Chapter Five:

Two weeks ago MaKayla thought her life was going to end. She had gotten into the internship she wanted only to find out she was to be working along side Niall Horan, the boy who broke her heart almost three years ago. Two weeks ago, Emma thought she was going to have to teach a new intern how to do anything and everything, only to find that MaKayla was actually teaching her something in return. Two weeks ago Simon hoped he had made the right decision in hiring a new fashion intern to attend One Direction's tour, only to find out that he had hired someone who has already proven to be more than just an intern. Two weeks ago Niall thought he was going to kill over and die because he was going to have to work next to MaKayla, now he questioned why he left her...

"Are you ready yet?" asked Emma poking her head into MaKayla's room for the hundredth time that evening.

"Emma I'm almost ready. I probably would be ready if I wasn't interrupted so many times!" exclaimed MaKayla laughing at Emma's offended expression.

After two weeks of packing, advertising, and guest appearances, One Direction was ready to take over the world. Tonight Simon was holding yet another farewell party for the boys at the best club in all of London. This made MaKayla very nervous, tonight she would be mingling with the entire tour crew. She knew she needed to dress to impress, but she had nothing to wear. After tearing apart her suitcases, she found the dress. She had only wore this dress once, three years ago, only because it was Niall's favorite. Looking into the mirror, she instantly knew why the champagne colored dress had always been his favorite.

"You look absolutely stunning!" exclaimed Emma once MaKayla entered the living room.

"Oh hush! You look better!" blushed MaKayla running a hand through her straightened hair.

"What's your favorite drink?" asked Harry taking a seat at the bar beside her.

"I'm not much of a drinker," answered MaKayla raising her eyebrows at him.

"Well I'm about to make you one," stated Harry before turning to the bartender,

"Two Deliahs please."

"Isn't that like a name of a person?" asked MaKayla raising an eyebrow at the name.

"It tastes better than it sounds MaKayla," winked Harry as the drinks were sat in front of them almost instantly.

MaKayla looked at the drink, watching Harry take a gulp. He caught her gaze and raised his eyebrows. She took a testing drink, letting the taste graze over her taste buds.

"Pretty good huh?" asked Harry nudging her as she took another sip. "Not bad Styles. Not bad at all really," answered MaKayla laughing as Emma pulled Harry up from his chair.

"Are you having the time of your life yet? Try the El Presidente, it'll make you feel like a President!" slurred Emma wrapping an arm around Harry's shoulders.

"Yup I'm going to take this," commented Harry smiling smugly at Emma, taking her drink from her hand and sitting it down on the bar. He looked at MaKayla and asked,

"You gonna be alright here all by yourself?"

"I'm fine! Go dance out there," winked MaKayla laughing as an upbeat song thumped through the club. Harry pulled Emma out to the middle of the dance-floor. She watched the two try to dance to the upbeat music with a giggle, one thing Harry Styles couldn't do was dance.

"That maxi dress," thought Niall watching MaKayla laugh at something one of the guys on the merchandize team said.

She was drunk, Niall noted as he watched her try to walk to another part of the bar. She stumbled over her feet only to be caught by Nate, the sound tech, she laughed and thanked him before continuing to her place between the two guys she was talking to. Standing against a wall on the other side of the club, Niall watched one of the merchandize guys buy her another drink and place his arm around her waist. She didn't seem to notice, only take another drink from his hand and bat her eyelashes. Niall felt heat rise and cover his cheeks as he watched the two talking quietly together, their foreheads touching. Trying to drain some of the heat, he looked to the dance-floor. Why did he care all of the sudden? She wasn't his anymore; he had let her go three years ago. She should be able to make her own mistakes without him butting in. As he looked back to the bar, he caught MaKayla intertwining her lips with the merchandize guy she had been getting close to all night. He had seen enough, it was time for him to step in. As he crossed the club he felt the heat turn into a jealous boil in his veins, something he hadn't felt in a long time. He wasn't supposed to right? She wasn't his anymore, remember.

"Alright I think you've had enough," said Niall stepping between MaKayla and her drunken companion, taking the drink from her hand.

"Oh Niall, come on! Mike and I are just having fun," pouted MaKayla reaching for her drink. Niall caught her hand and said as lovingly as he could,

"I think it's time we went home. We have a busy day tomorrow."

"Niall you don't need to baby me. I'll get home when I want to!" slurred MaKayla squinting her eyes at him.

"Yeah buddy, she's fine. I'll make sure she gets home safely," slurred Mike reaching out for her.

Niall turned to him, pushing MaKayla further behind him, shouting,

"Lay one more hand on her and I'll make sure you are fired for sexual harassment!"

Mike's eyes grew wide as he quickly tried to think of a comeback.

"Come on MaKayla, we're going home," muttered Niall darkly pulling her away from the bar and out the door.

"Will you slow down Niall? I can't keep up!" slurred MaKayla staggering behind him. He immediately slowed but kept a tight grip on her hand.

"Sorry love," he said gently as the two reach the car.

The ride home was eerily quiet. MaKayla's drunken high was already to falter into some kind of reality awareness. She stole a look over at Niall, who was looking out the window. Why had he insisted they return home? The rest of the guys were still out, Emma was even out, still having a fun time. Was he jealous of what she and Mike were doing at the bar? She giggled quietly thinking, "There was no way he was jealous, he left you remember?" As the car pulled into the parking lot of the apartment building, MaKayla felt the drowsiness start to hit her. Niall noticed too as he helped her out of the car. He pulled her close to his body, wrapping an arm snugly around her waist and walked her slowly inside. Once in the elevator, Niall fiddled around in his pocket for his key, as the elevator jumped floor to floor. MaKayla laid her head on Niall's shoulder feeling the sleep closing in on her.

"You all right?" he asked looking at her closely.

"Just sleepy is all," she said sleepily as the elevator doors slid open on the ninth floor. She let Niall guide her down the hallway towards his apartment, not caring where they were going.

"Why did you bring me home?" she asked as he led her through the apartment.

"You'll thank me in the morning," he replied simply looking at her as he opened the door to the bedroom.

MaKayla immediately took a seat on the bed as Niall disappeared into his closet.

"Here put this on. You'll feel better," said Niall handing her a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"No, I don't want to change," she whined nuzzling into his comforter.

"Alright come here. Up, get up," he murmured quietly pulling MaKayla to her feet.

"Niall I just want to-" she yawned only to have him hush her.

"Arms up," he said quietly feeling unsure of what exactly he was doing.

"I'm not about to take off my dress in front of you Niall! Just let me go to sleep!" shrieked MaKayla crossing her arms in front of her chest in protest.

"MaKayla it's not like I haven't seen you in your bra and underwear before," whispered Niall in her ear, tugging at the zipper.

She reluctantly let her arms fall to her sides as the dress slid to the floor. Niall pulled one of his t-shirts over her head, quick to hide any memories that would come flooding back to him if he didn't, and helped her put her arms through the right holes. He then helped her step into some old sweatpants before turning down the blankets on the bed. She quickly crawled into bed, feeling her eyes grow heavy. Niall pulled the blankets over her, making sure she was completely comfortable.

"Niall wait!" she whispered catching his arm as he was about to walk away.

"Yes MaKayla?" he asked leaning over her, thinking she probably wanted her phone. Never did he ever think he would hear the words that fell from her mouth again.

"Will you play with my hair until I fall asleep?" she asked quietly, her voice resembling a small girl's.

He caught her green eyes that seemed to gleam in the moonlight, as he searched her face for some kind of joking reaction, he found none. Feeling a smile creep up on his lips, he quietly replied,

"Of course MaKayla."

She felt him gently sit on the edge of the bed, immediately feeling relief spread through her. His fingers gently locked around a piece of her hair as he pulled it away from her face. She smiled and closed her eyes feeling sleep come instantly. Niall sat quietly twirling her soft locks around his finger, listening to her rhythmic breathing. He looked down at her watching her face soften as she fell into a deeper sleep. He looked over at her dress bunched up on the floor remembering back to the time he brought her back from Shane's wild bonfire.

She was so drunk she couldn't even walk straight. Niall had to carry her up the stairs, which wasn't the easiest thing to do.

"Niall why were you so upset at Shane's party?" she asked him quietly, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as the two made their way up the stairs of his house.

"What do you mean? I wasn't upset?" he asked laughing, stopping on a step to look at her.

"Then why did you throw a fit when Shane asked me to dance?" asked MaKayla knitting her eyebrows together in drunken confusion.

"That's because-," Niall paused and looked down at her.

"Do you love me?" she asked quietly challenging him with a small smile on her lips.

"Very much," he answered quietly watching her giggle.

"Then say it out loud, so everyone can hear," she laughed causing him to blush.

"I love you MaKayla Station," he whispered quietly kissing the tip of her nose.

"Do you love me?" he asked quietly watching her face for some kind of reaction.

"Of course I do," she replied almost instantly with a giggle.

"Then say it," he challenged pulling her close to him.

"I love you too Niall Horan," she whispered quietly before placing a small kiss on his lips.

Niall shook his head hoping the feelings that had crept up inside his stomach would simply go away, forever. He had let her down, something he thought would never happen, they were the perfect couple in everyone's mind. He was supposed to marry her, or that's what people from Millenger would say. He stole a look over at her, brushing a few strands of hair from her face, feeling the lump make its way to his throat, often as it had when he thought of her. Getting over her wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but he did. Or so he thought... He never imagined seeing her again, certainly not on tour with his band. He thought back to when he told her he loved her, the feeling was so strong, he felt as if nothing could bring this down, until reality set in. Until December came, until X-Factor applications were due, until the reality of her going back to Baton Rouge set in and probably never seeing her again came to the back of his mind. He felt a small tear slip from his eye as he sat there thinking about the horrid thing he did to her. Wiping it away, he got up, grabbed a pillow and blanket, and made his way to the couch. That night just wasn't his night.


The next morning, MaKayla woke up to the blinding sun and the familiar smell of Niall's cologne. She sat up in alarm, sending pain quickly to her head. She probably had a little too much to drink last night. When the pain subsided, she opened her eyes to find that she was no longer in Emma's apartment and her dress was in a wad on the floor. Where was she? Her eyes caught sight of an Irish pop band poster lying on the floor. There was a rustle in the kitchen followed by someone humming an Irish melody. Looking around the room it hit her; she was in Niall's apartment. Did she do the unthinkable and sleep with Niall last night. Panic flooded her body as she looked down to see herself in his clothes, he wouldn't have sex with if she was drunk would he? She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath. Opening her eyes she slowly got up from the bed, prepared for the awkward walk of shame she was about to do in front of her ex-boyfriend.

"Good morning MaKayla! How you feeling?" asked Niall smiling to her as she took a seat at the morning table.

"A horrible headache," she mumbled laying her head in her arms.

"Yorkshire tea and biscuits it is then," he replied amusingly.

Why is he acting all cool about this? Shouldn't he be worried about the issue at hand? There is a huge possibility that they had slept together here! Was she the only one freaking out on the inside? She sat up again, no longer caring about the pounding in her head and tried to remember the events from the night before. She remembered being at the bar watching the boys dance, or try to dance along with the music when Harry sat down beside her. He asked her what her favorite drink was and when she said she didn't really drink, he ordered her some drink that sounded like the name of a song that was sang by the Plain White T's. Then Emma popped up out of nowhere and dragged Harry out on the dance-floor, she was drunk as could be. But once Harry left, everything seemed to blur.

"Quit freaking out MaKayla no one had sex in my apartment last night. I just brought you here after seeing you had, had one too many," said Niall sliding a glass of water and two ibuprofens in front of her.

"Then where the hell did you sleep, if it wasn't with me that is?" asked MaKayla after taking the pills.

"On the couch," he said simply, pointing over to the red plaid blanket and pillow still bunched up on the cushions.

"So absolutely nothing happened last night?" asked MaKayla feeling the weight start to fall from her shoulders.

"Be more specific. Between me and you or you and Mike?" asked Niall with a hint of bitter in his voice.

Mike, Mike where had she heard that name? It sounded so familiar to her. Suddenly it came rushing back, he was the guy that kept buying her drinks last night. He acted as if he wanted to get her into bed or something.

"Oh god! What did I do?" asked MaKayla straining her voice a little, looking at Niall in a panic.

"Oh nothing bad, you guys just locked lips for a couple seconds is all," shrugged Niall placing the biscuits in the oven.

"You have to be kidding. Please tell me you're kidding!" exclaimed MaKayla, only to sigh when Niall shook his head no trying to hide a chuckle.

"Well I've officially ruined my internship! Once Simon finds out I'm surely toast. I've never been fired before, I wonder what's it like," MaKayla sarcastically replied talking to herself. Niall chuckled and took the seat next to her,

"You know, you're a lot funnier than I remembered. But you should seriously get a grip, I'm pretty sure you weren't the only one drunk last night. If anything Simon will pat you on the back and welcome you to our family," shrugged Niall laughing a bit at his own joke. A silence fell between them. Niall soon returned to cooking breakfast as MaKayla buried her head in her arms, sighing loudly.

"Why did you bring me home last night?" she asked suddenly remembering the response he had given her last night.

"Uh well I would have just rather have you wake up somewhere you are familiar with," said Niall immediately biting his tongue, knowing he had definitely said something wrong.

"You think I would have slept with him?" MaKayla exclaimed raising her head from her arms, her eyes burning red.

"No MaKayla I didn't mean it like that!" he quickly retorted turning to her.

"You obviously didn't think I would have returned to my apartment last night," MaKayla growled standing up.

"Let me explain MaKayla! I didn't mean it like it sounded! I just wanted to-" he started but was cut short by MaKayla asking,

"Why the hell do you care Niall?"

Niall stopped cold. Why did her care? She should be allowed to do anything she wanted. She didn't need his approval to do anything. MaKayla huffed to the door, she had heard enough. Now he had to spill some of the truth, something he wanted to keep to himself. Shaking his head, Niall leaped after her, grabbing arm gently.

"You wanna know why I care?" he asked smiling smugly at her. Something he would do when she would get mad at him. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, waiting for him to continue.

"I care because I want to protect you," he said quietly locking eyes with her.

"Niall that's not your job anymore. You lost that privilege three years ago," she replied, her voice shook slightly.

"Well someone's gotta do it MaKayla. I don't care how much you hate me or how mad you are at me, I'm still going to protect you," Niall replied sternly. A silence fell between them. Both stood watching each other intently, hoping someone would say something. In the kitchen, the teapot steamed on the stove, breaking the silence between them. "Now come eat. I happen to have your favorite Yorkshire tea and some biscuits," smiled Niall watching her face relax.

"Can I have an apple juice too?" she asked quietly, her eyes still locked on his.

"Of course you can," he cooed cracking his famous smile and beckoning her over to the table.

"Good morning you guys!" exclaimed Emma as the boys and MaKayla entered her apartment.

"Emma inside voices please," whispered MaKayla rubbing her temples.

"Well looks like someone had one too many last night," laughed Emma patting MaKayla on the shoulders.

"Yes she did and she doesn't like loud noises," nodded MaKayla rubbing her forehead.

"You mean like this?" asked Harry darkly before clapping his hand loudly in front of her left ear. She looked at him and swatted, hitting him hard right above the crotch.

"Try that again and you'll be walking out of here with your hands between your knees," growled MaKayla raising a threatening eyebrow at him.

"Okay well Simon is currently recovering from last night's party and has sent me your to-do list," said Emma loudly to break up the commotion between MaKayla and Harry. She then paused for a moment, browsing through her phone. The boys and MaKayla all took seats on the couches.

"Okay for starters make sure you are all packed up for the month, your bags are due in the lobby by noon, no later. Uh MaKayla do you think you could look over that?" started Emma looking up at MaKayla. MaKayla smiled and nodded,

"Noon, bags due in lobby, got it!"

"Alright next order of business, boys you will have a car waiting at 1:30 pm to take you to the arena. Make sure you are showered and are in comfortable clothing. MaKayla and I will meet you there. Paul will be picking up your parents as their flights land," Emma paused again and scrolled through her phone. The boys quickly noticed MaKayla and Niall's demeanor change. Niall buried his head in his arms, pelting a few profanities. MaKayla had gone stiff by Harry, he wasn't even sure she was breathing. She sat looking at the floor, chewing on her bottom lip.

Emma's voice broke the boys' attention,

"And lastly Simon has insisted that MaKayla dress you for tonight, meaning that I have no say what-so-ever."

Harry gave her a quick tap on the back as the boys all congratulated her.

"Can this day get any worst?" asked MaKayla burying her head in her hands.

"Okay well you guys are dismissed!" exclaimed Emma as the boys all scrambled out of the apartment.


By noon MaKayla had almost fully recovered from her hangover. She now stood in the lobby with Emma waiting on the boys and the loading crew. Emma was soon whisked away once the loading crew got there, directing them on how to pack the buses. Harry was the first to strolling into the lobby with his hair still wet. He unloaded two rolling suitcases and a duffel bag.

"How's your head love?" he asked standing next to her.

"Almost back to normal," she replied smiling over to him.

Zayn was the next to make his appearance. He unloaded two red duffel bags and a rolling suitcase. He then took the spot on the other side of MaKayla.

"So how excited are you for tonight?" he asked wagging his eyebrows to her.

"Actually I'm pretty nervous, seeing that have to dress you guys without Emma's help," laughed MaKayla shrugging to him.

"I don't understand why. You always do an amazing job," answered Zayn shaking his head slightly at her nervousness.

"Aw Zayn that is super sweet of you to say! But it still doesn't take away the jitters," said MaKayla patting his arm.

"Ah MaKayla! Just the woman I wanted to see!" called Louis dropping his bags in the pile and making his way towards them.

"Whatcha need?" she asked raising an eyebrow at him.

"I need your Twitter name love. I've been trying to find it all morning!" exclaimed Louis causing them all to giggle.

"Capitol M, number two, the capital K, underscore, double zero, and the number seven," answered Niall from behind him. All the boys, including MaKayla looked up at once.

"How the hell did you know that?" asked Harry knitting his eyebrows together in confusion.

"What? She tweeted this morning," smiled Niall sheepishly as Liam entered the lobby.

"So that's the right one then?" asked Louis looking over at her. She laughed and nodded commenting,

"The name sounds even worst said out loud."

"You tweet nothing interesting. We're going to have to fix that," shrugged Harry winking to her.

"Says the one who tweets things that don't make sense," retorted MaKayla narrowing her eyes at him.

"Oh so you have read up on us huh?" asked Liam joining the pow-wow.

"Well after I was accepted into the internship, I read up on all of you. Believe me there is some pretty interesting things out there," shrugged MaKayla laughing at the contortion of the boys' faces.

"Oh dear god," mumbled Harry.

One hour later, MaKayla stood in the arena's dressing room looking over the outfits she had picked out. As the girls had made their way over to the arena, Emma explained that Simon had asked MaKayla to dress the boys as a test. Apparently Emma wasn't exactly the stylist as MaKayla originally thought, and if MaKayla did her job right, she would get to meet Lou Tisdale. Lou Tisdale had worked on One Direction's crew since the very beginning and apparently was the hardest test to pass. Taking a quick look in the mirror, MaKayla gave herself a little pep talk. She couldn't let this get to her, she was going to dress the boys in their outfits and blow everyone's mind. Looking over at their outfits that hung on a stand with their names, she figured an idea. Tonight wasn't going to be a normal night...

"MaKayla come on, let's go watch the boys rehearse! These outfits look amazing by the way!" exclaimed Emma waltzing into the arena's dressing room grasping her arm.

"Emma I'm not so sure I can do this," muttered MaKayla rubbing her temples.

"Oh MaKayla the outfits look absolutely stunning!" exclaimed Emma grasping Makayla's wrists and shaking them slightly.

"This isn't about the outfits Emma!" exclaimed MaKayla feeling Emma stop.

"You mean like seeing his parents again?" she asked searching Makayla's eyes.

"Yes. I'm scared to see them again. I'm scared of what Momma Horan could say. I'm scared that once I see them, I'll lost everything I've worked so hard to keep from showing," said MaKayla looking up at the ceiling as hot tears formed in her eyes.

"Listen to me MaKayla. Don't let this ruin your first show. Don't be scared anymore. Everything is going to be fine, believe me; you'll get through this one way or the other. Now let's go watch the boys rehearse!" exclaimed Emma pulling MaKayla out the door.

The two left the dressing and walked along the backstage area, dodging people who buzzed passed them. They reach the first curtain, flashing their badges as they passed security, and descended down the stairs to some seats. The boys were just starting rehearsal. They all seemed so comfortable on stage, almost like they had always belonged there. They waved as Emma and MaKayla took a seat by the front of the stage. MaKayla watched as they joked around with each other, interrupting each other's solos, and changing lyrics. The joking nature gave MaKayla an idea; suddenly the outfits she had picked out didn't seem so boring.

"Boys parents have arrived!" called Simon watching the boys scramble to the doors.

"Remember don't be scared anymore," whispered Emma as they jolted up to meet the parents.

"Well isn't it the famous MaKayla Station" asked a daunting voice behind her. MaKayla froze in place, her back still to the speaker. The voice sounded so familiar, like her sister Aideen. Turning slowly MaKayla proved herself right.

"Bridget? Aideen?" exclaimed MaKayla as the three ran into a group hug.

"Congratulations babe! We are so proud of you!" exclaimed Bridget as they all hugged.

"What are you guys doing here?" asked MaKayla after the hug was broken.

"Well it seems like you forgot to mention that you were interning for the hottest boy band in the UK," pouted Aideen crossing her arms and glaring at MaKayla.

"Yeah Niall called us and sent us tickets. It's kind of a tradition to watch the first show," commented Bridget watching MaKayla's facial expression.

"Aideen! Bridget! You made it! Did you have a safe flight?" asked Niall running to hug them.

"Flight was fine Niall! Great to see you!" exclaimed Bridget as he hugged them both.

"I still can't believe MK over there never told her that she was on tour with you," exclaimed Aideen winking to MaKayla.

"Oh that was mostly because she wasn't allowed. She's more like a secret weapon," answered Niall putting an arm around MaKayla's shoulders.

"Oh she's a secret weapon huh? Does that mean I don't get a hug?" asked another voice she knew so well.

"Of course you get a hug Momma Horan!" exclaimed MaKayla tearing from Niall's arm and throwing her arms around Momma Horan.

"The Horan house couldn't be prouder of you honey," mumbled Momma Horan as the two hugged.

"Aw thanks Momma Horan! I'm blushing!" exclaimed MaKayla breaking the hug before asking,

"How's the Horan family?"

"Ah well Greg is still single and still looking for an available bachelorette. As for Papa Horan he's still the way he's always been!" answered Momma Horan letting her laugh ring throughout the venue.

"I figured that! Am I still allowed to be the daughter-in-law?" asked MaKayla knowing she was stepping on thin ice.

"Um MaKayla you know you have to marry into the family to become an in-law right?" commented Bridget looking over at Niall. His dace had turned blood red by now, whether it was from anger or embarrassment, she didn't know.

"Of course I know that! I still have Greg guys!" exclaimed MaKayla listening to Maura's laugh ring out again.

Before the issue could continue further, Harry appeared and took her away to meet the rest of the parents. Soon after meeting parents, MaKayla found that she was locked in a room with the five boys, all-pacing nervously. She absentmindedly watched them for a few seconds before asking,

"Are you guys nervous?"

Harry and Liam both stopped, looking over at her, and nodded quietly.

"Why?" asked MaKayla looking at them confused.

"The first show is always nerve-wrecking. You never know what to expect," explained Liam nervously scratching at his neck.

MaKayla thought about Liam's explanation for a minute, before widening her eyes.
"Oh my gosh Liam you just gave me the best idea! Come on, let's get you guys dressed!" exclaimed MaKayla motioning for them.

Her idea took some pleading and soul-searching, but finally the boys agreed. After plenty of laughing the boys finally emerged into the common room. MaKayla stepped out behind them to come face to face with Simon and a woman looking around early 20's with blonde hair. Simon smiled to her and motioned her to come closer.

"MaKayla this is Lou Tisdale, Emma's boss. She's been with us since the beginning of time," introduced Simon as MaKayla shook Lou's hand.

"Very lovely to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you!" gushed Lou smiling genuinely to MaKayla.

"So I see the boys took a different look tonight. I'm hoping you did it, will you explain?" asked Lou circling each boy.

"Well I did some research on what the boys usually wore before I came to the studio today. I found that they never really tried something new, they seemed very traditionally dressed. But on stage they are far from just traditional. I also talked to some of their fans, or I guess you could say their family and friends that are here tonight. They said they would love to see something different, something the crowd wouldn't expect them to do. So I thought I would spice up the crowd and make them change outfits," explained MaKayla professionally. She took a deep breath and pursed her lips before continuing,

"So as they were complaining about how nervous they were, I swapped out the outfits on their racks. Believe me they didn't like the idea at first, until I incorporated a piece of them into the outfit."

"How did you do that?" asked Lou looking over at her. She wanted MaKayla to showcase them, explain using them as models.

"Well it took a lot of thought and last minute planning. Like Louis for an example is known for wearing stripes, if you look closely at his shirt you notice a hint of sparkly stripes," explained MaKayla showing Lou the thin line of sequence she had added to the shirt earlier.

"Well they look great! Really great! Um here," Lou paused to pull out a small box from her bag before continuing,

"Welcome to the One Direction crew."

MaKayla took the box and opened it carefully. Inside was her official pass as well as a necklace with a four-leaf clover hanging. MaKayla looked up at Lou, who was smiling to her.

"Someone told me you believe in the luck of the Irish. So there you go, a necklace of pure luck!" exclaimed Lou reaching out to help her put it on.

MaKayla turned around, as Lou snapped the chain to her neck, only to meet Niall's eyes. Something in his eyes told her that he had done it for her. He smiled lightly to her as Lou fixed her hair back over MaKayla's shoulder. She let herself smile back to him before touching the necklace, feeling the cold metal. Lou finally stepped back as the boys all ran to hug her, congratulating her on a job well done. One by one they filtered out of her arms. Niall hugged her last, giving her the perfect opportunity to whisper a quick,

"Thank you." Before he and the rest were ushered towards the stage.