I got in the shower feeling great. Who'd of thought that this little camp could actually have some fun in it. I washed myself slowly enjoying every second, I put some soap in my hands and start to rub my boobs slowly, damn my nipples are hard. It's been too long sense I've been screwed. I continue to wash myself till I'm squeaky clean. "ahh good and clean" I say. Then I step out of the shower, and walk into my room, letting myself air dry. I sort through my suit cases for something to wear. "Mini skirt?... no" "short short's?... no" "ahh this will do". So I put on my cloths and headed for dinner.

As I walk into the pavilion, and I notice a lot of guys and some girls staring, also Travis is smiling at me. So I just rock my little black slinky dress that I'm wearing. I sit down at the head table. "don't you think that your being a little suggestive Aphrodite" "not nearly as much as I could be Chiron" at that I eat my dinner, and scout out who I could have some fun with. I make a few mental notes then leave dinner.

Later in the evening approach the Poseidon cabin. I think that it only be fitting that I screw old sea weeds kid next hehe. I don't bother to nock I just open the door. And what do I find? I find Percy masturbating to a playboy magazine. He was so focused that he didn't even hear the door open. So I just walked up behind him and look at what he's focused on. "ahh she got a lovely rear" I say at this he nearly jumps out of his skin. "ohh Aphrodite I didn't hear you enter he said trying to hide himself. "ohh there is no need for that Percy" as I say this I remove the pillow that he put in front of his cock. "oh my, this is great Percy. With this I grab his seven and a half long dick. It seems rock hard and pulsing like its ready to cum. "well just let me help you with this" after I say this I start to suck on his dick. He started to moan like I just sent him to heaven. So I remove my mouth from around his dick "what's the matter Percy didn't think it would be this good". and with that I go straight to deep throating him. at this he starts to lose it and grabs my hair, then pulse my of and stands up pulling my head back by my hair. "oh gods I'm gonna cum!" he started to jerk his cock off in my face and lost it completely. I opened my mouth trying to get some of it in my mouth, but there was just to much. he covered my noise, eyes, forehead, nostrils, and chin let alone the ton that went in my mouth. "ahh that feels soooo good" he says looking like he's about to fall over. "haha you've got a lot of cum Percy. "I clean myself up taking about three handfuls to get it all in my mouth, it tasted great by the way, like salty seafood. i stood up and strip out of my dress. When percy noticed i had no underwear on I could swear I heard his jaw hit the floor. But by the time my dress was over my head percy had already gotten up and behind me. "Ready?" that's all he said before he plowed into me. he slammed into me like a man on a mission. it went on for a good bit of time before he pulled out and told me to get on my hands and knees. i did so a little shocked about the courage he got up sense his blow job. he seemed so timid before it and now he's acting like a porn star. he rammed into my pussy for about fifteen minutes before he yelled, or rather grunted. Then he let out a huge orgasm into my pussy. I was breathing very heavily for about ten seconds before i heard. "relax"

The next thing that i felt was my asshole get rammed into. gods it's been awhile sense anything's been in there. And I know god of sex, well it's still been awhile. He rammed me so hard. I almost went completely limped for a couple minutes. I would have screamed but I could barely breath. He continued to ram me until he came all in my ass. I thought that was the end of it but no he didnt hesitates between Cumming and going straight for my pussy again he fuck that whole for about an hour continuously. I went completely limp about thirty minutes in and it didn't even phase him he just kept pumping and fucking. then out of nowhere he pulled out grabbed my hair and shot what he had left all over my face. i ate in off my face, then completely exhausted we settled into bed together. he rapped his arm around me and we fell asleep in each others arms