Disclaimer: I don't own the Braidy Bunch

My name is Marcia Brady. I used to be Marcia Martin. I grew up the oldest of 3 and now, at age 12 my mom got remarried and I inherrited 3 brothers one of which is older. That really sucks. We moved into my new dad's house. That, I will admit made sense. Our house was too small to fit me, Jan, Cindy, Peter, Bobby, Greg, mom and dad. But still I grew up in that house. The boys life didn't change at all. They just stayed the same. I lost my position in the family. My status as the firstborn was changed. It also meant moving to a new school since the boys' school is closer. They got to keep their stupid dog but we had to get rid of our cat. I hate that. I hate that I had to give up everything. It isn't fair. Mom and dad made a rule that Greg couldn't do anything until I was ready including getting his drivers liscense and learner's permit. Greg was mad about that and sarcastically asked if he had to wait a year to graduate as well.

As much as it's hard right now I know that won't be forever. My mom and dad love each other and I am my dad's child as much as the boys are. I love my brothers too even bosy 1st born Greg. He really is bossy and he hates when I ignore him so I do get the benefit of driving him crazy (smirks) and to be honest there are some benefits to not being the oldest. Greg gets in more trouble then me because he's supposed to be more responsible. Mom and dad gave me the attic because I need privacy. Greg was mad about that. ((Yes I know in the show Greg got the attic but I thought this would work better))

Anyway my name is Marcia Brady and I am proud to be the 2nd of the Brady bunch.