The Life of a Seventh Grader

Chapter 4: I'm Back

Hi! Addi here. Sorry I haven't written in a while, you have a lot to catch up on. No school for two weeks! Why? Because it's WINTER VACATION! I have more good news, Eileen is back!

Now you should know that whenever there's good news, there's gotta be bad news. Rosie has moved. Since Rosie has moved away her boy friend Samuel is available to anyone. And you'd be surprised of the number of girls waiting in line for him.

You remember Anna, right? Well, Caelan and Anna have "hooked" up. Yep, they're dating. I wasn't suppose to tell anyone, but you can keep a secret right? I feel happy for them! And for myself also…. This can lead to a lot more things to write about!

OH, remember the bullies from the intro? Yeah they really changed, they're nicer to me now! So I wouldn't called them bullies anymore. The problem is, they're picking on Ber. I wish I could help, but they only listen to me when they're in a good mood. Though, it's nice not being bothered anymore.

I wonder what's going to happen next! I'll let you in on things when it get's .. "SPICY" (;