Gah, I'm sorry this is so short. Slowly I'm getting back into the grove of writing for this story because…well, I honestly didn't think anyone was reading it anymore. Anyway hope you enjoy the chapter and I'll see you all next update ;)

Amanda held her head high with determined eyes, even as she continuously worried her bottom lip with her teeth. When she'd woken up, it was to the sight of a pitch black room. From what she could tell, she was sitting on a rickety old chair with her hands tied behind her and back to back with Carla, Madeline, and Asuka. Her nose, where she'd taken the brunt of the blow from the bat, throbbed with every heartbeat and, every so often, she felt another drop of blood drip onto her jeans. She could hear Carla and Madeline openly crying and the occasional sniffle coming from Asuka. She was slightly glad that it was so dark because heroes don't cry. She had to be strong for these three even as the warm, salty wetness soaked the collar of her shirt.

Vladimir whined slightly in the back of his throat and shifted for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last minute. His knees hurt and his legs were going numb from kneeling for so long. His arms were stretched to their limit and tied above his head. He would have stood if not for the rope tied around his neck that anchored him to the floor. It only let him rise to a crouch which also choked him. Off to his right, he could hear Lukas mumbling steadily under his breath. To his left was Bao talking soothingly to a frazzled Oliver about, from the snippets Vladimir could gather, tea. He wanted to roll his eyes at them but of course they wouldn't see it. Tea, of all the things to be talking about when kidnapped by someone who clearly wanted a bit more than ransom material, was by far the stupidest. He shivered as a cold draft swept through the room. His clothes were soaked from the rain and were clinging to his small frame. He groaned and lent his head on his arm. His head was pounding and he suddenly felt too warm.

Alfred had never had so many nations in his house before. He could bet that he had half of the globe crowded into his living room. While he knew that they were only there to gather the locations that they were to search, his head had started to throb painfully. Since the security camera only showed the van crossing the border out of D.C. the many families present had agreed to split up and cover the entire country. Ludwig's booming voice cut through everything else as it always had.

"Alright is there anyone who does not know where they're going?" Silence answered him. "Well then, you have each been given the number to the home base here. Should you find anything, notify the base first. Dismissed!" The nations scattered to the wind, each hurrying in different directions to form a web that would, hopefully, ensnare their prey.