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'Stupid danm people making me come to this danm masquerade ball when the HELL did they start having those kind of stupid parties' Shizuo thought as he walked through the crowd of people wearing dresses and all different kinds of tuxedos, none caught his eye until he came upon a girl wearing a beautiful dress it was black but long and old-fashioned looking but what made it perfect were the splashes of red here and there, she wore a black and red feathered headdress.

Shizuo couldn't deny she looked attractive in his eyes.

So as one would do he walked up to her and said the legendary line, "Hello."

She turned to look at him but what caught Shizuo off gaurd was her eyes they looked like the fleas' but with much longer lashes. He couldn't fully see her face, he could only see her eyes because of the feather-tipped fan she was holding up to her face.

Non the less Shizuo asked her to dance. She agreed but as soon as she put down the fan Shizuo thought there was something familiar about her.

The way she was just standing alone watching all the others dance, the way she held the fan to her face, he didn't quite know what, but something about this girl was familiar.

Auburn eyes.

Thin body.

Black and red against all the green golds and browns.

And lastly those lips that smile.

There was only one person like that, and Shizuo knew it but just couldn't figure it out.

Instead of continuing to ponder on these things he grabbed the girls hand and toke her to the dance floor. They danced for about an hour until goiing back to the table were the girl left her fan.

Shinra was with Celty until he looked Shizuo's way and saw him with, "Celty is that Shizuo and Izaya?"

Celty looked there way nodded then did a double-take to make sure she wasn't seeing things.

Shinra just smiled when the two kissed and well Celty sort of fainted.

The girl/Izaya/ was holding her fan fanning herself when just like that Shizuo went and kissed her then and there.

"Ahh moving fast ne~ Shizu-chan?" The girl/Izaya/ had finally spoke.

Upon hearing that voice and that nickname it all made sense the attractive 'girl' was IZAYA and it was all evening.


"OH MY GOD why the hell are you wearing a dress?" Shizuo yelled.

"Pretty isn't it?" Izaya said smirking doing a little twirl causiing the dress he was wearing to twirl with him.

"No it's not it looks awful on you," Shizuo said trying to hide the blush threatening to creep up to his face.

"You weren't saying that when you were checking me out just 5 minutes ago," Izaya said smirk.

Shizuo just smirked more and grabbed the informant pullin him close and kissing him.

Izaya was shocked to say in the least. He was not expecting this at all. He expected the opposite actually.

Shizuo pulled away smiling abit at how cute Izaya looked.

Izaya took a step back almost tripping over his dress, but was barely caught by Shizuo.

Shizuo laughed a little, and Izaya just blushed harder.

Shizuo pulled Izaya towards the exit he did not want to stay here any longer and seeing girl version Izaya sort of freaked him out.

Izaya just walked along with him until they got to Izaya's apartment.

It didn't take long for the two of them to fall asleep.

They had a fairly peaceful night until they were awoken by Erika yelling something about shizaya and taking pictures of the two sleeping next to eachother and snuggling.

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