Love is the trickiest emotion God has ever blessed humans with. It can make you do crazy things and say crazy things. And once those crazy things are done and the stupid words are said, love can make them hurt. Sometimes it can hurt so bad that you do even crazier things just to get that feeling back. Love can manipulate the brain into thinking you feel something when nothing is there or pretend you feel nothing when there is obviously something there. I'm sure we all have that one friend that can say they fell in love at the wrong time. Notice I didn't say the wrong person, I said the wrong time.

I'm sure my very best friend MaKayla Station could easily vouch for this. You see MaKayla was a foreign exchange student her sophomore year of high school. Her parents saw her instinct to travel and let her spend six months in Ireland. Why Ireland you ask? Well both MaKayla's mother and father are from the lovely country and they want nothing more than to have MaKayla exposed to the Irish culture. This is where MaKayla found her eye for fashion as well as who she thought was the love of her life. MaKayla's host mother in Ireland owned a little clothing boutique in their hometown. MaKayla and her host sisters, Aideen and Bridget, spent many hours during the week as well as the weekend putting clothes on shelves, changing dull manikins into beautiful models. Bridget and Aideen also did their fair share of showing MaKayla all the right people in their little small town.

Among the people MaKayla came to know, Niall Horan was one of them. Yes the beautiful, blonde Irish pop star of X- Factor band One Direction. MaKayla and Niall met right before the X- Factor bandwagon rolled around. And boy did they have a great time together. As the best friend I can totally say they had their fair share of fun. Even if they shared many great memories together to MaKayla, Niall was the heart breaker, and in all honesty I can't blame her for thinking this. She still replays the words he said, the look in his eyes, and the break of heart as he told her he was going after his dream and he didn't see her in it. Harsh I know, but somewhere in MaKayla's hopelessly romantic mind she thought he would come back to her. She thought once he got his dream she would become a part of it again. The hardest part for me to watch, as the best friend, was the breaking of her heart when she realized he wasn't coming back for her. She was completely heart-broken! Niall had chosen his singing career over her. I mean sure look where it got him, but he wouldn't be anywhere without MaKayla's little push.

I remember the day she called me, just like it was yesterday. I could hear the hurt in her voice, almost see the tears in her eyes as she quickly whispered the words, 'He's gone' through the phone. The minute she got off the plane in Baton Rouge I averted her attention to anything other than her broken heart. She came back with a new outlook on life and to be completely honest, I liked it instantly. She came back with the burning passion to be a fashion designer. I told her to go with it and that I would be the one to help her turn this dream into reality.

Niall soon became a fast fading memory to her. She no longer called me in the middle of the night, crying and wishing things had gone differently. She became the MaKayla Station I had always knew. The MaKayla Station that no longer had heartbreak, she broke hearts instead. The MaKayla Station that was always up for a challenge, no matter how hard it could be. But there was a new quality in MaKayla that I had never seen before, determination.

Niall had left her with something she had never had before. Before MaKayla left to Ireland, she dreamed of changing the world. Something her parents and I knew she could do, must have been something Niall had seen in her too. But when faced with the question, 'how can you change the world MaKayla?' She set out to find the perfect answer. Well when she returned everyone could tell she had found the exact answer to the question. It seemed easy enough to everyone, fashion designing. MaKayla jumped right in to save the world right then and there, heart-broken or not, I knew she was going to change the world.

One day MaKayla and I sat around her room trying to figure out how to make her fashion designing dream, reality. With both of us obsessively searching the internet you would think we would stumble upon something. Wrong, dead wrong! All the programs we happened to find were either too expensive, something we weren't looking for, or required experience. We both started to lose faith until I stumbled upon an internship with Simon Cowell. It was the perfect shot. If she was accepted she would get to tour the world with a band filled with guys and do the things she loved. Of course it had requirements but only an essay and a portfolio of her best drawings.

For the next month straight, MaKayla and I worked for hours writing the perfect answer to the simple essay question, 'What makes perfect, perfect?'. We also spent hours obsessively looking over all her brilliant drawings trying to find the right ones to fit in her portfolio. Each design that was put in her portfolio, I imagined seeing them on a runway, her runway. About three months later and a high school diploma, MaKayla got the call. The call we had waited on for ages and ages. She was talking to Simon Cowell himself! He called her work beautiful, flawless and even said it was an honor to have her on the crew! We were so excited we almost missed the most devastating part , her new crew... The band she would be working with for the next year was... One Direction... Yes the band from X-Factor. Yes the band that involved Niall Horan. But for some reason, after all the jumping and we caught our breath, I could see it in her eyes. She was going to do this. This was the challenge she was waiting for...