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This is War.

Epilogue: It's a Brave New World.

"I called him." Spock didn't look up as Doctor McCoy came back into the room. "He's on his way down."

Spock nodded. His trembling hands gripped the edge of the bed.

Leonard sighed. "You know he'll be happy. Hell, happy doesn't even cover it."

"Thank you, Doctor, but I assure you I am not nervous," Spock told him. "It is merely the hormones."

The door opened and Jim entered the room.

"Is everything okay?" Jim asked, just as nervous as, if not more than, Spock.

His only answer was silence. Finally, Leonard groaned and spoke.

"Jim, what the hobgoblin is too scared to say," he ignored both of their protests, "is that you two are expecting."

Jim blinked. And blinked again before a grin broke across his face. "Spock, is he telling the truth?"

Spock silently nodded.

Jim crossed the room in two strides before catching a surprised Spock in a tight embrace. He pulled back and pressed a kiss to his bondmate's lips. They didn't notice a chuckling Bones leave the room.

"We're going to have a baby!" Jim whispered, amazed. "A beautiful little child."

"You areā€¦ amenable to our having a child?" Spock asked.

Jim leaned back and looked down into his love's face. His smile turned tender.

"Oh dearest," Jim said and pressed a soft kiss to the Vulcan's lips. "I'm a lot more than 'amenable' when it comes to our baby. I told you. I will always love you. This child, though she came as a surprise, is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give me."

Spock relaxed for the first time since Leonard had told him the news earlier. "What leads you to believe our child will be female?"

"Love," Jim grinned and pulled him tighter to his body. "I just know."

Jim leaned against the wall, watching. His bondmate sat in the rocking chair that Nyota and Bones had given to them. He held their newborn.

"The crew keeps asking about you and when they'll get to see the newest addition to our family," Jim finally spoke. Spock looked up at him.

"Soon," he said, before beckoning his lover over. Jim knelt beside him and touched his child's cheek, amazed that this miracle was actually his. "I want to share this with only you for just a little while longer."

Jim kissed his cheek. "I know. They can wait."

They sat in silence, bathing their child in attention. Finally, Jim spoke again.

"Starfleet has sent our new orders." Spock nodded. "We leave New Vulcan's orbit at 0800 tomorrow."

Spock nodded again. Jim made himself comfortable as he looked on the most beautiful sight his eyes had ever seen.

"Thank you, Jim," Spock whispered. "Tamina and I would be on the planet now if you had not fought the admiralty."

"Spock, I will never leave you or our little girl," he reassured him. His lips quirked up into a smile. "They should have known never to mess with a Kirk and his family."

"Indeed," Spock agreed and looked at his bondmate for a moment before once again gazing down at the little bundle in his arms. "So how many credits did you win?"

Jim laid his head on Spock's thigh with a laugh. He should have known he couldn't get away with anything with his love!

"Enough for a few months' worth of diapers," Jim told him. He couldn't hear Spock laughing with his physical ears, but it reverberated through their bond. "I told everyone we'd have a beautiful little girl with blond hair, pointy ears, and brown eyes."

They sat, listening to their daughter coo. Jim closed his eyes, completely content. This was his home. The Enterprise, with the best crew in the 'fleet, and his bondmate and their child. Everyone on the ship had become like a very large family and he knew that the whole crew would spoil Tamina like the honorary aunts and uncles they were.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" Jim asked.

"Many times," Spock replied. "Just as much as I have told you."

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