A/N: So little is known of Mai's past, and I decided to write some. *Fanon police indicate this is nothing new* Alright, this is common, but I wanted my own spin on it. *makes face at Fanon police*

I decided to make Mai's father someone who was offered a minor position, and then became caught up in the society race.

Quietly (which means boredly),

Far From the Home I Love

Quiet is Boring

"Just be quiet. Daddy's working."

With that Mai goes back to her room to play with her dolls. Her five-year old brain doesn't understand why there is so much paperwork he suddenly needs to do. He's her daddy, and up until earlier this year, he would play with her. He helped her learn to ride her bike just earlier that year.

So she plays with her dolls, and becomes loud, like all small children do. Her father comes into her room and tells her to play quietly so he can work. She plays with her dolls still, but now, instead of talking with her dolls, she just thinks their voices.

Mommy comes home, and goes into daddy's office. Mai comes in and asks, "Mommy do you want to play dolls with me?"

"No. I'm helping daddy with work. Go color."

So Mai goes back to her room and gets out a coloring book and pencils. She gets bored quickly and decides to go play outside in the backyard, which also is boring without anyone to play with.

Quiet, she concludes, is boring.