A/N: In my little head, the season 5 finale did not take place. This story takes place at some point after Michael and Fiona move in together, but with no Anson. I also do not in anyway own these characters.

It was mid December in Miami, The palm trees were decorated for Christmas, as was everything else. The only thing that was missing was cold weather. It was in the upper 70's. Michael was driving up to the gate to the loft when he noticed something rising up behind the gate. He stopped the car, got out and opened the gate only to see a ten-foot Santa inflating before his eyes. Fiona was standing behind it, only she did not see Michael. Michael walked up behind Fi and tapped her shoulder. She jumped and turned around quickly.

"Fi what the hell are you doing? This thing is huge." Michael pointed to the Santa that was now fully inflated.

"Michael I didn't think you would be back from Christmas shopping so soon. You were only gone an hour. Did you get me anything good?" Fiona looked passed Michael and tried to look in the Charger. Michael grabbed her around the waist to stop her from walking over to the car to get a better look inside.

"Maybe, but your changing the topic. Why is there a ten foot Santa here?" Michael kept a hold on Fiona knowing the moment he let go she was going to go to his car to look.

"Christmas is in less then a week and we have no decorations, so I changed that. Now we do." Fiona smiled at Michael and tried to look over his shoulder.

"Fi the bags are in the trunk and you're not seeing them until Christmas. Plus even if you saw the bags your still not going to know what's in them because I had everything gift wrapped because I know you would peek."

"Michael do you really think you can stop me from seeing what you bought?" Fiona asked as she tried to break free from his grip again.

Michael still held onto her and looked into her eyes. "I may not be able to stop you but I can distract you." He lifted her up and over her shoulder and started to walk towards the stairs.

"Michael you better put me down right now!"

Michael just kept walking. "Nope."

"Fine be that way. "Fiona rest her elbows on his back and put her head in her hands she stared at his butt. "I must say the view from here is very nice Michael."

Michael started up the stairs, making sure to put an extra wiggle while he went up the stairs. Fiona whistled and smacked his butt. Michael let out a small chuckle. He made it to the top of the stairs and opened the door only to see a huge Christmas tree fully decorated sitting by the balcony doors.

"Fi did you forget to mention something to me outside?" Michael carefully put Fiona down and turned her so she was in front of him with her back towards him and facing the tree.

"No I didn't forget, I wanted it to be a surprise." Fiona turned to face him. "Well what do you think?"

"I think you went a little over board Fi. It's just me and you for Christmas. Sam is going to be with Elsa, Ma is on a cruise, and who knows what Nate is doing. Did you really need to get something so big?" Michael walked to the fridge and pulled out a yogurt. Fiona looked disappointed.

"So you don't like it?" she walked towards him and took the spoon out of his hand and taking a spoonful of his yogurt.

"I didn't say I didn't like it. I just said I think you went over board." Michael took his spoon back. "Besides where did you get it from? I've never seen a tree this big unless it was real."

Fiona tried to take the spoon again but Michael held on to it. "I had a friend deliver it for me." Michael held a spoonful of yogurt to her lips, which she ate with a smile.

"Did it come already decorated or did you manage to do all this in an hour?" Michael walked over to the tree to look at the ornaments. Noticing some were handmade, some were pictures of them and friends and family. Fiona walked up behind him and put her arms around his waist.

"I did it myself; I knew you were doing your Christmas shopping today so I had arranged for the tree to be delivered just after you left. The decorations I had in my trunk. I was hoping you were going to be gone a little longer so everything could be done when you got back." She walked around to stand in front of Michael, leaning her back against his chest.

"You mean there's more?" He asked looking down at her. "It looks great Fi." he said in a low voice, wrapping his arms around her waist holding her close to him.

Fiona turned her body so she could face Michael. "Maybe a few more things." She leaned up to kiss his lips lightly before pulling away and walking towards the door. "Will you help me get them out of the car?"

Michael followed her outside. "Are there are inflatable's Fi? I think the ten-foot Santa is enough. I'd rather not draw to much attention to us." Michael made his way to Fiona's trunk to see a couple of boxes of outdoor Christmas lights and various other decorations. "Fi what are you planning on doing with all this?"

"Decorate the loft, this is our first real Christmas together Michael I want it to be special. Don't you?" she started taking the bags of lights out.

"Of course I do Fi, but we don't need all of this to make it special." Michael picked up one of the boxes of lights and then looked at the loft.

"I know we don't need it, I thought it would be nice to have. You know maybe we could be like a normal couple for once."

Michael started to walk away and go back up the stairs. "Where are you going Michael? Aren't you going to help me?"

Michael stopped when he was on the third step going up. "I didn't realize you wanted my help. You did everything else by yourself. Besides, you never asked me to help. I believe you said you wanted it to be a surprise."

"Michael get your ass over here and help me." Michael turned around and walked back towards Fiona.

"I guess that counts as asking for help." he reached out for a box of lights. "How do you want to do this Fi?"

Fiona looked at the loft; "I was thinking I would put these" she picked up a regular string light set. "From the railing, while you put these," she picked up a couple of boxes of icicle lights. "From the roof." Fiona handed Michael the boxes of lights.

Michael looked at the boxes now in his hands and then the roof. "Oh, I see I get to go on the roof while you get to do the railing. That seems fair Fi."

"Michael it's not like the roof is slanted like a house; we go up there all the time. Now you have a reason too. You know as well as I do that you will be perfectly safe." She turned Michael towards the stairs. "Now go."

Michael went to the roof and did as he was told while Fiona decorated the railing and loft door. When Michael came down from the roof Fiona was just finishing on the railing. "Are we done now?" Michael asked with a hint of a whine.

"No I need you to do one more thing for me, its easy I promise." Fiona looked over at Santa.

Seeing where Fiona was looking. "Ok where is Santa going?" Michael walked over to the Santa and unplugged it.

"Where do you think it should go… and don't say back to the store?" Fiona looked towards the roof.

"Really Fi Santa on the roof? That's a little unoriginal don't you think?"

"Would you rather it stays in your parking spot Michael?"

"No. Can you at least help me?" Michael was trying to gather all the material into his arms. Fiona came over to help him gather the material and she put it in his arms.

"There you go, I'm gonna go inside and relax for a bit before deciding on dinner." Fiona walked up the stairs and into the loft not giving Michael a chance to say anything.

By the time Michael finished placing and securing Santa on the roof it was just about dark outside. When he walked into the loft the only light to be seen was from the Christmas tree. Fiona had moved her brown chair in front of the tree and was sitting just starring at the tree. Michael walked over to her and noticed she was not starring at the tree but had fallen asleep. Michael decided to cover her with a light blanket and let her sleep while longer. She had been tired lately. He decided that while Fiona slept he would take a quick shower.

Fifteen minutes later Michael emerged from the bathroom wearing a clean pair of shorts. He wandered over to Fiona to see if she was still sleeping and she was. He debated on moving her over to the bed so she could get comfortable. When he slid his arms under her to move her, she woke up.

"Hey sleepyhead." Michael whispered as he held her in his arms.

"Hi" she sleepily said back. "Where are you taking me?"

"I was just gonna bring you to the bed." Michael started to walk towards the bed.

Fiona looked towards her chair. "I wanna stay in the chair." As Michael started to put her back down into the chair, she asked to him, "Will you sit with me?"

Michael sat in the chair with Fiona on his lap leaning into his chest. They sat looking at the tree for a while. Michael had his hands resting on her stomach and her hands resting on his. Michael broke the silence.

"Fi what really made you want to decorate like this? You never cared if there was a tree or a ten-foot Santa outside." He turned his head so he could see her face.

She looked up at him and smiled. "I thought it would be nice to have things decorated. Think of it as practice for the years to come."

"Practice? Why would I need to practice this? Is this going to be a yearly occurrence for now on? Besides I'm not too sure how much Oleg is gonna like the outside of his club being decorated."

"You never know Michael, Oleg may not mind or we may not be here next year. I was thinking I think we need more space."

"More space? For what? We have plenty of room." Michael questioned.

"I'm thinking we'll need space for the baby."

"The baby? You mean Charlie? How often does he actually come over here anyway?"

Fiona turned so she was straddling Michael's waist. Her hands on either side of his face. "Not Charlie Michael, our baby." She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Our baby? Fi are you telling me your having a baby?" Michael had one hand on her stomach and one on her waist.

Fiona shook her head no. "No Michael I am not having a baby we are."

Michael smiled at her and he pulled her in for a long kiss.

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