Okay so here's the sequel.



Chapter 1 – Keeping Her Alive

Indigo eyes slowly fluttered open. She just wanted ten more minutes to relax. Ten more minutes of sleep. Ten more minutes of complete quiet. She already knew that wasn't going to happen. She could already hear her tiny terrorist in his bedroom. He was always so good about staying in his room when he woke up earlier than her in the mornings. He had a TV, a DVD player and an unlimited amount of Disney DVD's. He would get up dress himself and sit in the middle of his bed and watch which ever movie was his favorite for the week. Currently 'A Bugs Life' was on repeat.

Olivia slowly pulled herself from bed as she stretched. She'd showered the night before so she went over and dug through her closet. Pulling off the shorts and t-shirt she normal wore to bed as she slipped into her jeans and then got her bra on and her form fitted blue t-shirt. She pulled her long waist length hair up in a ponytail. She made sure her bed was straightened up.

She walked out of her bedroom and down the hallway slightly to the bedroom across the hall from hers as she knocked on the door and opened it slightly.

"Mommy!" The familiar voice of her son squealed. As he smile laughter dance in his onyx eyes; those onyx eyes that reminded her so much of his father.

Olivia watched as her tiny terrorist jumped off his racecar bed and bounced over and into her arms as she scooped him up and he wrapped his legs around her waist and she peppered his beautiful face with kisses. "Are you ready to go over to Aunt Emily's?" She smiled softly as she watched him nod enthusiastically. "Okay socks, shoes and jacket. Then we'll be ready to go." She bent over and placed him on his feet as she turned and left the room.

She jogged downstairs as she got her own sneakers on, and then pulled on her zip up hoodie. About that time she could hear her son's small feet as they bounded down the stairs and up to her side. He already had his little blue backpack on and a smile. "C'mon kiddo I don't want to be late for work." As he took her hand and they walked out of the house she was sure to lock up behind them. After strapping him into his car seat and securing herself in front she looked in the rear view mirror and watched as he gave her thumbs up.

Olivia pulled out onto the road as she headed towards Sam and Emily's. She couldn't believe how much had changed in four years. She still had the same dull ache in her chest that had been there when Paul left four years ago. And though she feared he was dead, she secretly hoped he would come back to La Push someday. She desperately wanted him to see him son and wanted her son to know his father. There wasn't a day that went by that she didn't at least think of Paul once or miss him.

The guilt of him taking a human life in wolf form ate at him so badly that Olivia never saw or heard from him again the day he had killed Mark Nauss. It wasn't until a few weeks later when she realized she was pregnant. What kind of luck does one person have of getting pregnant the same night they lose their virginity? Apparently Olivia had that kind of luck. The pregnancy had been difficult for her. It was her senior year and everyone in the pack was trying to protect her and keep her safe and tried to help her as much as they possibly could; especially Sam and Emily.

Sam was furious with Paul for the first six months, but eventually his angry attitude dwindled down to nothing because he knew his anger was hurting Olivia. Ann she wanted was for Paul to come back and he was suddenly aware the madder he got the more Olivia took it to heart.

Olivia pulled into the driveway and saw Sam standing on the porch drinking his morning coffee. He smiled softly as he walked down the steps and opened the back passenger door and unhooked Jr. He hopped out of his car seat as he leaned forward and kissed Olivia's cheek.

"Love you mommy." His voice was the sweetest thing she'd ever heard.

She pushed his bangs out of his face and kissed his forehead. "Love you too bug. I'll see you in a few hours. Be good for Aunt Emily and Uncle Sam." She watched as he nodded and Sam winked at her as he lifted his nephew out of the Jeep Cherokee like he weighed nothing.

Sam watched as Olivia pulled out of the drive and disappeared down the road towards Forks. Sam was extremely proud of his baby sister for the way she's handled raising Jr and handling Paul's disappearance. Sam still wanted to skin him alive if he ever showed back up in La Push. He cringed at the thought that Olivia had nearly died during child birth, but was also proud of his pack for rallying around her during such a hard time.

Sam and the rest of the pack for a few days after the murder could feel the guilt radiating from Paul. His thoughts ran wild with guilt and he teetered between turning himself in to Chief Swan for the murder or leaving. In the end leaving was his choice. No one wanted to see him put in prison for murder but no one wanted to see him leave either; especially since they all knew he was protecting his imprint. But you can't exactly explain imprinting to anyone outside of the pack; they wouldn't understand and they would think you're nuts.

Sam smiled down at his nephew. He was an exact replica of Paul only in a smaller four year old version. Sam kissed the top of his head as he carried him into the house.

Emily smiled widely as she watched Sam walk through the front door. "I was wondering when Livy was going to drop him off. She's got to be at work in 40 minutes." Emily's smile got bigger when Jr's eyes turned to her. "Hi ya big guy!"

"AUNT EMILY!" Jr's high pitched voice squealed out as he attempted to jump from Sam's arms to Emily's, but Sam kept a firm grip on him so he wouldn't hurt himself.

Emily giggled. "He's almost too much for you to hold onto honey." She reached up and kissed Sam's lips and then placed feather kisses all over Jr's face.

Olivia stood behind her customer as she mixed the color in a plastic dish with the brush applicator. She'd already pulled the rubber cap down on Mrs. Bettens head and pulled the hair through the tiny holes. Mrs. Bettens changed her high light colors at least once a month. She was one of Olivia's more loyal customers. Today apparently it was time for blonde highlights in her black hair. Mrs. Bettens continued to talk about her idiot daughter and her idiot daughters retard boyfriend. Olivia started to apply the high light mixture as she smiled and laughed at all the appropriate places during the conversation even though she wanted to run a straight pin through her ears so she was deaf.

Olivia started thinking back to when she went to school to be a hair dresser. She loved cutting, perming, high lighting and coloring. She absolutely loved her job. Once she'd had Jr and graduated high school she knew she was going to need some kind of schooling if she wanted a great job. The lady who normally trimmed the dead ends off her hair told her about the beauty school in Port Angeles. Emily and Sam helped watch Jr so she could take her classes and get her education. She NEVER could've done any of it without their help.

Plus once Emily got pregnant with little Sam as he had so fondly became known as once he was born, Sam had she had decided she would be a stay at home mom plus she would also provide daycare for Olivia.

After Bianca's dye job blonde to GREEN and Jessica's blue streaks in her black hair and a couple of hair cuts on a couple of ladies and a couple of guys. Olivia had officially been at work for seven hours and was ready for some dinner and a nap. Olivia bid good night to the rest of the ladies in the hair salon that she rented her station from and took off from Forks back to La Push.

Thirty minutes later, Olivia pulled up to Emily and Sam's. She saw all the cars at the house and knew the pack and imprints were there for dinner. She walked through the front door and was immediately greeted by the squealing voice of her son who practically ran her over to get to her.

She lifted him into her arms as he wrapped his arms around her neck and nearly squeezed her head off her neck. Emily walked over giggling as she put her hand lovingly on her arm. Feel like joining us for dinner?"

Olivia smiled softly as she shook her head negatively. "Nah, I've got stuff at home ready for dinner for us. I'll see you guys all tomorrow for your hair cuts." Once a month on Saturday all the guys in the pack would gather at Emily and Sam's and get their hair cut so they wouldn't look like bushy wolves when they phased. Olivia said bye to everyone as Jr waved and they took off towards home.

Jared's brow furrowed. "How's she been doing?"

Sam shook his head. "I think the long she's away from Paul the better off she'll be but I can't honestly believe that. I think the only think keeping her alive right now is that little boy. Honestly I think every day she dies a little more without Paul."

The pack could only hope Paul would come back. His son and imprint needed him and he needed them just as much; he just didn't realize it yet.