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This is War

Prologue: The Moment to Live.

The midwife placed the baby in Amanda's arms. She looked down at him–her child!–with wonder. Tears slid down her face as she sobbed. This almost hadn't been. She'd almost lost this blessed child. She absently heard the midwives speaking quietly, most likely about her, she knew, but she couldn't bring herself to care.

The door squeaked as Sarek walked out to the balcony. He sat beside his wife, gazing down at her and his son. Amanda could see him consciously restraining his joy. He sat beside her and touched his first two fingers to those of her's under their child. Her other hand reached up and cupped his cheek as she smiled at him. She looked back down at their son, unable to believe their miracle was finally here. The corners of his lips made the barest move up, showing his love for them both.

"Look," she said quietly, showing him their son.

"I had a thought," he said, "that we might name the child after one of Vulcan's early society-builders." He looked down into his son's face and back up at his wife. "His name was Spock."

Amanda looked at her boy, considering the name silently.

"Your silence does not seem to suggest enormous enthusiasm," Sarek observed, slightly disappointed.

"No," she replied. "Spock," she said, tasting the name on her tongue. She smiled. "Spock."

"He has your eyes," Sarek told her.

The baby squirmed as Amanda stroked his ears. "Yes. And your ears," she smiled. "Hello, Spock."

They watched their son as he slumbered. The midwives left quietly.

"How will we raise him?" Sarek asked, hesitantly.

She looked up at her husband, troubled. "The Vulcan way," she reluctantly replied, knowing what it would mean. She would one day not be able to show her child how much she loved him. But it would be the best for him.

Sarek raised his hand and touched his son's cheek. The baby squirmed and opened his eyes, looking up at his father. He yawned widely and shut his eyes again before settling. Sarek's hand moved to gently hold his son's hand.

"The doctor said that this could be possible," Sarek said quietly.

Amanda leaned her head against her husband's shoulder. She was exhausted. "I know."

"He will need to be bonded before his condition awakens."

Amanda nodded, eyes closing. Sarek gazed down at his beloved human wife as she fell asleep, arms still folded securely around their son. He gently took Spock out of her arms. He stood and placed the infant in a crib.

Sarek watched his son as the boy lay sleeping. The mark on his arm was clearly visible. Dark green, the one line swirled once around his arm, coming to an end near his knuckle.

It was the mark of a nepik. A natural submmissive.

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