From Here to Eternity

I own nothing but the nameless-for-now imp thing. Everything else belongs to Hasbro and L. Faust.


Five AM. All was quiet in Equestria.

Most ponies were asleep. A few were just beginning to rouse themselves for work. Luna was yawning for the second time.

All was quiet in Equestria.

And none spared a casual thought nor wistful dream for the sake of the only being who was neither awake nor asleep.


Spirit of Disharmony and Chaos.

Frozen within the confines of stone.



And very, VERY bored.

All was quiet in the gardens of Canterlot.

Very quiet.

If a random pony had been walking there, they might have used a common cliche to describe the gardens:

Too quiet.

And they would have been right.

A flicker.

A tiny little flash from behind Discord's prison...and an odd creature zipped its way to the front.

It had long, spindly arms and legs that looked like sticks attached to its small body,

Flapping bat wings,

And a wide, mischievous mouth.

Black eyes that wore wild white eyebrows like hats darted to and fro.

A pair of crooked horns dwelt on its head, with a matching pair on its thin shoulders.

And blue. The entire imp-like creature was a solid dark blue.

It studied Discord's statue,

Thin arms crossed in thought.

Eventually it shrugged and zipped up to his chest, placing the side of its face against him.

As though listening...

"Discord..." it pulled away, its voice a high whine and its mouth widening with glee, "You ARE still alive. Excellent!"

Glancing around secretively, the creature snapped its fingers, making a large black gem appear beside it in a flash. It chuckled darkly and flew up to Discord's frozen right ear.

The gem slowly followed.

When it was close enough, the creature lightly brushed the gem against Discord's ear...making the stone it touched begin to peel away like dead tree bark.

The creature cackled as Discord's ear slowly unfroze.

Sensing its freedom, it flicked from side to side, listening.

The creature cleared its throat and the ear directed itself toward it.

"Greetings Discord," the creature lightly whined, "I've been looking forward to making your acquaintance."

The ear did not move though its owner must have felt some confusion.

"You don't know me yet Discord," the creature continued, "But mother's told me so much about you, I feel that I know you."

The ear twitched.

"Oh, do you remember dear mummy?" it snickered nastily, "She fears you never think of her. Poor thing misses you deeeesperately. So much in fact, she sent me to find you and bring you back home."

The ear straightened as though in shock then began to struggle. Unfortunately it could not wrestle free of the stone encasing the rest of his body.

"Ooooh! Feeling eager to get out, are we? Want to see mummy-dearest, do we?"

The ear wildly flailed back and forth: an obvious no.

"What's this?" the creature's smile broadened mockingly, "You don't WANT to see mummy-dearest?"

The ear immediately began an up and down movement.

"How sad. Her heart will be broken," it quickly snatched Discord's ear and pulled it down hissing, "Since you won't come willingly, I have orders to deal with you. Wanna know what they are?"

Leaning forward, it fervently whispered into Discord's ear. When it pulled away the ear was trembling...though with fear or anger it couldn't be known.

"Oh hahahaa!" the creature spun around the statue, "How I wish I could see the look on your face! Perhaps later though? When we next meet?"

The ear made no response.

"Oh well," it shrugged and roughly stuck the floating gem into Discord's open mouth, "Enjoy your present! Haheeeehahaa!"

It gleefully zoomed around the statute several times before leaping into the air like a dancer...and disappearing in a flash of light.

The creature was gone...leaving the gem behind.

And all was quiet in Equestria again.

All was quiet...

Except for the sounds of unseen cracks...

Delicately making their way down...

From Discord's struggling ear.

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