My planning of this story has been horrible. I was hoping to have the chapter that Fi has the baby out around July 11. That did not happen. Real life got in the way. I do apologize for that. On with the story. I still DO NOT OWN any part of the wonderful Burn Notice world.

By the end of April Fiona was about the size of a basketball. She was 31 weeks pregnant. Her back was killing her and her moods were all over the place. She spent a lot of time lying in bed. One afternoon Michael was sitting in the bed with her working on his laptop while she napped.

Michael closed the laptop and turned towards Fiona. He gently shook her arm knowing she should be waking up soon anyway, "Hey Fi its time to wake up." he whispered and quickly moved away.

"Go away Michael, I'm sleeping." she sleepily said in response and kept her eyes closed.

Michael leaned closer to her again and moved the hair that was covering her face. She smiled a little. "Fi, you have been sleeping for three and a half hours don't you think its time to get up?" Michael gently lay down on his side facing her.

"No Michael, I don't. I am tired and my back hurts. I do not see any harm in me sleeping the day away." Fiona rolled onto her side so her back was to Michael.

Michael started to sit up, "Ok you sleep your day a way." Michael got out of bed and started to walk towards the door.

Fiona rolled back onto her back, "Where are you going? I thought you wanted to spend the day together?"

"I do want to spend the day with you, but I can only lay in bed for so long Fi." Michael moved back to the bed and sat down.

"I'm sorry Michael I just don't have any energy to do anything." Fiona thought for a second. "I do know something you can do for me though that might help." Fiona smiled at Michael.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Michael asked.

"Would you rub my back, please?" Fiona tried to roll onto her stomach but couldn't. She got frustrated and stayed on her side.

Michael thought for a minute. "I have an idea Fi, you would get to sleep and be able to lay on your stomach, not to mention get you out of the house."

Fiona looked at Michael with doubt, "Oh yeah and how is that Michael?"

"Easy Fi, lets go to the beach. You'll get out of the house we can make a whole in the sand for your belly and you can finally lie on your stomach. Plus we would be together." Michael stood up.

"Fiona slowly sat up. "Michael you hate the beach, why would you want to go?"

Michael walked to her side of the bed and sat next to Fiona, "Fi you haven't left the house in days, I barely left the house in days. We could both use the time outside in the fresh air. I can massage your back there." Michael saw she wasn't moving. "C'mon you know you want to."

Fiona smiled at Michael and took hold of his hand to bring up to her lips to kiss his fingers. "Your right, I would like to get out of here and knowing that you will give me a massage there makes me really want to go. You pack a beach bag and I'll find something to wear."

"You got it Fi." Michael leaned in for a quick kiss and got up to pack the bag. Michael shouted from the closet, "Why don't I call Sam, Ma and Jesse and see if they wanna go too?"

Fiona thought for a moment, she knew that they were slightly avoiding her because of her moods, "I don't know Michael do you thing they would want to be around me?"

Michael stepped out of the closet and in front of Fiona putting his hands on her waist, "I know they seem to be avoiding you," Fiona was going to interrupt, but Michael quickly kept speaking. "But they still love you, Even Sam; they are not avoiding you they just don't want to upset you in any way." Michael gave his biggest smile.

"You're so full of shit Michael; I know when people are avoiding me. Sam is definitely avoiding me. Your mother is trying not to avoid me and well Jesse doesn't know what to do." Fiona backed away from Michael and sat on the edge of the bed.

"So should I not invite them?" Michael asked not really sure what he should do.

"Invite them, but I'm telling you they are not gonna wanna come."

Michael left the room to make the phone calls; he came back into the room about fifteen minutes later to find Fiona sleeping again. He shook his head in disbelief and moved over to her side of the bed and sat down. He gently touched her arm and shook it a little. "Fi, wakey wakey." Michael sing songed as he smiled, Fiona looked up at him sleepily.

"Wakey wakey? Really Michael?" Fiona sat up and rubbed her eyes. So what did everyone say?

"Ma and Sam will meet us there and Jesse said he would meet us there after work." Michael paused to gauge her reaction, she was surprised. "So let's go. I have the beach bag and cooler ready to go. I just need you in the car and we are good to go." Michael stood up and took Fiona's hands to help her up.

Fiona got up with little trouble and made her way out to the car. Just as they were about to pull away "Wait Michael I have to go back inside." Fiona got out of the car and hurried into the house. Michael followed her inside to make sure she was ok. She ran straight to the bathroom, a minute or so later she came out. "Sorry had to pee." Michael laughed and they went back out to the car and actually made it to the beach.

Once out of the car Michael called Sam to see where he was. Turns out Sam and Maddie were already there with a little camp set up. They knew Fiona shouldn't really be in the sun for too long because she would get to hot. So they had a tent set up for her and whoever else needed a break from the sun. Sam told Michael what color tent to look for and an approximate location. Michael and Fiona found them in no time. After all hellos were exchanged Fiona started to make herself comfortable. Michael set up there things and found something to dig with. Michael was digging a little hole next to where Fiona was sitting.

Sam was watching Michael with a confused look on his face, "Hey Mikey, whatcha doin over there?"

Michael stopped digging and looked directly at Sam to say, "I'm digging a hole Sam." then went back to digging.

"Thank you Captain Obvious. Why are you digging a hole?" Sam asked walking closer to Michael.

Michael looked at Fiona then to the hole, he decided it was the right size. He then looked at Sam. "I am digging a whole so Fiona can lie on her stomach and be comfortable, she can't exactly lay on the baby now can she? With the hole there it in theory should be comfortable."

Sam looked at Michael with a new respect, "That's a good idea Mikey. How did you think of that?"

"It just makes sense, that and I heard a couple of people talk about it at our last doctor visit while in the waiting room." Michael was looking at Sam then turned his head to Fiona, "Ok Fi you wanna try it out?"

Fiona got up from her chair and slowly made her way down to the whole that Michael made for her. Fiona eyes the whole and looked at Michael, "You really think that I'm going to fit in there?"

"I can always make it bigger Fi, just try it." Michael helped Fiona to get down to the whole.

Once Fiona was settled down, "Wow I can't believe it, I'm actually comfortable. I'd kiss you but I don't feel like moving."

Michael handed Fiona a little pillow so her head would not be in the sand. Then he proceeded to put sunscreen on her back since the bathing suit she was wearing didn't cover most of her back. Madeline watched the way her son was interacting with his girlfriend and she smiled. She knew that Michael loved Fiona but she never saw him fuss over her like this before. She continued to watch her son interact with his girlfriend until Michael settled down in the chair that Fiona was sitting in. He noticed his mother watching him, "You ok Ma?"

Madeline shook herself out of her little daze, "I'm fine Honey, just happy to be with my family."

They all sat/laid on the beach talking amongst themselves for about an hour. Michael started getting antsy. He went to stand up, as he was getting up Fiona looked up at him, "Where are you going Michael?" Fiona tried to sit up but was stuck.

Michael kneeled next to Fiona, "I was gonna go for a swim, you wanna come with me? They say swimming is good for pregnant women."

"Oh really, and who says that?" Fiona asked.

Michael reached for his phone and brought up the Google page he had been reading, "Here read for yourself," Michael waited while Fiona read page Michael had brought up for her. "Do you really think I would bring you to the beach knowing that you couldn't go in the water?" Fiona put Michael's phone back into the bag and held out her hand for him to help her up.

Once Fiona was out of her little whole and standing she leaned into Michael and whispered, "When we get out of the water I want that massage." Then started to walk towards the ocean.

Sam noticed Fiona and Michael walking towards the ocean, "Hey is this private swim time or can I come too?"

Fiona looked back at Sam, "What do you think we are going to be doing Sam?"

"Hey with you two you never know." Sam replied back.

"Don't be disgusting Sam, if you wanna come with us then come with us. I'll just be floating around using Michael as a float." Fiona smiled at Michael when she stopped talking.

Michael just looked at Fiona for a moment before he spoke. He had to be sure to choose his words carefully. "Fi are you really just going to use me as a float?" he quickly added, "I don't mind of course but I was hoping to actually swim a little."

"You can swim Michael. Think of it as a total upper body work out because I'll be on your back. I'll kick my legs for you to help you out." Fiona kept walking while Michael practically stopped. "Michael are you coming?" Fiona was standing so the water was just touching her feet.

Sam caught up to Michael who started to move towards the water again. "Hey Mikey you ok?"

"Yeah, apparently I'm a human float for Fiona." Michael and Sam were almost at the water line with Fiona.

"Just think of it as a really good workout," Michael glared at Sam, "Hey you're the one who knocked her up and said you would always be there for her." Sam ran past Fiona and dove into the water.

Michael stood next to Fiona and watched Sam for a minute; Fiona took the first step into the water, and then slowly made it in up to her waist. "Michael you coming?"

Fiona didn't realize that Michael had disappeared, she looked back towards where Madeline was sitting to see if he went back for something but he wasn't there. She looked up and down the beach which was kind of empty since it was only the end of April. She still couldn't see him. Sam was making his way towards Fiona when she called out to him. "Sam you see Michael anywhere? I came in the water and turned around and he was gone." Now both Fiona and Sam were looking for Michael. Madeline saw from her spot that Fiona and Sam were looking around for something. She got up and walked to the shoreline.

Madeline called out, "What are you two looking for?"

Fiona called back, "We can't find Michael, He was just here and now he's gone. Did you see him go anywhere?"

Now the three of them were looking for him. Just as Sam and Fiona were about to leave the water and search for him Sam felt his legs be pulled from under him and he fell face first into the water. Michael popped out of the water a moment later. Sam got his footing back and stood up in the water and turned to see Michael standing there smiling.

Fiona pushed Michael away and he almost lost his footing. "Dammit Michael, don't do that. Where were you? We were looking for at least four minutes." Michael tried to put his arms around Fiona but she backed away from him.

"Oh c'mon you guys are always telling me to loosen up and have a good time. I saw the opportunity and I took it. To be honest I didn't think I'd be able to hold my breath that long."

"Damn Mikey you held your breath that whole time? Guess you still got it." Sam wasn't mad about the whole thing he was impressed which Michael picked up on.

Michael went to make another move towards Fiona but she turned her back to him still mad. "Michael that wasn't funny, one second you were standing behind me the next second you were gone." Michael slowly put his hands on Fiona's shoulders and when she didn't turn and drown him he turned her so she was facing him. Fiona would not look at him though she looked everywhere but at his face.

Michael could tell Fiona was really mad, "Fi I'm sorry I didn't mean to worry you, it was just a joke," Michael looked to Sam, "Sam you knew it was just a joke right?"

"Honestly Mike at first I didn't know what to think, you were just gone."

"Ok maybe I did take it too far, I'm sorry guys." Michael looked to his mom who was still standing at the shoreline, and called out, "Sorry Ma it was just a joke."

"That wasn't funny Michael and where the hell did you learn to hold your breath for so long?" Madeline didn't even want to hear the answer she just walked back to her beach chair and picked up her book again.

Michael looked back to Fiona to see if she would look at him yet and she still wouldn't. "Fi, are you really mad or are you just plotting a way to get back at me for scaring you?"

Fiona smiled and evil smile and before Michael could move away she kicked his legs out from under him and held him under the water. Sam just ignored them and went back to swimming. Michael struggled to get his head above water; he was still tired from holding his breath for so long only minutes ago. Fiona held him under for three minutes then let him go. Michael quickly stood up and took a deep breath then lost his balance and fell back under. He got back up and took a few steps towards the beach and sat in the shallow water letting the waves go over him. Fiona sat next to him.

"You ok Michael?" she asked as she put her arm through his.

Michael took a second before he answered, "Yeah I'm ok Fi. Are we even now?"

"Maybe, I'll let you know." Fiona went to get up, but Michael stopped her as she was getting up and pulled her into his lap. "Michael what are you doing the waves are starting to pick up and sitting here isn't the best thing to do." As she finished a wave came along and pushed them up on the shore a little more but Michael still held on to Fiona.

Fiona adjusted herself so she was more comfortable in Michael's lap, "Is that better?" Michael had his arms wrapped around her middle and his hands rested on her stomach.

Sam was making his way back in tired from swimming, he stopped at Michael and Fiona and just shook his head and kept walking. Michael just smiled and kissed Fiona's temple.

Fiona looked at Michael, "Did you still want to go for that swim?"

Michael thought for a moment, he was wondering if Fiona would swim with him or just use him as a float. He finally answered, "Yeah maybe a quick one, you want to swim with me?"

Fiona knew Michael was hoping she wasn't going to use him as a float it was all over his face. "Yeah if you're just going for a quick swim, I could use the exercise. If I get too tired or something I'm sure you'll help me back."

Michael smiled and helped Fiona off his lap. "Of course I'd help you."

Michael and Fiona went for their swim while Maddie and Sam sat on the beach. Jesse showed up about an hour later in swim trunks. "Where's Mike and Fi?"

"They are out playing in the water," Sam answered. "I'm sure by now Fiona is using Michael like a float cause she got tired.

Jesse laughed, "Well I'm gonna hit the water, you guys staying here?" Jesse asked as he started making his way towards the water. Madeline and Sam just nodded. Jesse started to run towards the water. He saw Michael and Fiona swimming around. He made his way over to them.

Michael saw Jesse first and stopped swimming and started to wade in a little, Fiona followed him, "Hey Jess when did you get here?" Michael asked.

"Couple of minutes ago, Figured let me get right in the water before you guys decide you are beached out."

Michael and Fiona looked at each other, "To be honest we were just getting ready to get out of the water, we've been swimming for over an hour now." Fiona said.

"Don't stay in the water on my account," Jesse looked at Fiona's hands that were wrapped around Michael's shoulders. "Fi you're startin to look like a prune maybe you should get out."

"I am getting pretty tired and I can tell Michael is too even though he would never admit it. He's starting to slow down." Fiona whispered the last part.

"I heard that Fi. I was slowing down so you could keep up." Michael responded right back.

"Uh huh sure you were, how bout we just go back to Sam and Maddie and rest for a while. I'll let you rest a few minutes then you can give me a massage."

"You got it Fi. We'll see you later Jesse." Michael started to swim in and notice Fiona was still holding onto him. "Fi, you gonna let go?"

Fiona kept her arms around his neck and shoulders. "No I'm pretty tired it's not that far. You can make it."

Michael just shook his head and swam in with Fiona on his back. When they got back to their spot on the beach Michael handed Fiona a towel before taking one for himself. Before Michael could wrap the towel around his shoulders he noticed his mom looking at him. "Ma you ok?"

Madeline walked over to Michael, "I'm fine, but I'm guessing you forgot to put on sunscreen."

Michael looked at his arms and chest and saw they were bright red. "Damn I knew I was forgetting something, how bad is my back?" He turned so Fiona could see his back.

Fiona looked at his back and made a face, "Oh it's not bad." Since she was standing behind Michael he couldn't see her. She mouthed to Madeline, "It's really bad."

"Fi you're a horrible liar, now really how bad is it?" Michael looked to Sam then turned so he could see his back.

Sam made the same face Fiona did, "Damn brother you may wanna make sure you stop at the store for some aloe before you go home."

"Great" Michael mumbled. As Michael was drying himself off he was trying to be gentle. Fiona saw him being so gentle and took the towel from him.

"Michael don't be such a baby, the damage it done now suck it up." Fiona died off his back being gentle but not too gentle. Then she went to the beach bag and pulled out the sunscreen and tossed it to Michael. "Can you put some more on me please?"

Michael tossed the bottle back to her, "Do the spots you can reach and I'll do your back when you're done."

Fiona couldn't believe that he was telling her to do it herself, she questioned him. "Michael, you ok?"

"Michael sat in one of the beach chairs next to Fiona, "I'm fine Fi you said I could rest before I gave you a massage so that is what I'd like to do." There was no anger in his voice just tiredness.

Fiona decided to sit on his lap while she put the sunscreen on; Michael just sat back and closed his eyes for a few minutes until he felt Fiona turn to look at him. He then felt her hands going over his stomach and chest. He opened one eye to see what she was doing. "Whatcha doin Fi?" Michael asked as she was rubbing her hands on his arms now.

"I know you're already burned but I don't want it to get worse so I am putting sun screen on you." Fiona stood up. "Now get up so I can do your back, unless you want your mother or Sam to do it for you." Michael got right up the idea of Sam or his Mom putting sunscreen on him creeped him out. As she was putting the lotion on his back she said, "Sam was right we are definitely going to stop at the store for aloe this is going to hurt later." Fiona finished with his back and handed the bottle to Michael. "Ok my turn." Fiona turned so her back was to him.

"Fi you may want to lie down, get comfortable." Fiona did as she was told, she laid down putting her belly back in the whole Michael had made earlier and the little pillow was still there for her to lay her head on. When she was in a good spot Michael asked, "Isn't that better? Its gotta be more comfortable at least." Fiona nodded yes. Michael put the sunscreen on first then proceeded to gave her the back massage she had been waiting for all day. Fiona was asleep with in minutes but Michael kept going know she could wake up if he stopped. When he finished he noticed that everyone was quiet so he looked around to see his Mother and Sam passed out in their chairs. Jesse was just making his way out of the water. When Jesse got to the tent he noticed everyone but Michael was asleep.

"I guess its naptime?" Jesse asked as Michael was sitting back down in his chair next to Fiona.

"Yeah guess so, I know Fi was tired and I guess Sam and Ma were too." Michael checked his watch for the time, it was almost six. "I say we give them an hour then wake them up to go for dinner."

The word dinner got Jesse's attention, "Dinner are we doing dinner together? Or going our separate ways?"

Michael thought for a moment, "Why don't we have a barbeque either at Ma's or at me and Fi's."

The mere mention of food woke Sam up, "Hey did I hear BBQ?"

Jesse and Michael laughed when they heard Sam ask, "Yeah what do you think?" Michael asked.

"Sounds good to me brother I'm starving. Why don't we just pack up and go now?" Sam stood up and started packing things up.

Michael looked to Fiona, "Hey Sam, hold up. Fi just fell asleep a little bit ago I'd rather not wake her yet. Let's give her an hour."

Sam thought about it a minute, he thought about her moods lately and he didn't want to be responsible for having Fiona cranky later. "Yeah, your right Mikey, let her sleep. How's about we start packing up and your Ma and I will go get the food and whatever else we need. I'm sure you and Jesse could take the tent down and grab what ever we leave behind."

"Good idea Sam. We will meet you later; just let us know if we are going to Ma's or my house."

"Why don't we do it at your house, newer grill and the place doesn't smell of smoke."

"Good thinking Sam." Michael was used to the smell at his mother's house but he knew Fiona shouldn't be there.

Madeline started to wake up as she heard things being packed up. "Hey are we leaving?" Maddie looked at her watch, "Wow I didn't realize it was so late."

Jesse was sitting next to Maddie, "Yeah you and Sam are gonna go get some stuff for a BBQ then go to Mike and Fi's to get things set up. Me, Mike and Fi will meet you guys in a little bit. Mike would rather Fi sleep a little now so she isn't… tired later."

"Ah good idea, she does tend to get a little cranky when she's tired." Maddie got up and collected her things. "You ready to go Sam?"

Sam finished taking down one of the little umbrellas that was blocking the sun away from him, "Yep all set Maddie."

Madeline and Sam left leaving Michael and Jesse sitting watching the ocean while Fiona slept. Jesse looked at Michael and noticed that he was really red. "Damn Mike didn't anybody tell you to put sun block on?"

Michael looked down at his chest and since the sun was starting to go down he was able to see how red he was, "Yeah no one reminded me before I went in the water. I'll be stopping somewhere for aloe or something later."

Around seven Sam sent Michael a text saying they were at the house and ready for them to come home. "Ok time to wake Fi." Michael leaned to his right to where Fiona was asleep and gently shook her shoulder. She twitched and Michael moved away for a moment before doing it again a little harder this time, "Fi it's after seven time to get up. Sam and Ma are at our house getting a BBQ ready."

At the mention of food Fiona's head lifted up. She started to roll over but couldn't make it so she just laid back down, "Michael I can't get up." Fiona whined.

Michael chuckled a little but stopped quickly when Fiona gave him a death glare and he got out of his chair and helped her up. Once she was on her feet she gave Michael a little slap in the face. "That's for laughing at me." Jesse saw Fiona slap Michael and he laughed a little, Fiona turned to look at Jesse and Jesse immediately stopped laughing, coughed a little and continued to pack up what was left. Michael and Jesse took down the tent and had everything packed up by the time Fiona got the last of the beach bags and towels together. Michael took the cooler and the tent while Jesse struggled with the bags and towels. Fiona had nothing in her hands.

"You guys know I can carry something right? Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't do anything." Fiona said walking towards Jesse to take at least one of the bags.

"I got it Fi, really. "Jesse said to her.

"Jesse just give me a bag, really I can take a bag." Fiona looked to Michael as did Jesse. When Fiona turned to look at Jesse Michael nodded his head yes to Jesse. Jesse gave Fiona one of the lighter bags. "Thank you."

They all made there way to the parking lot and got into their cars. As Michael sat in the drivers seat he felt the sunburn and winced, "Hey Fi can you call Jesse and tell him we have to go tot the store and get some aloe for my… well everything."

Fiona made the call and they were on their way. Fiona fell asleep again in the car so when they got to the store Michael just ran in and got what he needed. He was able to get out of the store and back to the car before Fiona even knew he was gone. She didn't wake up until the garage door opened and the lighting changed as Michael pulled into the garage. Fiona yawned and stretched as Michael parked the car. As they both got out of the car Michael was watching Fiona. He knew it was normal for pregnant women to sleep a lot or at least he thought it was normal. But Fiona only wanted to sleep.

Michael opened the door to the main part of the house letting Fiona go in before him, "Hey Fi I think tomorrow when we go to the doctor one of us should ask about how tired you have been." He paused and waited for Fiona's reaction. "I'm a lil worried all you seem to want to do is sleep. That just doesn't seem like you. Before you tell me your pregnant believe me I know. I just think its something we should ask about."

Fiona just nodded her head and kept walking. Michael knew when she was like this to just let her do her own thing. She most likely knew that it was normal for her to be so tired and he was just worrying over nothing.

Michael and Fiona joined Sam, Jesse and Madeline out in the back yard Sam was standing over the BBQ making sure the food didn't burn. Fiona sat right down in the lounger after saying hello to Madeline. Michael grabbed Fiona a bottle of water and then sat down next to her. Everyone made conversation, and they had a nice dinner. By the time everyone left it was after ten. Fiona was falling asleep where she was sitting, which was on the lounger leaning against Michael. Sam was the last to leave and Michael debated just picking her up and carrying her to bed. Unfortunately he couldn't get into a good position to pick her up. Michael gently woke her and she started to get up.

"If you want just move a little so I can get up and I'll carry you up to bed." Michael offered.

"Don't be silly Michael I can walk up the stairs, besides someone has to clean up the mess." Fiona looked around and saw that everything was already cleaned up. "Michael who cleaned everything up?"

"Sam, Ma and Jesse all cleaned up. They figured you were sleeping on me and that you needed to rest so they just cleaned up." After Fiona stood up Michael got up and they went inside. Michael locked the patio door and proceeded to lock up the rest of the house while Fiona went upstairs. When Michael got upstairs he heard the shower running. He decided to lie on the bed for a few minutes while Fiona was in the shower. Before he made it to the bed he took his shirt off. With the sunburn it just felt too hot. Since his back felt like it was burnt worse then his chest he laid on his stomach until he heard the bathroom door open. He sat up when he heard Fiona walk into the room.

Fiona took one look at Michaels red chest and stomach and laughed a little. "Michael you look like a lobster, does it hurt?" Fiona walked towards him and started to poke at his chest. Michael kept backing away from her.

"Fi c'mon that hurts." He might have been convincing if he wasn't smiling as he was saying it. Michael stopped backing away and Fiona held both of her hands against his chest. She was able to smell the salt water that was soaked in his skin from the beach.

"Michael you need a shower, plus you might feel better after. If I am still awake when you get out I'll help you put the aloe on." Fiona said as she pushed him towards the bathroom. As Michael gathered his clothes for his shower Fiona went over to the bed and lay on top of the duvet.

Michael knew the shower wasn't going to be pleasant but it was something he definitely needed. The second the water hit him he jumped but he stayed under the water knowing that in the long run it would help. After his shower he went back into the bedroom only wearing his boxers, Fiona was half asleep on the bed. Michael climbed on the bed trying not to disturb her. He grabbed the aloe that he had bought earlier and started to put it on his legs, arms, stomach and chest. He sat up in the bed and was trying to put the aloe on his back when he heard Fiona giggle next to him. "You are awake. Instead of laughing at me could you help me put this on?"

"Of course Michael all you had to do was ask." Fiona started to put the aloe on his back and it was soaking right into his skin faster then she could put it on. "Michael lay on your stomach so I can get a good coating of this on you."

Michael did as he was told. Fiona squeezed the bottle so the aloe came out; as soon as it touched his skin he jumped. "Damn that's cold." Fiona ignored his minor complaint and kept rubbing in the aloe. Turned out she ended up giving him a massage that he fell asleep during. After Fiona was sure he had enough aloe on she turned out the light and went to sleep herself.

The following morning as Michael and Fiona were eating breakfast Michael was starring at Fiona. At first Fiona was just going to ignore it but after a few minutes she had to know why he was starring. "Michael why are you starring at me like that?"

"Like what Fi?" Michael responded and broke his stare by looking down at his yogurt cup.

"Michael you have been starring at me for the last five minutes, I wanna know why." Fiona started to get up but Michael put his hand on her arm.

"Fi do you realize that just seven and a half months ago it was just you and me and we were living in the loft. Now look at us technically it is still just me and you but that won't be for too much longer." Michael pulled on her arm a little until she got up and sat in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her with his hands resting on her baby belly. "We live in a real house and having a baby soon. I guess I just realized that I am happy and it's all because of you Fi." He kissed her temple.

Fiona didn't know what to say, "Michael, I know you never had a happy home life growing up. I know that you are afraid of turning into your father, but you are nothing like him." Michael tried to look away from her but she grabbed his face and made him look at her. "Michael look at me, you are not your father. You would never hit our child just because you could. Besides if you ever did it would be the last thing you ever did. I promise you that. Now we need to get ready to go to the doctor then maybe we can get a few more things for the baby's room." Fiona went to get off Michael's lap but he stopped her.

"Thank you Fi. I know I am not my father and that you would kick my ass if I ever hurt our child, but what I wanna know is what brought that on? All I said was that I was happy."

"Michael I know you well enough to know what you're thinking you just had a concerned look on your face." Fiona stood up and pulled Michael out of his chair. Nothing more was said and they went and got ready for the doctor visit.

Once they were waiting in the waiting room of the doctor's office Michael turned to Fiona and asked, "Hey Fi, have you thought about names at all?"

Fiona thought about her answer for a moment, "Honestly Michael not really, I just figured once the baby comes we will look at him or her and the name will just come to us. Why have you thought about names?"

Michael thought about her answer a moment, "I guess that's one way of going. But what happens if a name doesn't come or we each come up with a different name? Maybe we should start thinking a little about names."

Fiona looked at Michael's face, "You already have some names picked out don't you?"

Michael looked guilty, "Well maybe I've thought about it but I really can't come up with anything. I never thought it would be difficult to name something. When I was a kid I had a fish he was easy to name. Killer. Not because the fish was violent but because that's just the way I thought back then. But naming our baby is harder. He or she will have to live with the name for their whole life."

Fiona stopped Michael from saying any more, "Ok Michael maybe your right. Maybe we should think about names."

The nurse called Wendy and Michael back to the examining room. Fiona was changing into a gown as Michael was once again looking at the same posters that he had always looked at while in the examining room. When Fiona was done changing Michael sat next to her on the examination table. Fiona appeared to be deep in thought, and Michael noticed it. "Whatcha thinking about?"

Fiona broke her stare and looked at Michael, "Well now that you've mentioned names for the baby its what I'm thinking about. How are we going to pick a name? We don't even know if it's a boy or girl."

Michael took Fiona's hand in his, "Do you want to find out if the baby is a boy or girl?"

Fiona looked into Michael's eyes, "I always wanted to be surprised, you know. But maybe we should find out so we can plan better."

Michael was able to tell by her voice that she still didn't want to know. "Fi you really don't wanna know, I can tell. We will just pick out names for boys and girls."

"I guess we could do that, I really would like to be surprised when the baby is born."

Michael leaned in and kissed Fiona, "I know Fi."

With that Dr. Damon walked into the room hello's were exchanged and the exam went underway. The doctor started the ultrasound and asked once again if they wanted to know the sex of the baby and in unison they both said no. So the doctor adjusted the image so you couldn't tell then turned the monitor so they could see. He froze the image and made a print of what was on the screen.

"Everything looks great the baby is about seventeen inches long and the development looks to be right on schedule. Do you have and questions or concerns today?"

Michael and Fiona looked at each other and Michael spoke first. "I know Wendy isn't concerned about this but I am, she has been sleeping a lot lately. Is that normal?"

"Yes that is normal, imagine if you will Michael having something growing inside of you that is moving and living off of you." Michael cringed at the thought. "You would sleep a lot too. Anything else?"

Fiona spoke up after a moment, "I've noticed in the last week or so that the baby isn't moving around as much. Are you sure everything is ok?"

"Everything is fine, it is normal at this stage for him or her to slow down a little, space is getting a little cramped in there. You will start gaining about a pound a week in which about half will go right to the baby as he or she fattens up in preparation to come into the world. It's only about another eight weeks to go. Now is when you will grow fast because the baby is growing fast. Do you have any other concerns or questions?"

Michael and Fiona thought for a moment before they both shook their heads no. Dr. Damon said his goodbyes and left the room. Fiona changed back into her clothes and they left. As they made there way out to the car they discussed where they would go shopping and decided Babies R Us would be a good place. The rest of their day was spent looking at baby clothes and furniture while discussing names and other decisions that needed to be made.

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