I own nothing. For the Drabble Collection Challenge. Prompts are the chapter titles.


When Lila Johnson, arguably the best looking girl at Hogwarts, flounces past Oliver with far too much skin showing, Oliver's finally convinced that he is most certainly not straight. If that does nothing for him, obviously no girl ever will.

He's not really surprised, to be honest. He may only be fourteen, but he's kissed the neighbor girl before. And her brother. Lila just settled the matter once and for all.

She flounces past again, still wearing a tank-top and a skirt that are both short enough to leave, well, not much to the imagination, and Oliver gets the vague impression that she might actually be trying to get his attention. He looks around. Nope, he's the only one out by the Black Lake today besides her.

He frowns. She's three years above him – a seventh year. Why on Earth would she be trying to catch his eye?

He shrugs and packs up his books. Too bad for her.