Saarah had been excited all week.

It was the middle of winter, and even though Saarah hated winter, the most exciting thing of all was taking place in not one, not two, but THREE weeks from today, January 4th. The 3rd Annual Konoha Ice Skating Competition! Also, Konoha High School was closed, due to extreme snow, and Saarah's birthday was in two weeks.

She walked past a girl wearing a dark pink hat; dark pink gloves; a light burgundy coat; khaki skinny jeans; a light pink scarf, and Dark pink boots. It was her best friend, Sakura Haruno.

"I like your outfit, Saarah." Sakura complemented.

Saarah wore a green hat with snowflake patterning; green gloves; a light green coat; khaki skinny jeans; and brown boots.

"What are you so jolly about?" Sakura said, tugging her boots so they'd fit a little better.

"I think you know…the *AKISC!" *(Annual Konoha Ice Skating Competition.) Saarah answered starting to walk with the pinkette.

"Oh yeah! I'm already signed up, too!"

"Who's your partner?"

"Naruto Uzumaki..." Sakura Said, looking slightly away.

"Naruto can skate?" The brunette asked.

"Yes, apparently," Sakura spoke.


"Your partner is?"

"Rock Lee."


"Look, I know he's not as cute as Sasuke-kun, but he's a really good skater!"

Sakura squinted and gave Saarah her famous "I Knew It!" smile.

Saarah covered her mouth. She had denied she had a crush on Sasuke for years, and now she let herself slip!

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Saarah Michiko, the one who said, quote on quote, 'I DO NOT have a crush on Sasuke Uchiha, saying that same person is cute? Ho ho ho! Santa may have come late, but he read my list!"

"I never said I had a crush on him, you ninny, I said he was…okay looking."

"You sure as hell did." Sakura said sarcastically.

"Anyway, I am so excited!"

"Good! Has Lee been creepy so far?"

"He takes our partnership to the extreme sometimes. I mean, he tries to…IDK buy me flowers."

Sakura laughed.

"Are you gonna get me a b-day present, Saku?"

"Yes, but you won't know what it is until your birthday. All you can know is that you'll love it."

They finally reached a park bench where they could have a conversation or five.

"Is Ino going to enter?"

"She already did. She's skating with Shikamaru."

"Wouldn't Shika think that's a drag?" Saarah asked.

"You know how those two are." Sakura replied.

"They're cute together, though."


Saarah looked at her watch. "Well Saku, it's just about 6:30. I gotta go meet Lee at the rink so we can practice."

"Kay-Kay. I should go see Naruto, too. He's still a little shaky on the routine."

"Gotcha. Catch ya later!"


Saarah stopped at her house to get her duffle bag, then walked out to the rink.

Konoha High students were everywhere!

"Saarah!" Lee called out, waving his arms ceaselessly.

"Damn, it's crowded in here…"

"Yes it is. But, do not worry; we should have plenty of space to move around.

"If you say so…"

Saarah and Lee practiced for hours and hours. When Saarah checked her watch again, it was nearly 10:00!"

"Lee, I have to be on my way now." Saarah mentioned.

"Okay. We will practice tomorrow?"

"You know it!" Saarah exclaimed, moving to the other side of the rink to take off her skates.

The whole weekend went by. Saarah and Lee continued to practice daily.

On Monday, homeroom was loud with excitement about the AKISC.

"Shika and I are doing great!" Ino bragged.

"Naruto and I are doing great, too!" Sakura barged her way into the circle.

Sasuke was sitting alone. He was one of the only ones who hadn't entered. It was weird because Sasuke was NEVER alone. He was always crowded by a huge mass of girls. Now he wasn't. It must've felt like heaven to him.

"Sasuke." Saarah spoke to him, making him look up at her.


"Oh…Nothing. You just seemed…alone."

"Are you going to 'fix' that?"

"Only if it's broken." Saarah said, starting to smile.

Sasuke looked away from her for a second. He was trying to hide his smile. He went back to the solemn Sasuke he was always being.

"Care if I sit here?"


Saarah set her morning books aside and sat next to Sasuke. Sasuke UCHIHA! The hottest boy in school who she had the biggest crush on.

"You didn't enter the AKISC?"



He looked at her. His onyx eyes pierced into Saarah's emerald ones. Then he spoke, "I don't do skating."

Saarah gulped. "Well, not everyone doesdo skating…"

"Alright class! Settle! Settle!" Iruka sensei sat at the front.

Everyone took their seats, which was basically on a first come-first serve basis.

"Okay, today we will be taking a pop quiz, to show me what you know on this unit so far."

"BOOO!" Naruto screamed standing up.

The rest of the class followed in expressing how they felt about the quiz. They threw papers, screamed "BOO!", and did other obnoxious things.

"OR you will write a two page report on the unit tonight, which will be due tomorrow!"

Everyone sat down.

"YAY!" Naruto revised.

"Thank you for that, Naruto." Iruka said, gesturing for him to sit.

Naruto sat and dug around for a pen. "Crap!" he whispered.

Sakura sat next to him and got out her materials.

"Saku-chan!" he whispered to her.

She ignored him.

"Maybe she didn't hear me…" he thought. "Saku-chan!"



"What?" She growled at him.

"You don't happen to have a pen I could use, do you?"

Sakura sighed an angry sigh and grabbed her bag. She dug around for a sec, and handed Naruto a pink pen with a heart on the top.

Naruto made a face. In his mind, he was debating on what was worse; failing, or using this pen. He decided failing, and took the pen. "Thanks! I love you!"

Sakura blushed. Then she remembered how he said that to everyone.

Naruto printed Uzumaki, Naruto on his test and realized it was pink ink. He made another face.

In the row below Saarah stared at her paper. She was extremely nervous. She was sitting next to Sasuke-kun, and taking a quiz where she had no idea what the answers were.