Chapter Seventeen...WOW.

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Shoette was very pleasant during the ride over. She asked Twilight many questions about Equestria but she asked even more about how she kept her mane and coat looking so nice when she had obviously been traveling a long ways. Twilight tried to answer her questions as best she could, even though she didn't really have any 'beauty secrets' to share, but that ended up being fine. Shoette seemed quite capable of coming up with more and more ways to keep the conversation going and Twilight had the distinct impression that she liked to talk. A lot.

"So about this Grand Galloping Gala; it's a dance and social party correct?"

"That is correct. It's also a way for ponies to meet Princess Celestia face-to-face."

"I see! Now you said it's held yearly. Have you always gone every year?"

"Oh no. I actually only went once and THAT ended up being a disaster."

"Oh really? What happened?"

"Well…you see-"

A shrill whistle pierced her ears and she glared behind herself to see Discord standing up and whistling to some passing Flyers. The Flyers quickly dashed over, whistling just as loudly to him and quieting only to let him whistle back.

"Discord!" Twilight shouted over the noise, "Could you keep it down?! We're trying to talk!"

He glanced over at her and grinned mischievously before whistling something that somehow sounded very sly to her ears. The Flyers looked at her then whistled back appreciatively. For some reason she felt herself begin to blush and she looked away, muttering, "This is ridiculous…I don't even know what they're saying…"

"Say…Twilight Sparkle?" she looked up to see Shoette giving her a secretive smile as she whispered, "I've got to know, is there…something…going on between you and….?"

Twilight blinked, "Between me and….who?"

She sighed, "HIM of course," she jabbed her tail towards the whistling Discord. Twilight's eyes widened, "What? Oh no no no no no no noooo! There's nothing going on at all!"


"Really!" she grinned in embarrassment, "I ought to know if there was something between us right? I mean, I should know if I were involved with somepony!"

Shoette's small smile curled, "I see…"

"No you don't see!"

"Tut tut tut now please," she held up a hoof, "We can't have HIM overhearing us now can we?"

Twilight ducked her head at the thought, "No…"

Shoette giggled delightedly, "Oh how nice! Such a lucky filly!"

She growled, "I'm telling you that there is nothing between us."

"Oh yes there is!" Discord suddenly pushed his head in the middle of them, "ME!"

"Ah!" Twilight quickly scooted backward, "Discord!"

He laughed and pulled her back, "Don't be so distant Twi! There's not THAT much room up here."

"Eh heh, yeah, sure," she gave him a strained smile until he released her and slid away to continue whistling to the Flyers, "Whew…"

"Nothing between you two hm?" Shoette mused and Twilight exclaimed, "Nothing at all!"

"I guess so!" she covered her mouth with a hoof as her smile grew smug, "I'll believe you. For now!"

"Uggggh," Twilight groaned and tried to change the subject, "You were asking about the Grand Galloping Gala…?"

"Oh yes!" Shoette straightened, "But that will have to wait for another day!"


"Because we're about to land!"

"We are?!" Twilight craned her neck over the side of the dragon's back but all she could see were clouds, "I can't see any place to land!"

"Do not fret Twilight Sparkle! Mor'ay is leading us! And besides, Noona knows where to go!"

At those words the dragon Noona dove into the clouds. Twilight held on as best she could, her eyes squished shut as fluffy whiteness puffed against her face. Moments later her face was clear and she opened her eyes to see a mountain peak…a small city on a mountain peak. Actually a small city that was wrapped around the peak like a ring of stone. It was like nothing she had ever seen before…but it had the distinct feel of a prison.

After the dragon landed on an open area, Shoette proclaimed, "There we are! Now, you shall go with Mor'ay and he shall take you to your friends. Noona and I shall wait for you to return with them."

"Okay but what about Discord?"

"I'll be staying here!" he slid between them again, "I have no desire to be reunited with your 'friends'. OR that dreadful Wrangle."

"Wrangle!" Twilight frowned; she had forgotten about her, "That's right…well if you really want to stay here…"

"I do and I will," he sniffed arrogantly, "I've made this spot all nice and warm and I want to keep it that way."

"Dragons are always warm. Everywhere."

"It's alright!" Shoette smiled brightly, "I don't mind him staying! We can chat a bit! And you shan't be gone too long."

"Alright then. See you in a little bit," she transported herself off the dragon's back and trotted towards where the gray and white Mor'ay waited for her. She hadn't wanted to go on her own. She didn't like the feel of this place at all…why did Discord have to be so stubborn?

"Twilight Sparkle."

She jerked at the harsh, gravelly voice, "Yes?"

Mor'ay's cold yellow eyes seemed to stare straight through her, "Follow me."

Wishing even more that at least Shoette had come with her, she followed his long strides into a cold stone tunnel. Minutes passed and he made no conversation. The scenery didn't change and everything remained cold and unfriendly. Much to her relief he finally stopped before a door and opened it for her.

She smiled at him and trotted in only to be suddenly tackled by Pinkie pie, "Twilight! Oh Twilight! We've all been so worried! We all thought you'd be eaten or imprisoned or force-fed bad cake or-"

"Twi!" Applejack pushed off Pinkie, "Are ya a'right!?"

"Yeah!" Rainbow dash shoved her to the side, "Where have you been?!"

"Twilight! Whatever happened to your mane!?" Rarity appeared beside her, "You look horribly windblown darling."

"She doesn't look hurt," Fluttershy appeared on her other side, "Are you hurt Twilight?"

"I'm fine girls!" she smiled up at them, "I really am! And I'm really glad to see that you all are safe. But do you think you could let me up?"

"Sure!" Dash pulled her up, "So what happened to you?"

"What I want to know is what happened to all of YOU," she looked around at them, "Last I saw you were being flown off and the Flyers-"

"Oh my gosh Twilight!" Dash squealed, "The Flyers are so totally awesome!"

"I thought you didn't like them," Fluttershy mentioned and Rainbow dash scowled, "Not ALL of them! Just that totally UNcool Razor guy."

"Razor?" Twilight asked and Rarity smiled, "Oh yes. Rainbow dash is just jealous because he claims to be the fastest flyer in all of history."

"And he SO is not!" Dash exclaimed, "Did you see how slow he was flying away? You called THAT sorry show fast?!"

"He was showing off to us darling," Rarity flipped back her mane, "You can't fully appreciate all those flips and other tricks if he's going too fast to see them properly."

"Well I STILL say he's all talk and no fly," Dash crossed her arms and Twilight shook her head, "You can challenge him to a race later Dash but right now we need to get going."

"Why?" Pinkie pie asked and she answered, "Because you're all being moved to the peak I'm staying at."

"Now wait just an apple-buckin' minute," Applejack frowned, "Whatcha mean 'peak'? And why was ya not taken here with us in ta first place? What've ya been doin' anyways?"

"I'll explain on the way but Discord and Shoette are waiting for us so we really need to get going."

"Oh!" Pinkie grinned, "Who's Shoette? Is she a new friend? I love making new friends! Can I meet her?!"

"Yes, I know, and yes," Twilight patiently backed out of the room, "Now come on girls, the sooner we leave the sooner we can finally settle down and rest and eat-"

"Oh we've been eatin'!" Applejack gestured behind her and Twilight saw the low table covered in delicious looking food. Her mouth began to drool at the sight; she hadn't had anything to eat at all for so long…

"Oh darling you should really have something to eat before we leave," Rarity levitated a bowl of salad over to her, "Here, try this. It's like nothing we have in Equestria but it's simply divine."

"I guess a bite wouldn't hurt," she took a mouthful and paused in mid-chew. Rarity was right, the taste wasn't like anything she had ever had before but it WAS good!

She hungrily devoured the contents of the bowl but was still unsatisfied. However she couldn't let herself get distracted; she'd be able to eat again soon enough. Swallowing the last mouthful of some purple leaves, she suddenly realized somepony wasn't there. She glanced up and looked around, "…where's Wrangle?"

"Oh…her?" Applejack made a face, "As soon as that dragon we was on stopped followin' the one YOU and Discord was on, she flew off n' disappeared."

"She did?" Twilight's suspicion about the spirit rose up, "But to where?"

"We have nooo idea darling," Rarity sniffed, "She was just up and gone without a word."

"I see…" she frowned then shook her head; she would think about it later. For now she felt she had kept Discord and their ride waiting long enough.

"Alright girls!" she trotted towards the doorway, "We really should be going now. I don't want to keep Shoette and Discord waiting."

Applejack's eyes narrowed and her mouth opened but Twilight quickly cut her off, "I said I'd explain things on the way okay?"

With a sigh, the farm pony closed her mouth with a nod. Smiling, Twilight beckoned with her hoof and went out to see Mor'ay was no longer at the door. Slightly confused, she looked around for him but couldn't see him in the hall. Had he left?

"Hmm…oh well, no matter!" she walked back the way they came; luckily she had been paying attention as usual. Where were all the other ponies though? She was sure that this place was some sort of city; shouldn't there be ponies using these tunnels? Maybe this part of the city wasn't always used. Either way she wanted to get out of there as soon as she possibly could. Things were too…quiet for comfort.

"Hey! Twilight!" she paused as Rainbow dash called to her and looked back, "What?"

"We came from THIS direction!" the Pegasus pointed down another tunnel she hadn't noticed. She frowned and walked over, "I…I don't think I came from there."

"I'm positive that's where WE came from," she flew ahead and took a deep breath, "Mmmmmm…yeah! Fresh air! We should definitely go THIS way!"

"But I'm sure I didn't come from there," Twilight shook her head, "The way I took was relatively straight. I don't remember any sharp turns or-"

"Oh come on Twilight," she flew up farther, "Which are you going to believe? Your memories or the smell of cool, fresh air?"

Twilight's mind KNEW this wasn't the right way…she was so sure of it! However…what if her memories were wrong? Recollections were often mistaken…why was she suddenly thinking of Serenity's book again?

"Come on Twi!" Applejack trotted after Rainbow dash, "The sooner we get outta here, the better!"

"But I…oh…alright then," she followed with a frown, "But I reeeeeeeally really think we should just keep going straight."

"Uh huh."

Knowing Dash would continue to ignore her, she kept silent. They were going to get out eventually; Dash was following an actual breeze. That meant there was an opening and that opening was most likely a door leading to the outdoors. If it wasn't the same exact route, that would be okay right? Shoette could just have her dragon fly over and get them from wherever they pop up. Right? Right!

As more time passed though, Twilight wasn't so sure. They had passed several locked doorways and a few boarded up windows, none of which the breeze was coming from. Dash didn't give up though, repeatedly claiming the air was getting fresher and that they just had to go around another bend to get out. By time even Dash looked as though she were ready to give up, Twilight had no idea where they were.

"Hey!" they all flinched as Rainbow dash suddenly exclaimed and dived forward, "We've MADE it! I found the door that'll lead us out!"

Pinkie pie and Rarity both gave a happy shout and galloped forward, an enthusiastic Applejack following close after. Twilight was right behind her with Fluttershy, both of them just as eager to escape as the rest. They all stopped in front of the door that Dash had just wrenched open, all of them too stunned to do anything else but stare.

The door led outside alright…outside…to an arena full of dragon eggs.

Twilight's eyes went wide as she took in the sight. She hadn't seen a dragon egg since she had used her magic on Spike's egg as a young filly. This though…this was like a giant nursery of eggs!

Finally Pinkie pie squeaked, "I see the way out!" and pointed to stairs that led up and out of the ceilingless, bowl-like room. Dash grinned and whispered, "See? I told ya so!" and quickly flew over the eggs to hover over the stairs and wave for them to follow her example.

The others gave each other unsure looks; none of them felt very safe surrounded by dragon eggs…that would probably be guarded. Timidly, Rarity stepped out of the door…and slowly began making her way towards Rainbow dash. Pinkie pie followed, looking less than cheerful.

Applejack looked to Twilight and whispered, "What are the chances of there bein' a great big momma dragon bein' 'round?"

Twilight shrugged nervously, "I'm not sure…I don't really know all that much about dragons and how they take care of their eggs. Much less how it's done HERE."

"Yeah…I was 'fraid you'd say that."

"It should be okay," she glanced up and stepped forward with her head held down, "We just need to get out of here as quickly as we can."

"Got it."

Now feeling as though she were snooping around somepony's house, Twilight tried to keep her eyes forward; her ears continually scanning for any sound that might alert her to a hostile mother dragon. Or father dragon. Or just any dragon! She really needed to learn more about these potentially dangerous creatures.

Ahead of her Pinkie and Rarity had reached the stairs and started up as Rainbow dash flew back down to whisper to Twilight, "I've been keeping watch and there are NO dragons in sight. Keep moving and we'll get out of this just fine."

"Thank you Rainbow dash," she whispered back, grateful her friend was able to help her feel better even though this was technically the fault of the blue Pegasus in the first place.

"You got it!" Dash saluted and flew back towards the stairs. Twilight let herself glance around; things didn't seem as bad as she had first thought. Maybe it was normal for ponies to walk through here. She wouldn't know what passed for 'normal' up in these mountains. All these eggs were beautiful to look at though…she paused to examine the colors. There were red, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, even pink spotted eggs…all together they almost seemed to sparkle like jewels.

"Hey Twi," Applejack whispered to her, "I reckon we shouldn't stand still all that long, ya know?"

"Huh? Oh sorry," she started moving again, "Haven't you noticed how lovely these eggs are? I could stay here to study them all day!"

"Uh, yeah, yeah, they're all just fine and dandy," Applejack sounded urgent, "I'd just rather you'd stop to admire them from above is all."

"Oh, yes, of course!" she trotted faster, reaching the steps and going up them as fast as she dared. Behind her she could hear Applejack and Fluttershy galloping after her. She joined Rarity at the top, expecting to be somewhere that would lead them back to Shoette and Discord but…

"Oooooooh Rainbow dash," she growled, "What have you gotten us into?"

There before them was only another huge egg-filled arena.

Beside her Rarity hissed, "I KNEW we shouldn't have gone this way!"

Twilight gave her a look, "Then why didn't you go the way I said we should go?"

"Because I was tired and sore and wanted out right then!" Rarity snapped, "I am sick and tired of all this traveling! Just look at my hooves!" she held them up with a mournful expression, "Just LOOK at them! It'll take at least a dozen hooficures to get them back into shape!"

Twilight didn't bother answering, "Alright girls, where's Dash and Pinkie pie?"

Applejack pointed, "Seems like they're trying to get that there door open."

When a sigh, Twilight began trotting down towards them, "Well THAT won't solve anything. That will just take us back down into-"

A roar suddenly ripped through the air, making the ground beneath her hooves rumble and her body shudder as it suddenly grew VERY warm. Trying not to panic, she yelled, "Dash! Get Pinkie!" before running back to her friends on higher ground.

A cracking sound along with a shrill scream could be heard from behind her and Applejack yelled, "Draaaaaaaaaaaagon! Pinkie! Get off of that!"

Twilight came to an abrupt halt to look back and see the middle of the arena had opened and a large red dragon was climbing out of a large hole…with Pinkie pie right on its nose!

"Pinkie!" she gasped and tried running back but the ground beneath her burned through her hooves as though scorching them, "Piiiiiiiiiiinkie!"

She could see Rainbow dash diving at the dragon, zipping around its head as though trying to distract it until going right for its head and kicking it right between the eyes. The dragon flinched and growled angrily, grabbing her in its claws and roaring.

"Oh my!" Fluttershy suddenly inhaled, "Wait! I know this dragon!"

"You KNOW this dragon?!" Twilight rounded on her, "From WHERE?!"

"It's the dragon we were asked to move!" she squeaked, "The one who was snoring!"

"What?!" Twilight turned back to stare at the enraged red dragon, "That's the same one?!"


Suddenly coming up with a plan, Twilight shouted, "I'm taking you over there Shy!" and used her magic to transport them both right above the dragon's nose. Fluttershy squealed in fear, catching the dragon's attention and causing it to stretch its neck back to get a better look at the two new ponies disturbing it.

"Say something!" Twilight hissed and Fluttershy shakily nodded and squeaked, "E-excuse me? Mr. Dragon, uh, sir? Could you please put down my friend?" she spoke in a rush, "She didn't mean any harm and we didn't touch any of your eggs and-and," she spoke louder in a panic, "We're only trying to find our way out of here! Please oh please oh please put her down Mr. Dragon sir! Um, please?"

The dragon's eyes narrowed up at them for a long second…before closing as it started laughing. Its clawed hand opened in the process and Twilight used this chance to transport both Pinkie and Dash to safety over by Applejack and Rarity as Fluttershy shivered beside her.

Then, in a deep billowing voice that was indeed familiar, the dragon spoke, "You ponies are the same that tried to 'remove' me from my summer getaway! I never thought to see any of YOU again! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"

Twilight grinned, barely, "I'm glad you recognize us."

"Yes Mr. Dragon," Fluttershy spoke more confidently, "Thank you for releasing my friend."

"I remember her," he guffawed, "The feisty one who kicked me!" his eyes locked on the two of them, "What are the likes of YOU doing up in these mountains?"

"That's a long, long story," Fluttershy explained, "And maybe I can tell you aaaaall about it someday but for now we need to find our way out of your eggs."

After a moment he nodded, "I can take you out."

"Oh really?" Fluttershy beamed, "Oh THANK you Mr. Dragon sir. My friends and I would really, REALLY appreciate that."

Looking proud, his tail slithered among the eggs to where the others were huddled in fear, "Climb on little ponies. Climb on or follow the hard way."

Rarity was quick to leap onto his tail and gallop up and onto his back, quickly followed by Pinkie pie and Applejack who were supporting a rather limp-looking Rainbow dash.

"Oh dear," Twilight frowned as she saw them, "Is Rainbow dash okay?"

The dragon answered her with an annoyed sniff, "She will live," and began flapping his wings.

Twilight quickly transported herself and Fluttershy with the others, using her magic to shield them from the powerful gusts of wind summoned by the dragon's wing strokes. As the dragon took to the air she could see the mountain peak suddenly shrink below them, making it easy to see the lavender shape of Shoette's dragon Noona.

Yelling as loudly as she could over the wind, she shouted, "RIGHT THERE! WHERE THE OTHER DRAGON IS!"

The dragon might not have heard her but he probably guessed that was where they needed to go anyways. He dived down until he was hovering right above Noona and suavely stated, "I have some lost ponies of yours sweet Nooooooona," he smoothed back his crest.

Noona looked back up at him as Shoette called and waved to Twilight and sweetly replied, "I thank you," with a small smirk. The dragon looked as though he planned to say more but Discord was suddenly flying up and over him, landing on his neck and screaming, "What were you ponies doing?! Twilight! You've been gone for over an hour! I've practically rotted from boredom!"

She chuckled at the thought and shook her head, "I'm sorry Discord but we just took a wrong turn and got lost. Fortunately we found an old friend to help us get back."

He didn't look impressed, "And WHY didn't you just come back with your stony guide?"

Pinkie pie jumped up, "You mean the scary guy with no expression? He wasn't there when we left the room! He was gone!"

"Gone?!" Shoette called up, "You mean he just left you to find your way back on your own?!"

"Seems that way!" Twilight called back down, "But we're here now so no harm done right?!"

"You're not here yet!" Shoette beckoned, "Get down here and we can finally leave!"

"Oka-gah!" she was suddenly snatched up by Discord who also grabbed Pinkie pie. Then he latched onto Applejack with his hind feet and Rarity with his tail who protested, "Let me go you ruffian!"

"And let you fall to your utter demise? If you insist!"

"No! No wait!"

"I thought you would see it that way."

"Discord?" Twilight looked up at him as he lowered them all down, "I think Rainbow dash is hurt, could you-"

"Ugh, can't she just fall down here herself," he looked up, "Oh wait, our lovely dragnophobic is bringing her. One less thing for ME to do."

Her wings straining, Fluttershy brought down the still limp Rainbow dash down onto the dragon's back, "I think she hurt her wing…"

"Raaaaaaaaaah," Dash growled, "I'm fiiiiiiiiiiine!"

"But you can't-"

"Yes I CAN!"

"Please don't yell everypony!" Shoette held up her hooves, "You can have your wings looked at once we get to my peak," she tapped Noona who gracefully took flight with a flick of her tail towards the red dragon who winked after her as Shoette continued, "At my peak, you will be given everything you need to be comfortable and happy. Why there are massage booths and spas you can visit-"

"Oh FINALLY someplace that can be called 'civilized!" Rarity smiled, "I know we're going to get along just fine. What's your name darling?"

"I am Shoette, and YOU are?"

"Rarity," Rarity flipped her mane, "And might I say that your mane and tail are just loooovely! Groomed to perfection I might add, regardless of all this pesky wind."

Twilight only shook her head as those two immediately clicked on the subject of 'beauty' and 'self-maintenance'. Fluttershy and Applejack seemed more interested in trying to keep Dash settled and Pinkie…Pinkie pie was telling Discord everything that had happened. Twilight would herself but…she didn't feel like meeting his burning eyes that seemed to have no effect on Pinkie pie.

How could she have known he'd get so agitated? No wait, if she had taken a moment to think about it, she would have guessed. Waiting was obviously not his strong suit. Though there were times where he had seemed perfectly fine with waiting for something for years and years in the past…there must be an important difference there that she was missing.

She would have to talk with him eventually though; maybe after they got settled down. She needed to speak with him, she needed to know what they were up against, and she NEEDED to know more about this culture where dragons and ponies lived and worked together. True, his information might be out of date but at least she could get a grasp on their history.

These dragons…they were making her think of Spike. How she missed him…but who knew? Maybe she could learn more about where he came from while up in these mountains. For now, she would concentrate on keeping everypony together, alive, and not at each other's neck.

"Hey Spike! Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike! Spike!"

"Whaaaaaat already?!" Spike growled and glared down at the gleeful Ribbon Twirl bouncing beneath him, "You know I have work to do!"

"I know but ya gotta see what I did!" with another bounce the young filly gestured out the open window, "Look! I decorated your tree! Now it's been Ribafied!"

"WHAT?!" he quickly slid down the ladder and ran over, "I thought I told you not to Ribafy anything anymore!"

"Well ya did but that was fer Ribafyin' INSIDE stuff like them curtains!" she beamed, "Ya'll said nothin' 'bout decoratin' the OUTSIDE!"

"But what if Twilight comes back and doesn't like it! What if she gets mad! What if-"

"Now hush you," Ribbon Twirl stuck her hoof to his mouth, "Ya'll been worryin' 'bout nothin' but Twilight, Twilight, Twilight, ever since she left and I say it's gonna be okay. She's gonna LOVE what I did with her tree! And if she doesn't, then she ain't got good taste in this kind of thing."


"I thought I said hush," she gave him a prim look, "Ya wouldn't be thinkin' twice 'bout this if it was Rarity's work so I don't wanna hear any complaints 'bout mine! Ya hear?"

He nodded.

"Cross ya heart?"

He crossed his heart with a claw.

"Good!" she removed her hoof and trotted out of the room, "I'm gonna work on it some more, good luck on ya cleanin'! Though," she peeked back in, "If ya ask me, it's gettin'…eeeeeeh, TOO clean in here, if ya get what I'm sayin'. See ya!"

Spike sighed as he heard her run out and shut the door with a slam. His crush on her had disappeared after day two of her staying and 'helping' him take care of things. It was as if a magic spell had lifted and he suddenly realized just how annoying a pony she was. That filly never kept still! She was always 'decorating' whatever she could get her hooves on and it was all he could do to keep himself from losing his temper with her. He almost had when she had taken all the curtains in the house and 'Ribafied' them but he had kept his cool. How he wished Twilight was here though…he really missed her.

With a sigh he went back over to the ladder and began climbing up to get his duster to continue on with his chores, "Too clean. Puh! What does she know…"

Unbeknownst to him, he was being observed.

Schism snickered to himself from his hiding place among the books of one of the many book shelves in the treehouse. He had been staying at this cozy little place for two days now and he was very pleased with how his presence was affecting the seemingly tolerate diminutive dragon. It would only be a matter of time before he had the amusement of seeing both dragon and pony scream and holler at each other. Hopefully. That Ribbon Twirl didn't seem to be affected by him at all…but no matter! If the dragon started something, she was sure to follow.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrribbon Twirl!"

Schism leaned over the top of a book with a wide grin; Spike must have found what he did to the bathroom.

"Gah! I have HAD it!" the dragon stomped over to the wooden desk by the window, pulled out some parchment and started writing, "Dear Princess Celestia…today I have learn something really important about friendship! Be careful who you befriend and then invite into your house for who knows how long! Because sometimes there are going to be ponies who you can live with and sometimes there will be others who drive you completely bonkers with their complete lack of listening skills! I now know that it is better NOT to open your home to anypony because they're most likely just going to mess things up and be a complete nuisance! Your frustrated but humble servant, Spike. Oh, and P.S.: I hope everything is doing better on your end than it is on MINE," he dotted the period with force, "There!"

With a flourish the dragon blew a burst of fire on the note, making it curl and disappear…appearing in front of Princess Celestia with a pop.

Her tired eyes took it in and she opened it in the hopes of hearing news of Twilight and the others. To her surprise though, it was a rather angry sounding letter on…friendship?

"How odd," she reread the letter, "This doesn't sound like Spike at all."

"Your highness?"

She gazed up at the Pegasus before her, "I apologize, you may continue."

"Thank you princess."

As the guard spoke to her about the latest in Cloudsdale, Celestia felt her mind becoming distracted; her thoughts fading, her whole being growing weary from lack of rest and constant worry. Her sister continued to be trapped in a magical illusion and was unable to perform her duties, leaving her to do everything…just like she used to.

It was almost funny how used she had become to being able to sleep the night away. Having Luna around must have made her lazy. She couldn't afford to be so though; she had to be as she was during all those years that Luna was gone. She had to be strong. Strong, firm, clearheaded, undistracted…but what was the matter with Spike? It wasn't like him to write such things to her…

The only reason she could blame it on was probably happily gallivanting across Equestria and beyond with her poor little ponies. How she wished she knew how they were doing…and if they were safe…and if Discord even knew what he was doing.

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