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Okay, so I wrote out what I had planned next for our pair and in the end, I just didn't like putting them through the wringer any more (which is weird, cause I love angst!). So, even though it was pretty interesting, I completely threw it out and this last chapter has evolved more into an epilogue than another plot twist. But it gives us a little bit of closure on some of those future hints I dropped from Cassie's mom.

You know I went back and forth on who's POV to tell this final chapter from and in the end I decided to go back to Cassie. I started this by telling her story, and in the end, I thought she was the right choice to finish it.

When did you get the lotus tattoo?" he changed the subject, fingers brushing over the little flower on the back of my shoulder.

"Not too long after I Saw yours," I admitted, relaxing under his touch. "What made you pick the lotus design?"

"It reminded me of you," he pressed a kiss to the top of my head.

"Kira must have loved that," I couldn't help but snicker.

"It's not like I told her I was getting it because it reminded me of you," he nudged my side. "Any other tattoos I should be looking for?" Suddenly playful, he rolled me back against the bed, bending to kiss the flare of my hip.

"No, no more tattoos," I replied, trying to resist the urge to reach for a sheet. Not that I was all that modest of a person, but this was the first time he'd really had a chance to get a good look at me. Besides the two tattoos, I didn't have too many weird things going on with my body. No strange piercings except for the barbell on my right eyebrow, the hoops in my ears and the requisite belly ring. Sometimes I thought about letting that heal over, every time I looked at it, it reminded me of Brittany Spears and I wanted to cringe. "What do you think, too skinny? Probably because I didn't eat my peas and carrots growing up," I quipped, not wanting to let on how much his approval meant to me.

"You could stand to eat a taco or two, but I think you're perfect just the way you are," Nick nipped at my belly with his teeth and I squealed, dissolving into giggles as he kept up the tender assault. The playful grappling led to another round of lovin' and Nick took my critique to heart, taking his own sweet time.

The sun was high in the sky as we collapsed against the sheets again, both exhausted, but well sated. "You know I'm never gonna let you go now," Nick murmured, already starting to drift as he wrapped an arm around me.

"That was my master plan," I smiled against his neck. It only took me how many years to get there? I have to say, it was worth every moment of waiting…


The next two weeks were pure bliss; lazy days with no real need to venture out except for the occasional meal. I understood that the owners of the motel thought we were newlyweds, and I guess they weren't too far off in that assumption.

I kept my mother's sketch tucked away in my bag, a reminder of the future to come without showing it to Nick. It felt more like a secret I shared with my mother that way. I did find one other drawing though buried among the stack of sketches that Nick caught me smiling over one day.

"What's that supposed to be? A monster eating a doll?" he teased at the childish scrawl.

"Hey, I was only six when I drew this one," I defended the stick drawing, unrecognizable as little more than two figures, one with long, yellow hair. "I wonder why my mom kept this one in particular?"

"Not because she was a lover of art," he muttered, taking a last glance before he bent to put on his shoes.

All at once I remembered the vision that inspired the drawing in a flash. It was Nick! Nick tossing me up into the air playfully as a little girl… "It was you!" I gasped, not understanding how that was even possible. "I Saw you, playing with me as a little girl, that's what I drew here."

"What? That's not me," he frowned, snatching the paper for a closer look. "Clearly I don't have sixteen fingers, and both of my eyes are the same size."

"No, I'm serious, I remember! I remember Seeing you in that vision."

"So, I was what… a teenager tossing you up in the air like that? Trust me, if we'd met before, I would have remembered it."

"No, you weren't a teen," I frowned to myself, concentrating on the image. "You were more like you are now, maybe a little older, which is impossible." Unless…

"I dunno, Cass. I think you're wrong on this one. You were just a little girl. Maybe you did get a vision of me in the future and somehow mixed it up into a dream or something?" he handed the paper back and I stared at the image, finally understanding what I'd Seen. It wasn't me in the vision at all. It was a different little girl. A little girl with long, blonde hair and laughing eyes. Brown ones, like Nick's.

"Yeah, I guess I got things mixed up," I murmured, stunned by the idea that I'd possibly seen my own daughter when I was six years old.

Our daughter.

Only the future didn't always happen as I Saw it. Things changed, decisions were made and what seemed set in stone disappeared and a new reality took form. It was the main reason why I didn't try to actively see what the future held in store for me more often. There was no sense in getting all worked up over something that might never happen. Were we still headed towards that future with everything that had happened over the years?

"Are you coming?"

"Huh?" I blinked up at him, realizing he'd asked me a question. "Give me a minute, okay? I'll meet you down at the market." Once Nick was gone, I tried to find that tenuous thread to our future. It was slow in coming, but finally I was struck by a vision in startling clarity. I Saw the three of us, hiking on a wooded trail. The little girl rode on Nick's shoulders, playing his head like a bongo drum while they sang 'this old man, he played one, he played knick knack on my thumb'. I followed behind watching them in amusement, easily keeping up in my sturdy hiking boots. We were going to the lake…

Just as quickly it was gone, and I lurched back into reality with a gasp. We were a real family. I wondered where the lake was? Did we live near there? Never in a zillion years would I have pictured myself in such a setting, but we were happy; at least it felt happy in that tiny snippet of a possible reality. But now that I knew what our future might hold, should I tell Nick about it? Or would the both of us trying to work towards it, make it disappear?

"Hey, I thought you were coming down to meet me, what happened to you? Cassie?" Nick's voice broke me out of my reverie, and I realized I'd been sitting there for quite some time.

"Sorry, I guess I was distracted. I just had a vision."

Instantly assuming the worst, Nick dropped the canvas sack on the bed and grabbed for his duffel tucked away underneath. "How much time do we have?"

"No, not that kind of vision," I stopped him before he gave himself a heart attack. "It was something good."

"Something good?" That brought him up short. "Like win the lotto kind of good? Or ice cream with dinner kind of good?"

"Good like… future good."

"Ah the future, I've been doing a lot of thinking about that," Nick sat down beside me on the bed and I was almost afraid to ask what he'd come up with. Was he having second thoughts about our lives together?

"You have?"

"I have," he nodded, his shoulder nudging against mine. "I was thinking, maybe we should move on to Mexico City? I know how you hate it out here in these dinky little towns. How does that sound? All the smog you can breathe."

"You'd do that for me?" I blinked in surprise.

"Sure, why not? We can lose ourselves in the city just like always."

I knew how much he enjoyed the slower pace outside the city, affording its own kind of anonymity. My mother's drawing came to mind, it was as good a time as any to share it with him. "Actually, I was thinking we might head back towards the States."

Nick frowned at that. "I'm not so sure that's a good idea. After what happened in LA, I'm pretty sure there are still people looking for us."

"And you don't think they'll be able to find us down here if they're really looking? I thought Kira was supposed to be taking care of that. Besides, I have it under good authority that it's actually a good idea for us to go back."

"Is this about that crazy stick drawing you did when you were six?" Nick lifted a single brow with skepticism.

"Actually, it's not what I Saw; it's what my mom did." I held out the often folded picture my mom had drawn.

"This is us, at the Starlight Diner," he recognized the familiar place right away.

"I know."

"So what? We went there lots of times."

"Take a closer look," I nudged him, waiting for the little light to come on behind his eyes. Instead his brows drew together in confusion.

"You're wearing a waitress uniform; this never happened."


"Wait… we're supposed to go back to Texas? I thought you hated all that fresh air and wide open spaces?"

"You have to admit, it's the last place anyone would look for us," I pointed out.

"Are you sure you can be happy in a place like that?"

I loved him for making sure it was what I wanted, even though I'm the one who brought it up in the first place. "It's not the place; it's who I'm with. I don't care where we go, as long as we go together. And if we end up hating it, we can always move along. Do you like lakes?" I fished for information, thinking about my vision of the three of us hiking in the woods.

"Absolutely I do," his face split into a wide smile. "My Uncle had this place by a lake in Colorado, we went there a few times when I was little. Beautiful country out there, you'd hate it."

"I don't hate nature," I poked him in the ribs.

"Yeah right. The only way I could get you up hiking in the mountains is if we were being chased. Hey, that's not a bad idea… I could do the chasing," he waggled his brows at me playfully and I let him catch me without putting up an ounce of fight, falling back against the mattress beneath him.

"You never can tell what the future will bring."

Well… I can. And I have to tell you, it definitely doesn't suck.

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