In the Moroboshi household as the entire family eating while watching the news that sudden the lights went out.

Mrs. Moroboshi: Huh? Did I pay the electrical bill?

Mr. Moroboshi: No, there is a blackout.

Shows the entire city blackout

Mr. Moroboshi: What I do? Wrestling is on.

Lum: How about a story telling?

Ataru: How about this.

Lum: NO reference what happen last time.

Ataru remembered what he told a story.

Ataru: Oh, yeah. But I have a great story to tell.

Ten: Then what is it?

Ataru: OH, I just it is from an American movie called Star Wars.

Long Time ago, in a galaxy far far away….

Star Wars Episode Four

In the times of the Galactic Civil War…Wait I can do whatever I want in this. You know George Lucas once planned a sequel trilogy for this, but used all the money for a divorce. What a joke right? Very few will know this has to do a reference from Family Guy who did this. Damn you, Seth! I just don't like the Catholic jokes and stereotypes in your show. I just want the jokes that have nothing do with Stereotypes.

Anyways, you already know what's going on. Spies got the death star plans and a bunch of imperials are after the hot girl of the saga led by tragic villain. The real big bad come later on. Now, the princess is doom as she prepares it to deliver that lead an adventure of a life time in epic proportions. I love Star Wars and all those who hate it. TOO BADD! DEAL WITH IT! And the story begins here.

In the space as there is a planet near it as a rebel blockade runner is running away from Star Destroyer which has a Republican support banner for Mitt Romney. They manage to hit the main engine.

Kaguari (C3PO): Did you hear that?

Chibi (R2D2): That sounds bad. We are doom.

Kaguari: I know. We will be destroyed.

Chibi: At least we have a good run.

Kaguari: Well, no one today has ever heard of our animated adventures since who lived in the 80s.

Chibi: I know, I just want to Lol.

Kaguari: nice.

Rebel troops are heading to each entrance.

Rebel: I hope they don't bring out those stormies.

Rebel 2: Yeah, I bet they are going to send Navy Troopers against us.

Rebel: It be very easy.

As the Star Destroyer grabs the Rebel ship as the entrance opens exposing StormTroopers.

Rebel: Damn it! Why I always wrong?

The battle ensures which the Rebel already lost before it begins.

Rebel 2: This sucks! Why we redshirts have to die?

The battle rages on which our Droids manage to escape until Mendo's father appearance as Darth Vader.

Mendo's Father: OH, I am very surprise and excited to do this role.


Kaguari: R2, where are you?

He sees someone in white clothes chatting with R2.

Lum (Princess Leia): So, where I put this chip?

Chibi: OH just put it in my mouth where the big looking eye is.

Lum: OK.

She puts in until she fled.

Chibi: Yo.

Kaguari: Dude, let's get out of here! I hear they have some formed of robot torture or else…..

Showing Imperials are being Robosexuals as they modified robots for… don't what to know.

Chibi: I think I know.

Kaguari: Really?

Chibi: Just follow me.

They left the area as the rest of the Rebel troopers surrendered which the Stormtroopers are searching as they report to Darth Vader.

Stormtrooper: Sir, they are not in the main computers.

Mendo's father: What have you done with those plans?

Rebel trooper: We know nothing of this. We are on a diplomatic mission to Aldareen.

Mendo's father: If this is a consular ship, where is the Diplomat?

Then he just kills him and throws him.

Mendo's father: Commander! Tear this ship apart and bring me the Passengers! I want them alive.

Storm Trooper: Yes, sir.

As three Stormtroopers are search, Lum is hiding with a gun which she was spotted.

Stormtrooper: There's one. Set for stun.

Lum fires at the Stormtrooper which it kill him until she attempt to run and got stun.

Stormtrooper: Don't worry, she will be alright. Inform Lord Vader, we have a prisoner.

Stormtrooper 2: Hey, this girl is hot.

Stormtrooper: Really?

Stormtrooper 2: yeah, she is a catch all right.

Stormtrooper: We can talk about hot girls when we inform Lord Vader.

Stormtrooper: AHH.

Kaguari: Are you known about this?

CHibi: Sure, I bet the real C3PO was a pussy.

Kaguari: At least I don't talk a lot which upsets the audience.

The pod jettisons into the planet which…..

Imperial Gunnery: Here goes another one!

Imperial Officer: Hold your fire! It just a dud besides There is no life forms in it.

Imperial Gunnery: Wait, what if they put robots in it?

Imperial Officer: What you mean?

Imperial Gunnery: What if they put robots inside the pod to espace with valuable data.

Imperial Officer: What kinda of idiot who do that?

Imperial Gunnery: A smart Bastard.

Kaguari: I hope the Princess is alright.

Chibi: Don't worry she know what to do.

The pod enters the planet and back on the ship which Lum is captured as she is brought to Vader.

Lum: Lord Vader? Shouldn't know this, the Imperial Senate won't stand this.

Mendo's father: Don't act that I don't know anything. I have information that you carry sensitive data about the Death Star. SO, where is it?

Lum: OH, about some electicial shocks?

She shocks the Stormtroopers which it didn't affect vader.

Lum: ?

Mendo's father: Anti-Shock proof. Ok, take her away.

More Stormtroopers come as they took her away.

Imperial Officer: Sir, I have bad feeling about this. What if the Senate hears about this?

Mendo's father: It's their fault for change of government.

Imperial Officer: True, but how we expect to beat the rebels if we need support of the Senate.

Mendo's father: I have trace the spies to her. She is my only lead to their secret base.

Imperial Officer: She will be dead before then.

Mendo's father: Don't worry about this. I handle this.

Imperial Officer 2: Lord Vader, the data is not here. But we have report of a dud pod with no life forms in it.

Mendo's father: Then she must place the plans in there. Send a legion to retrieve even we have to search the entire planet.

Imperial Officer: Yes, sir

The Imperial Star Destroyer moves away.

To be Continue

Author: The Parody of Star Wars is up. Enjoy this.