It started out like any other meeting. America spouted completely idiotic ideas, Britain and France were attempting to kill each other after a few snide remarks, China was mumbling about the immaturity of western nations to a smiling Russia and expressionless Japan, Germany was attempting to get everyone back on track and Italy just sat there looking clueless. It would have been a normal day but then the bosses of the nations present walked in accompanied by eight children.

Normally the bosses of nations discussed things in a different room in order to avoid any physical injury but that was to be expected. Putting England and France in a room together was asking for trouble. Putting America and Russia in a room together was asking for all out warfare. The nations were instantly silent as they stared at the eight little figures. They were dressed in the usual flowing white nightgowns of a new nation or major city. America was the first to get his mouth in working order.

"Hey Boss, who're the runts?" His mouth was working but his brain, it seemed, was still in need of repairs. The leaders of each country walked up to their nation and deposited a child, proclaiming that the child was the nation's capital. Then, with a lot of angry mumbling, they marched out slamming the door behind them. The nations winced at the sounds of their obviously furious leaders. Negotiations were obviously not going well. France went into a brief panic when it looked like the child in front of him might cry and hurriedly sang a rather pathetic sounding lullaby that he made up on the spot. The nations were otherwise silent as they studied the shy children before them. The little girl in front of France slowly began to clap along with the song he was still singing. France laughed and twirled the girl around in his arms. Britain stared at the boy who seemed to be working up the courage to say something. Finally the timid words came forth.

"Um, excuse me sir but…do you think…when we get to where ever we're going to be staying…that we might have some…tea and scones?" England's expression softened into a gentle smile and he nodded, placing a hand on the boy's head. China and the boy before him stared at each other before the boy noticed the panda at China's feet. His eyes lit up as China brought it to sit on his lap, beaming proudly.

"Panda aru!" Japan and the girl before him simply took each other in before the girl stood and bowed to show her respect.

"An honor to meet you Japan-san." Japan nodded and gave her a small smile. Russia beamed at the boy sitting before him. He hummed and took a long drink from his vodka bottle before looking at the child again. The boy had yet to say anything and Russia wondered briefly if he was mute.

"Do you know who I am, малютка(Little One)?" Russia took another swing of vodka as the child nodded once.

"You are Russia, the strongest bestest country in the world da." Russia's smile widened and he opened his arms to welcome the child into an embrace, which the boy happily accepted. Germany wasn't sure what to make of the boy. He didn't really know how to take care of children and if was anything like the children that Germany normally saw then the he had even less of an idea. The girl before the Italian beside him looked at Italy and smiled.

"Pasta!" Italy gasped happily, thrilled to have another pasta lover around. The boy before Germany scowled at the girl, instantly gaining her attention.

"Not yet. You've just eaten and it's not time for the next meal." Germany gave a sigh of relief. This he could handle. Unfortunately there were now two upset Italians to deal with. America's loud and obnoxious voice shattered whatever calm might have settled over the room.

"Don't worry guys. I'll help all of you to raise your kids to be awesome cause I'm the Hero and" America was cut off by a smaller voice.

"That's what hero's do!" The girl before America was standing with her hands on her hips, striking a pose similar to America's. The surrounding countries groaned. Great. That's all the world needed, another America.