Ruka to Maou

Summary: A twist in the tale of Boku to Maou, Ruka is still a puppet to an extent, but not Belioune's, so whose? This follows the game play to some extent, the dialogue is exactly the same in the beginning except for some key moments, but that will change once the characters become more aware as the story progresses... Classification is not the worst that will happen to them. Enjoy~

Main Pairing: Stan x Ruka

Other Pairings: Undecided

Warning: Spoilers for the Game

Disclaimer: Okage © of Zenner Works, therefore I own nothing!


The circus swept through the dark, dancers in pale colored tutus, twirling and jugglers in vests with parachute pants, parading. The clowns with bright colored paints adorning their faces in geometrical shapes were drumming. All were passing through grassy fields to get to the next town over.

Music fills the once silent night. The last to arrive and leave was a pudgy man in a tall top hat, and in the eerie moonlit night something seemed to have been left behind… a bottle. A purple jeweled bottle in which a bespectacled brunette man, who was just, coincidentally, passing by on his way home from work, took and brought back to his manor. The Nameless Manor.

At that moment an explosion occurred in the far off distance! Pieces of metal went flying, scattering across the land. One flew and crashed into the metallic tower near the manor making for a high pitch dinging sound… one that alerted the spirits and animals around, and one boy.

A boy stirred, red hair tousled here and there, until he settle back to his last peaceful night of sleep…


KH: Okay! I know that was short, but the other chapters will be the chapters from the game... and those are long! I mean it, one boss is a chapter so, please be patient. That was only the opening of the game, so this is the only opening of the story~

It does get better, and it will be riddled with humor, or so I hope... Oh word of warning, it's not gonna be love at first sight, they might not even like each other at first, but I'll try to keep the character in character, so this will mainly focus on adventuring, but there will be hints. I like their characteristics the way they are. But if you know me, you'll know I'm a bit sadistic... *Grins baring sharp jagged teeth*