Hetalia X Reader - Gold Medal Series 2012: Shooting

A/N: I decided to use Olympic Air Pistol Shooting. I was originally going to use Olympic Skeet Shooting, but it's confusing.

You were taking pictures for the Olympics's website. You had been told to cover Men's Shooting. It wasn't the sport of your choice for the day, but you weren't going to complain. You got a great seat for free.

Two great shooters were competing today, Basch Zwigli of Switzerland and Ludwig Beilschmidt of Germany. They were tied for the lead after two amazing shots, and Ludwig had just shot his third. A few others were close, but it was going to be between those two for gold.

Basch pointed the piston at the target and took a deep breath. Ludwig, just like his second shot, was off by a little bit, so he had to have a perfect shot to get gold. He knew he could do it though. He hadn't missed yet!

He pulled the trigger and

got a perfect shot!

The crowd screamed as he got his medal and Switzerland's anthem played. Reporters flocked him like crazy, which started to really annoy him. You decided to wait until they were all done. After a couple of minutes and going ahead to get pictures of the other two medalists, he was finally reporter free.

"Mr. Zwigli!" you called.

"Yes?" he asked, slightly annoyed. You brushed it off.

"May I get a picture of you for the Olympics's website holding your medal?" His expression lightened up.

"Yeah," he said, "sure."

"All I need you to do is hold up your medal and smile."

He held his medal in his hand and smiled. To be honest, the smile looked a bit foreign on his face, but, hey, he was supposed to look happy.

Your camera clicked. You brought it down from your face to see if it turned out. When you saw it did, you thanked him and then began to leave.

"By the way," you said, turning to face him, "I know none of the reporters said this, so I will. Congratulations on your gold medal." You smiled then turned to leave.

"Um...thanks," he said.

After you out of sight, he sighed.

"She was really pretty and nice. I should have asked her to dinner!" He sighed once more. "Basch, you can get gold with guns, but you need work when it comes to girls."