Title: Missing Moments (5 drabbles in this chapter)
Author: sinecure
Character/Pairing: Jeff, Annie, Troy, Abed, Pierce, Britta, Shirley
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: Drabbles, humor, drama, angst, general, romance, etc.
Summary: Missing moments between or during episodes. Nothing specific really. All unconnected, could've-happened-on-the-show, moments.
Disclaimer: I don't own Community and I make no money from it.
A/N: This is a series similar to my-and JennyLD's-DW Glimpses series under the username shake-n-shiver, though I'm going to try to stick to drabbles and double drabbles. Exactly 100 or 200 words.

Where Are You Coming From?

Jeff stared at the girl with the flaming red hair as she sat in Annie's seat. "Whoa."

"I don't want to talk about it!" She huffed and slammed her backpack on the table, digging out her books and pens and papers, ignoring all of their shocked gazes.

"Annie!" Troy appeared in the doorway. "I said I was sorry."

"Yeah, well, you also said it was temporary. And I'm not playing Mary Jane Watson anymore! You can find someone else." She ignored Abed and Troy as they entered the room.

"It's really kind of hot," Troy mumbled, taking his seat.

Annie gasped out a high-pitched sound. "Like flames, yeah, I know, you already told me. It's fiery-"

"No," Abed told her. "Just regular hot. Everybody likes a hot redhead."

Annie glanced around the room at all the nodding people, ending on Jeff, who couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from her. "Really?"

"Oh, yeah." That'd come out slightly less cool than he'd meant it to, but he retained his coolness factor by .8% or so simply by making her smile slowly grow, which lent her confidence with every millimeter. She hummed a little and straightened up in her chair.

Absent Absinthe in Absentia

"Jeff, you're cool a good, solid 86% of the time. Can't you just... not be right now?"

Considering her words, Jeff examined Annie; hair mussed in a completely sexy way, clothes mussed in a completely sexy way, eyes unfocused in a completely drunken way. "Sorry, can't do that." Picking her up, he carried her to the nurse's station, ignoring her attempts to alternately snuggle into him and kiss him.

If he ever found out who'd slipped Absinthe into their Anthropology class' usual stash, he was going to kill him. Then ask for more.

Why'd he have to arrive late today?

Rubbing Off

Sometimes, Jeff thinks the worst thing about Greendale is everything. But, tonight, sitting under the stars on the roof of the library building with all of his friends, he feels content.

"Abed. You're narrating again."

Nodding to himself, Abed stared up at the sky, watching the meteor shower. "That wasn't me."

Britta pointed at Jeff across Shirley. "You totally just narrated yourself!"

"Choosing to ignore the annoying blonde in the group, Jeff plans his suicide."

"Aww, I think it's cute."

"He'd known Annie was the smart one in-"

The rest of the group hurled popcorn at him. "Shut up!"

A Study of Jeff in A Minor

Wanting to touch Jeff isn't new to Annie. Tonight is just different because of the context; comfort rather than attraction, solidarity rather than affection.

All of his attention is on the man who'd chosen to hit his son at a movie theater and the boy with a bloody nose.

Red and blue lights flash throughout the lobby, painting them all in an eerie wash of emergency colors.

Annie sits with Shirley who sits with Pierce who's uncharacteristically quiet. Britta, Troy, and Abed confer quietly beside them.

Jeff stands alone with his new black eye as Annie aches to comfort him.

At Least There Aren't Robots

It was a testimony to how much Annie had seen tonight that she didn't dismiss Jeff's assurances as insane. No one was in the building? No one was following them from room to room? Oh, please! Did he think she was purple? That she had on frying pans or something? Paintball did that, though; it crawled inside and took up roofs, peeling at the brain and eating the bits it didn't label.

"Um, Jeff... are your pants in the fork-chair?"

He nodded, eyes blaringly grazing over, and she realized he was affected by the serene talons too. "Get on the bus." It was an order, one that left her syrupy.

Growling at him, she pointed her banana at his tailpipe. "You first."

A gasp left her as a pinprick of pain slid into her napkin muscle. "Just relax. We'll have you better in no time," Nurse Jackie told her, grin bailing along with his... Chapstick... underwear...

Darkness overtook her as Jeff rambled crazily about paintball fumes and toxic chemicals. Yeah, right. She was the peppered one, not the potted plant on the ceiling, staring at her with its grinning eyes and sharp soil. Ready to grovel her to pieces. Ha!