Hellooo friends!
I'm jumping on this AnderBerry train and posting a quick oneshot for a prompt I found on GKM. So, Rachel and Blaine are siblings (one took one father's name and one took the others') and Blaine goes to Dalton while Rachel goes to McKinley. Kurt, of course, meets Blaine when he spies on the Warblers and they immediately fall for one another and start dating...well, Rachel finally meets Kurt's boyfriend...and after giving her blessing, Blaine finds any way he can to annoy his sister when they are all together...in some interesting ways. Oh, these kinky little bastards. Also, don't forget to add Amberlee Renee on Facebook. It's my FF Facebook and I'm gonna be posting stuff on there and shit so...yeah...come check me out!

"Oh my god! When can we meet him?" Rachel clapped and hugged Kurt's neck tight when she heard the news that he had finally met someone. Though he waited about three months after they had started dating to tell anyone, Rachel and Mercedes were still ecstatic.

"He'll be here in a minute. He's coming from Westerville. Oh, you guys are gonna love him. I'm glad you're ok with this."

"As long as he watches himself and doesn't rush you, I'm perfectly fine," Mercedes gave him a warning look. Kurt blushed and looked down at his biscotti, suddenly finding it very interesting.

"Kurt...you haven't..." Rachel starting to grin. Kurt looked up with a small glint in his eye.

"Oh my god you had sex with him!" Mercedes said a little too loudly. Kurt looked around quickly to make sure no one had noticed then threw her a bitch glare.

"If you must know, yes. Maybe next time you can say it a little louder, I'm sure Blaine's friends in Westerville didn't hear you."

Rachel furrowed her eyebrow. "Wait...did you say Blaine?"

Kurt was about to answer when a pair of rough hands slid over his eyes. "Guess who, beautiful," a soft, rough voice whispered in his ear, sending a chill up his spine.

"Blaine!" Rachel exclaimed. Blaine removed his hands quickly and Kurt saw Rachel staring at him in awe and maybe even a bit of anger.

"Oh...hey Rachel," Blaine said ho-hummly, sitting down next to Kurt and slipping his hand over Kurt's.

"You...why didn't you tell me!" Rachel asked him, still looking a little flustered. Mercedes just looked confused.

"Because it's none of your business who I date," he shrugged and sipped his coffee.

"Wait, how do you two know each other?" Kurt asked, hoping and praying he wouldn't have an 'ex' situation on his hands.

"Blaine's my brother, Kurt," Rachel sat back, crossing her arms. Blaine looked like he didn't really notice her anger.

"Are you serious?" Kurt looked over at Blaine. "Is she really?"

"I always just assumed that an alien invasion happened and they just forgot to take her back with them," Blaine said cooly as he picked up his coffee, but Rachel kicked him under the table.

"Ow...bitch," he mumbled, causing Kurt and Mercedes to giggle.

"You knew Kurt and I were friends! He's been to our house before! You hit him in the face with a water balloon when you were 7."

"What? That was you!" Kurt turned in his seat.

"I didn't realize it was the same guy," Blaine sat up, leaning forward on his hand and resting his chin on it. "Besides...he's filled out a bit since he was 8," Blaine pinched Kurt's thigh lightly under the table, making Kurt gasp a little.

"I think it's adorable, Rachel," Mercedes piped in, giving Kurt and Blaine a sweet smile. "There's nothing wrong with it."

"It's just...weird, I guess...I'll have to get used to it," Rachel smoothed down the front of her coat after standing up. "I've gotta get home. Papa wanted the laundry done."

"Good, I need fresh underwear, Rachey," Blaine smirked and called back to her as she walked away. Rachel threw him a dirty look and walked out.

"I love teasing her," Blaine shook his head. Kurt was still looking at him in concentration. "What?"

"Why didn't you tell me you had a sister?"

Blaine shrugged. "I try to forget. Now, didn't we have a movie we were supposed to go to?"

Kurt glanced at Mercedes and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, let's go."

"Have fun, boys," Mercedes winked at them and as they walked out, she giggled as she watched Blaine slip his hand into Kurt's back pocket.

The new knowledge Kurt had attained of Rachel and Blaine being siblings still slightly floored him each time he was alone with one of them. They had different dads but the same surrogate mother, giving them both a slightly Eurasian look. Kurt almost couldn't believe he hadn't noticed it before. Thankfully, in the bedroom, it didn't stop him from seeing only Blaine in those honey eyes that burned dark with desire. Blaine was home for Thanksgiving break and they were the only ones home besides Rachel, who was studying for an exam she had the next day. They took a break from making out to walk downstairs and grab something to drink from the fridge. Rachel was sitting at the bar with her Physics book open and her iPhone playing a Broadway playlist through the small speakers.

"Hey, Rach. How's the studying going?" Kurt asked, leaning forward on his elbows against the bar. Blaine glanced sideways, seeing Kurt's ass in perfect view, arched out as he leaned forward on the counter.

"Terrible. I can't seem to remember any of this," she shook her head and sipped from a wine glass full of sparkling cider. Blaine placed Kurt's glass in front of him, but didn't back away. Instead, his hand slid slowly down Kurt's back, lifting his shirt a little to work his hand down the back of Kurt's pants. Kurt jumped slightly, but Blaine placed a hand on his hip and squeezed, indicating that he stay exactly where he is.

"Sorry about that," Kurt responded to Rachel shakily. "What's troubling you?"

Blaine smirked and slowly worked his hand lower, his middle finger sliding into the crack of Kurt's ass. Kurt bit back a groan and squeezed Blaine's wrist by his hip. Blaine let out a soft laugh.

"Ugh, these damn laws. I mean, when the hell am I gonna audition for a show where I'm gonna have to know Newton's Second Law?"

Blaine teased Kurt's hole with his middle finger, rubbing circles around the rim. Kurt bit back a moan and arched into the touch.

"No clue," he managed to grind out.

"You're good at Physics. How do you remember it?"

He was about to answer, but his brain went completely blank when Blaine slipped his finger inside him, making the 'Um' that he was trying to get out come out as a soft moan. Rachel looked up quickly, seeing Kurt looking slightly dazed and flushed.

"Can't remember. Would you excuse us for a moment?" Kurt reached back and pulled Blaine's hand from the back of his jeans and walked swiftly towards the stairs, Blaine close behind. When they got to Blaine's room and shut the door, Kurt grabbed Blaine by the shirt and slammed him hard against the door.

"What the fuck were you doing?" Kurt asked as he slammed his mouth against Blaine's, tongue searching and probing Blaine's mouth.

Blaine let out a low chuckle. "Nothing," he answered innocently.

"I was talking to your sister, pervert," Kurt's hands splayed and slid down Blaine's chest.

"I know. It was hilarious."

"I'm gonna make you think hilarious," Kurt growled and lifted Blaine up against the door, wrapping the smaller boy's legs around his waist and ripping his shirt off over his head.

"Fiesty," Blaine smirked and did the same with Kurt's shirt, eyes lingering over the firm chest of his boyfriend before leaning down to devour his neck. Kurt whined and bucked up against Blaine, making the door rattle a bit on his hinges. Blaine's little brother brain started to fire off and suddenly he leapt down out of Kurt's arms and pulled him by his belt toward the bed, pulling him into his lap and tearing at the belt buckle.

"God, you're so bad," Kurt chuckled and leaned his head back a little to let Blaine have better access to his neck and shoulder. When Blaine got Kurt's jeans open, he turned them and lay Kurt back to pull his jeans off. When he turned, he noticed the headboard hit the wall a bit. A grin played across his face and he tossed Kurt's jeans aside and began working on his own. Kurt couldn't wait and started doing it himself, dropping to his knees on the floor and taking Blaine's cock into his mouth.

"Mmm, Kurt," Blaine moaned, sliding his hand through Kurt's hair and gripping slightly. Kurt noticed Blaine's moan was a little too loud to be natural, but at that point, it didn't really matter. He loved hearing Blaine sound wrecked. Kurt bobbed his head back and forth, gently scraping his teeth against the underside of Blaine's cock when he came back.

"Fuck, baby, that's so good," Blaine dropped his head back and closed his eyes. Kurt glanced up and stared at Blaine's sweaty chest heaving above him. God, he was fucking gorgeous. Blaine pulled Kurt off him quickly and picked him up, carrying him back to the bed and lay him up by the pillows, the headboard bumping the wall again.

"You're so fucking gorgeous," Blaine mumbled agaisnt his ear as he reached into the side table drawer for a condom and his lube. "God, I'm gonna fuck you so hard."

"Mmm, Rachel's downstairs," Kurt said breathily.

"I know," Blaine smirked against Kurt's ear. Kurt couldn't fight the thrilling feeling he got in his stomach when he felt the smile. Blaine wanted Rachel to hear. Well, then, Kurt thought. She'll certainly hear this.

"Fuck me, Blaine," he said loudly and desperately. Blaine looked up, his eyes dark and diulated. He squirted lube onto his fingers and plunged two in roughly.

"Fuck!" Kurt cried out and arched his back, gripping at Blaine's back and digging nail marks into his skin. Blaine growled and kissed and bit Kurt's jaw and neck while he worked his fingers in and out quickly, adding a third somewhere in the mix. Kurt sounded pornographic. Blaine figured he would catch on eventually and knew that, while it may be a little embarassing later, say, when his dads got home and Rachel spilled the beans and he'd have to hear the 'safe sex' talk again, this was going to be fucking intense and Rachel would hear her little brother fucking her best friend.

Kurt started thrusting back against Blaine's hand, seeking out that sweet spot for himself and aching with need. He grabbed Blaine's face and pulled him up for a harsh kiss filled with teeth biting at bottom lips and tongues.

"For god's sake, just fuck me," Kurt groaned against Blaine's mouth. Blaine's cock throbbed at the raw sound of Kurt's voice. He was gone. Blaine gave Kurt the condom and he slid it over Blaine's cock, making Blaine whimper slightly at the touch. He lubed himself up and put Kurt's legs over his shoulders before thrusting in quickly Kurt moaned loudly and gripped Blaine's thighs, the headboard starting to thwack agaisnt the wall. Blaine wasn't exactly vocal, but this felt way too good to keep quite.

"Shit, Kurt, spank me," he moaned in Kurt's ear. It wasn't like they never had before, but Blaine was always the one to do it to him. Kurt pulled back his hand and smacked Blaine hard on the ass.

"Mm, fuck, again!" Blaine cried out, thrusting harder and faster into Kurt. Kurt did it again, earning a higher-pitched whine and a harder thrust from his lover. Kurt didn't think he had ever been so turned on in his life and didn't think he was gonna make it much longer.

"Ungh, touch yourself, Kurt," Blaine leaned back, gripping low on Kurt's thighs and driving in as hard as he could. Kurt's moans and the sound of skin hitting skin was almsot completely covered by the sound of the headboard slamming against the wall in rhythm to Blaine slamming into Kurt. Kurt stroked himself roughly a few times then came with a shuddering cry, his body arching up off the bed and the angle changing slightly, which sent Blaine falling loudly over the edge as well. He stayed frozen in place momentarily, mouth parted, eyes squeezed shut and back arched before loosening his tight grip on Kurt's thighs and dropping them on either side of his legs and slumping onto Kurt's sweaty, come-covered chest, completely uncaring of the fact that he was now sweatier and come-covered. Kurt carded his fingers through Blaine's wet curls and tried to control his breathing, which proved difficult as Blaine was breathing erratically as well.

"God...damnit," Blaine said roughly against his chest. Kurt laughed.

"Yeah...where the hell did that come from?"

"Well...at first it was to annoy Rachel...but then you just started getting into it...and you looked so fucking sexy," he kissed up Kurt's chest and over his chin. "I just couldn't help myself," he kissed Kurt's lips. It was lazy, but full of passion and...

"I love you, Kurt," Blaine whispered against Kurt's lips. Kurt looked up into Blaine's eyes, seeing sincerity and the look of love that backed up the words. They had never said it before and it made Kurt's heart skip about six beats.

"I love you, too, Blaine," he smiled and Blaine cupped Kurt's sweaty cheek and kissed him lightly. They were interrupted by the door slamming open.

"Jesus," Blaine jumped and threw the covers over them. Jakob and Hiem, his dads, were standing at the door, Rachel standing behind them with her arms crossed and a smug grin on her face.

"Blaine, Kurt...would you join us in the living room, please?" Jakob asked, a look of surprise and amusement on his face. Blaine rolled his eyes and nodded, standing up to grab their clothes.

"Thanks a lot, Rachel," Blaine grumbled.

"Sounded to me like you wanted me to hear it," she snipped. Kurt covered his face in embarassment.

"And son?" Hiem said, making Blaine stop as he pulled his boxer briefs back up.

"You have some cum on your shoulder," he stifled a laugh, as did his husband, and they turned to walk out of the room with their hands clasped together. Blaine quickly wiped off his shoulder and wiped his hand on the underwear. Rachel gave a dignifyed 'hmph' and walked out, shutting the door. Blaine fell into a fit of giggles on the bed, clutching his stomach.

"What the hell! What if they tell my dad! Stop laughing," Kurt smacked Blaine repeatedly on the shoulder. Blaine finally sat up, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

"I'm sorry...They won't tell, I promise...We'll just get the 'safe sex' talk and a slap on the wrist...may even get some more condoms out of it."

Kurt shook his head and sat up to put his boxers back on, wincing as he did so. He looked back at Blaine who had a satisfied look on his face in light of Kurt's slight pain.

"Oh, shut up," Kurt smirked and dressed. They made a quick check of each other before kissing softly, whispering quick 'I love you's, and walking out of the room.

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