Ataru: The end.

Lights went back on.

Ten: Wow that was a cool epic story. I think that kinda happen before.

Ataru: What you mean?

Ten: It already happens about 3 million years ago, but I enjoy your verison of the story.

Ataru: I am least a good story teller.

Lum: That was romantic when Leia fell in love with Han Solo.

As she holds Ataru's arm

Ataru: Right.

Ten: So, when this happens again? Will you tell another story?

Ataru: It depends if the Fan Fic author wants to.

Ten: What about the readers?

Ataru: I think they will like it. Depends on the reviews

Lum: I hope so. Anyways how about…

A tanuki stature appears.

Lum: Darling!


Ataru: HI, what's your name and what's your address and Phone…

Lum: Darling no Baka!

Electrical attack occurred.


Author: Now it is over. Have a nice day and go outside for once. Also review this story how well it was done. PEACE!