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It was a breezy September morning as best friends Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter walked to the first class of their 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Rays of sunshine and sweet smelling wind drifted into the newly polished corridors (courtesy of Argus Filch, the ancient caretaker, although they would soon be filled with scuff marks and whiffs of dung bomb) from open classroom windows, causing nostalgia of summer among the students and teachers. Scorpius was hardly complaining about the year starting however; as much as he loved the manor, he knew Hogwarts was his true home. He adored everything about it and constantly reminisced on the fond and exciting memories he had had during his past four years. Most of them involved his best friend, Albus Potter.

Growing up, Scorpius had never had many friends. He was homeschooled for his primary education by his parents and the manor was so far away from the local village his only friends were the house elves, his parents, and his cousins. He was never lonely but he was incredibly nervous about going to Hogwarts without any idea of what other children outside his family were like. That is why he chose to sit alone on that train ride, until a boy with startling green eyes and unruly hair had entered his compartment.

"Hi," he had said with a shy smile.

"Hi," Scorpius responded timidly.

"I'm Albus." The boy stuck out his hand.

"Scorpius." Scorpius took his hand and shook it gently.

"Are you alright? You seem scared."

"I'm nervous for what house I'll be put into," he lied.

Albus' smile grew. "Me too! All my family has been in Gryffindor, and I was really scared to be in Slytherin but now I'm not so sure. So I don't know what I want!"

Scorpius giggled a bit despite himself. "All my family has been in Slytherin."

Albus cocked his head a bit. "Really? Well you seem really nice, so Slytherin can't be all bad."

Scorpius grinned; he had been called nice! Of course, Albus didn't know what kind of family he had come from. Scorpius sighed. "Thanks, but my ancestors weren't. I'm a Malfoy."

Albus looked at him confused. "Really? My Uncle Ron told me all Malfoy's were obnoxious ferrets. But you're nothing what he described."

Scorpius shrugged. "So do you hate me now?"

Albus laughed. "Of course not! How could I ever hate my first friend at Hogwarts?"

They had both been sorted into Slytherin that night, and had been best mates ever since. He had even stayed at Albus' house a few times, and Albus his. In factthe Potter-Weasley family had come to accept that he and his family were different than who they used to be.

Unfortunately, Scorpius hadn't seen Albus at all summer, for he had been volunteering with his parents in South America all holiday, no magic allowed.

"Not everyone can be as gifted and blessed as our family, Scorpius," his mother would say. "It's our duty to give to those who cannot provide for themselves."

"And besides, Grandfather thinks it's shameful and a disgrace, so you know its a brilliant idea," his father would chuckle and rumple his hair.

Truth be told, Scorpius loved every minute of his summer, although he had been apart from magic and Albus for all of it. It just made him appreciate it more. And now that he and Al were reunited, they had a lot to catch up on.

"Scor, you listening?" Albus asked him, waving a hand in his flawless face.

"Oh, sorry. Can you repeat that?" Scorpius requested sheepishly, blinking a few times to focus back on Al.

"I said we might finally have a chance at getting the house cup this year! Of course, Fred is Gryffindor's captain, but they lost Mackenzie Wood and Fletcher Finnigan and honestly doubt they can replace them." Fred was one of the many cousins that Albus had and was in his 7th year. He and his twin sister Roxanne were the same age as James, Albus' older brother and they were all Gryffindors.

"Zambini is our captain this year and you know him: 'Try your hardest or don't try at all!'" Scorpius did an impressive imitation of Claude Zambini by deepening his voice a few notches and touching his shoulders to his ears. Albus sniggered quietly for fear of getting caught of mocking their massive captain by his faithful cronies.

"You've got to admit he is fair though, and a hell of a leader. And hey, with you as a chaser and me as the star seeker, we can't lose!" Albus mused.

"Why do you get a star in front of your name? I pull my own weight on the team Potter, thank you very much." Scorpius frowned and puffed out his chest in a dignified way.

"Gee, I'm not sure, you were a few goals short of the desired quota Malfoy," Albus tisked. Scorpius rolled his eyes and shoved the green-eyed boy into a group of gossiping third year girls.

"Whoops, 'scuse me ladies." Albus muttered his apology to the girls and blushed a tint of red as they giggled in delight. Scorpius laughed along with them at his easily embarrassed friend.

"Anyways, you scared for OWL year?" Albus asked as he straightened his green and silver tie.

"Not really, but I'm not exactly sure what to expect." Scorpius shrugged truthfully.

"Don't worry, you have nothing to worry about, Mr. Prefect," Al glanced at the shiny badge on Scorpius' robe and smirked. "Getting all O's for you will be as easy as it is for Rose."

"If not more," Scorpius smiled, thinking of their constant battles for being top of the class. Al's cousin was his biggest competition, for as much as it annoyed him, she was positively brilliant. And like him, Rose Weasley was also a prefect.

"I wouldn't go that far mate," Al grimaced and ran a hand through his hair, a habit he had picked up from James. "She already started studying over holiday!"

"You're kidding!"

Albus shook his head.

"Merlin, is it really that hard?"

"According to my cousin Dominique it is. After she told her about her fifth year, poor Rosie didn't come out of her mum's library for a week. And she has nothing to worry about!"

"Aw Al, you flatter me," said a sarcastic voice behind them. The two friends turned around to see a smirking Rose Weasley. "Hello Malfoy."

Scorpius put on a look of bewilderment. "Weasley, what are you doing here? Didn't you get the letter from McGonagall- no gingers are aloud at Hogwarts this year. They're too annoying."

She rolled her eyes and squeezed in between them. "Oh I got the letter alright, but I could have sworn it said no Malfoy's aloud- they're too supercilious."

Albus snickered as they continued towards double Defense Against the Dark Arts and Scorpius raised an eyebrow. "Your on top of your game I see. Good holiday then?

"Without you invading my cousin's and grandparent's houses? Splendid," she smirked. Then she turned to her right to glare at her cousin. "And for the record Al, I was in mum's library for three days tops, and you would be to if you spoke to Dom. She made this year seem like an absolute nightmare."

Overall, Scorpius got along pretty well with the entire Potter-Weasley clan. The only exception: Rose Weasley.

It all started in their first year before the Sorting when Albus had gotten the brilliant idea to introduce them to each other.

"Hey, there's my cousin! She's in our year, want to meet her?" Albus had asked him while they waited outside the Great Hall for Professor Longbottom to beckon them inside. Before Scorpius could answer, Albus dragged him over to a girl with brilliant red hair reading a book in the corner by herself. "Hey Rosie, this is my new friend Scorpius."

Rose looked up and glared at Albus. "Don't call me Rosie," she frowned before turning to Scorpius. Her blue eyes shimmered in recognition. "You're Draco Malfoy's kid, I presume?"

Scorpius nodded and Rose stuck her nose in the air. "My dad has told me stories of your family."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked a bit rudely.

"It means Albus shouldn't have become friends with you, Malfoy."

"That was mean Rosie! Scorpius is really nice and funny, and he says his father is nothing like what Uncle Ron said!" Albus defended him. Scorpius felt a rush of gratitude for his new friend; he really did like this kid.

"Whatever." Rose rolled her eyes and returned to her book. Scorpius saw it was a muggle play, Hamlet; one of his favorite stories. She was nearing the end of it and Scorpius got an idea.

"Come on Scor, let's leave the nerd alone." Albus stuck his tongue out at his cousin and turned to go. Instead of following, Scorpius leaned in close to Rose and looked over shoulder.

"Go away, Malfoy," she snapped at him but he didn't leave just yet.

"As you wish, ginger," he said and she gave him a dirty look for the nickname. "And by the way, Hamlet, Gertrude, Laertes, and Claudius all die."

Rose gasped and hit him in the shoulder for ruining the story for her. He laughed and walked away his Albus.

Ever since then, Rose and Scorpius had constantly battled for top of the class and overall superiority over the other. Over time, Albus had gotten used to their constant bickering and even found it amusing at times, saying it reminded him of his Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, whatever that meant.

As Rose and Albus talked about OWLs, Scorpius noticed Rose looked different than she did last term. Her red hair was longer and still slightly frizzy but she had managed to maintain it in a braid cascading over her left shoulder. Her eyes were still a deep blue but her eyebrows were slightly darker than her hair. Rose still had the same freckles dusting her cheeks and forehead though. But she looked...older somehow. Matured. And now that Scorpius thought about it, Albus did too. He had grown taller (not as tall as himself, of course) and his untamable black hair was a bit longer. He was almost an exact copy of his dad except he had with mother's smile.

As they walked past a corridor with windows overlooking the Black Lake, Scorpius caught his reflection in one and wondered if he looked different too. He still had the same shaggy, platinum blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, and porcelain skin. He supposed he was taller and a bit more muscular from building hospitals and such over the summer, but other than that there wasn't much difference.

"Anyways," Albus declared, changing the subject and bringing Scorpius back into the conversation. "How do you reckon your quidditch team will be this year, Rosie?"

"Don't call me Rosie. And how many flobberworms do you think I give?" Rose scoffed. "Quidditch, quidditch, quidditch. It's all you boys ever talk about!"

Al snapped his fingers across his body in disappointment. "Drat, that means Fred and James have been strategizing. We've got work to do Scor."

"Come on Albus, the Gryffindor match isn't until January." Scorpius brushed the hair out of his eyes and noticed Rose staring at him. He looked back at her but she glanced down, pretending she hadn't noticed, but her scarlet ears told Scorpius she had.

"It's never too early to start preparing!" Albus declared.

The threesome walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts room, which was ironically bright and welcoming despite the class name. Professor Vesso was always one for cheer and joviality. Scorpius and Albus chose seats near the back while Rose skipped up to the front to join her female Gryffindor dorm mates. The class chattered animatedly until the door to Professor Vesso's office opened grandly.

"Welcome back everyone, welcome back! It's excellent to see you all again, and in OWL year too!" he smiled, his white teeth contrasting greatly with slicked back hair, which was graying slightly on the sides. He strode over to a table holding jars of unidentified objects and pinched the bridge of his large nose. "Ah, OWLs. The students think they got it bad...try being the one who has to teach you ne'er-do-wells everything."

There was muffled laughter and Professor Vesso crossed his arms. "Oh come now, that was a 'O' level joke! You all seem half-dead!"

"Like you said sir, it's the beginning of OWL year," Scorpius pointed out and the class murmured in agreement. Vesso looked over at him and smiled.

"Mr. Malfoy, if you think you're tired now, you're in for a splendid surprise," he chortled but winked at Scorpius. He smiled; he always had had a good relationship with Vesso.

"If you're all as tired as you look to be, I suggest we do something to get your adrenaline going. Everyone up, let's duel!"

There was a mixed reaction throughout the room: a few people groaned ("But I just curled my hair this morning!" complained Melanie Hopert of Slytherin), others whooped, and in Al and Scorpius' case, exchanged betting glances.

"You're going to be paired with Rose, just watch," Al predicting, omnipotent.

"Oh please, I'm sure he's seen us duel together enough times to get the thrill of some real action, thanks to me of course," Scorpius sighed pretentiously and Albus slapped him upside the head.

"Alright, I want all the girls in a straight line on this side of the room and the boys the same way on the other." Vesso flicked his wand and the tables and chairs vanished so the students had more than enough room to do as they were told. "We all know the rules: each person can cast one jinx or hex and one blocking spell. No more, no less. Understand? Excellent! Now we need two volunteers to start us off..."

An obnoxious prat named Jack McLaggen stepped into the center of the room first, puffing out his chest haughtily. Scorpius hated McLaggen; by the way he walked, talked, and acted it was a wonder he was sorted as a Gryffindor. He was ten times more self-assured than brave. Melanie's friends pushed her out as well and she stomped her foot in annoyance.

"Ready, set, duel!"

"Rictemsempra!" McLaggen cast and Melanie gasped in surprise. The jinx hit her instantly and she was giggling so hard she couldn't cast her own.

"You-git-" she shouted through continuous laughter. "-Wasn't-ready-"

"I think I won," Smith smirked triumphantly and sauntered towards the back of the line. Vesso rolled his eyes and muttered the counter jinx to stop Melanie's continuous laughter.

"Who's next?"

Rose took a step forward cautiously and George Lennex did the same.

"Erm, sorry Mr. Lennex, but let's have Mr. Malfoy duel with Miss

Weasley?" Scorpius shut his eyes and groaned while Albus smiled gleefully and pushed his mate forwards.

"Told you so," he sing-songed

"Oh shut it." Rose was already in position looking determined to succeed. He'd never hear the end of it if he lost.

"Wands at the ready. Set. Duel!"

Scorpius thought 'Petrificus Totalus' and waved his wand in her direction. She blocked it easily and did her own silent gesture to which he translated as a stunning spell. He dodged it and countered with a Jelly-Legs Jinx, which hit her directly in the kneecaps.

"The rules were one hex and one blocking spell you imbecile!" Rose yelled as her legs were jiggling like jello. She looked so ridiculous he had to laugh; Scorpius and the other boys began to snicker. "Some cousin you are Albus Severus!"

Albus stop laughing and he crossed his arms across his chest defensively as the girls exchanged high fives. "I could say the same for you, Rose Nymphadora!"

Rose scowled and glared at Scorpius murderously, as if he had been the one to say it. "Tarantallegra!"

"Okay, that's enough I think!" Professor Vesso declared, but a smile was inching unto his face at the sight of a dancing Scorpius and a wobbling Rose. "Finite Incantatem!"


"Hey Ginger!" Scorpius called down the corridor as Defense Against the

Dark Arts let out. "Weasley, wait up!"

Rose did not turn around however, and Scorpius waved goodbye to Albus before running to catch up with her. When he finally reached her, she didn't turn to face him. "Please disappear immediately Malfoy or I will be forced to banish you to another dimension."

Scorpius smiled. "How're you going to do that?"

"I have my ways," she murmured and Scorpius chuckled lightly.

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your valiant try," he said. "You fought well."

"Go to hell," she snapped in reply.

"Don't be like that Rosie-"

Rose whirled around at him a glared. "How many times do I have to say it? Don't-call-me-Rosie!" She poked his chest with every word. "And what is so funny Malfoy?"

"Just the fact that I'm at least a foot taller than you now," he grinned looking down on her and she scowled.

"You are the most arrogant human being on the planet!"

"Well that's just ridiculous," he frowned sarcastically. "Have you met everyone on the planet?"

"Ooooooo what do we have here?" chimed an irksome voice from above. Scorpius and Rose looked up but groaned in unison as they saw who was talking.

"Peeves," the moaned.

"One of the many Weaselbees and the lonely Mallyfee? Talking? Oh how your ancestors would be ashamed!" he squealed in delight.

"Shut it Peeves," Scorpius snapped.

"Oh no no no, don't be rude to old Peevsey or old Peevsey won't be very nice to you!"

"Oh yeah, what are you going to do, annoy us to death?" Scorpius put his hands up and pretended to quiver in fear. "You do that already!"

"Lonely Mallyfee is asking for it!" Peeves cackled maliciously.

"Cut it out Malfoy, he'll leave us alone if we just ignore him!" Rose whispered sharply. But it was too late; Peeves had somehow pulled a bucket of purple gloop from his multicolored pants and began to tip it over unto the two enemies below.

"Wotcher!" Scorpius dove out of sight and cowered under a statue of Winifred the Winning. Unfortunately, Rose wasn't as quick.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she yelled, her high-pitched shrieks filling the corridor. Several people started to laugh, Peeves being the loudest of all. Scorpius cracked open an eye to see Rose Weasley covered in the mysterious purple gloob looking as pathetic as she did in class. Scorpius tried to conceal his laughter but a snort broke free. She whipped her head around to face him, and her eyes could have rivaled a basilisk's.

"Sleep with your eyes open," she muttered through gritted teeth.

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