't breathe.

He hate this feeling but he couldn't denied what he feel. He loved the man so much. Everytime he saw the man his heart would go wild. His face would flushed and he'll stammered. A knock on the door snapped him back to reality.

"Come in." He said slowly. The door creak open and his heart stop beating. His hand went icy cold and he couldn't breathe again. "I brought the reports of the marketing survey, Hayato." The man said, closing the door behind him. Gokudera tried to stay calm but he couldn't. His face was all red.

The man took a seat in front of Gokudera. "Let-let me see the report, G." Gokudera said, taking the report from G. G smirk. "There you go." He handed the report to Gokudera. Gokudera's heart made a jump again. His stomach was fluttering. G was the only man who managed to make Gokudera's mind went crazy just by talking.

Gokudera looked at the report. Then he close it. "I'm impressed by this report." He said, trying to look at G but then he look down again. G smiled and stood up. He walked towards Gokudera and stood behind him. Bending down to Gokudera's ears, he whispered.

"Then shouldn't I be rewarded well?" his voice was husky and Gokudera's face flush deep red. G turned Gokudera's head and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Gokudera's hand shiver and his eyes widened. But he didn't resist, because he can't.

G slowly thrust his tongue into Gokudera's mouth. After 2 minutes of passionate kiss, G broke the kiss and Gokudera blushed. G turned Gokudera's chair around and look at him. "You're beautiful, Hayato." He said, removing Gokudera's tie. Then he removed Gokudera's shirt slowly.

He lowered his mouth towards one nipple. Gokudera shuddered when G bite. Gokudera moaned when G took out a lubricating liquid. After 3 minutes, G positioned Gokudera carefully on the chair and thrust in slowly.

G didn't went fast, because he knew Gokudera was a virgin. He started to pump Gokudera and the latter only managed to moan in estacy. "G...G...I'm cuming..." Gokudera pant. G thrust in and out. "Me too.." he said. Gokudera held G tight.

Then G came. The moment was indeed wild. Gokudera moaned hard. G cupped Gokudera's face and kiss him. Gokudera's tear fell. He hate to admit that he had fallen for the man. The man which he had always hated. Because G was his cousin, his rival. Gokudera lost everything to G starting from high school till now, they're working in the same company.

"I love you, Hayato." G whispered when he broke the kiss. "I..I love you too, G. I love you!" Gokudera couldn't hold back anymore. He loved G and he knew it. Everytime the man walk past him, his heartbeat increase abnormally. And whenever he heard his name, the world stops immediately.

-Outside the room-

"I wonder when can I go in?" Yamamoto wondered, hesitating whether to knock the door or not. "I guess we shall let them alone, Yamamoto." Asari said, smiling. Then he pulled Yamamoto away to give G and Gokudera their privacy.