Ruka to Maou

Summary: In the prelude

Main Pairing: Stan x Ruka

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Warning: Spoilers for the Game

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Chapter 3: As her Majesty commands Part 1

The next morning… after breakfast, because Stan knows you don't want a cranky Ruka.

Ruka was muttering to himself.

"Great, another buddy… and that sewer rat only had 100 or so sukels on him… sheesh, I used up like two nuts. I guess I should stock up on nuts and purging stones… Now where is Rosalyn…?" Ruka wondered, he was about to leave when neon pink caught his attention.

"Hey Rosa- ah, you're not her…"

"Ha ha! I'm the gypsy fortune teller. There is a reason I can't reveal my real name… but 'Love Fortune Teller Master No.2' is what people call me. Just one look into my crystal and I'll identify exactly who loves you the most. Ha ha! Would you like me to tell you your fortune of love?" she asked, again this woman was wiping an imaginary wall.

'Hm…I wonder…' "Yes please!" Ruka feigned cheeriness.

'Better not be Rosalyn, that's way too creepy…' Ruka crossed his fingers.

"Here we go! Come to me, my dear fairy…"

'Fairy, where?' Ruka looked around.

"Come on, now, easy now… Ah, here it is! You get along the best with… Whoa! W-with the Evil King, Stan! Nooooo! Keep away from me!" the small woman jumped over the counter scaring the clerk, and then peered over and whispered,

"Then… come again soon… or rather… not" and she slipped away…

'… Stan again… Mom, dad, don't you love your only son…? Sigh…'

Exiting the inconspicuous hotel, Ruka ran into Dill, quite literally, who announced,

"You know that parasol woman is a whisker mole Team!" and something about seeing her in Maggie's house, so Ruka turned left right into the house.

Maggie practically jumped him once he entered the door, "Well, although you were new, I knew you could do it! Incredible! Defeating the Evil King! If something ever happens again, we'll count on you to help us out. I'll help you in any way I can, too, if it's OK with you."

"Thanks" Rosalyn thanked Maggie as the small ponytailed girl slid off the redhead.

"We could use your help, too" Ruka mocked bowed.

"Hey, slave! Don't ask anyone for help without my permission! Why should I want the help of such a silly girl?"

"Hey, what are you saying? You know you couldn't have gotten past the gate to the sewer without out help" Maggie informed/ teased.

"(Giggling)…Hehe! He may be an Evil King, but he doesn't amount to much; can't do anything on his own" Rosalyn teased.

'What's up with female and teasing?' Ruka wondered, while stepping back from the fray.

"Oh, shuddup, I don't want to hear it!" Stan wailed.

"Hahaha! Well, that's OK. It was really nothing, so-" Maggie giggled.

"No, no, no and no! You got it all wrong! If I had used my real power, it would have been a piece of cake… Ugh. If I hadn't been in such a good mood having gotten rid of the rat, I'd just get rid of this stupid girl, too, Drat, drat, drat it all! I can't stand these insults anymore! Let's go slave!" and with that they both left.

Ruka walked over to the elevator "Oh, would you look at that, they opened it up once the bad guys are gone, what good neighbors…" and up they went. Suddenly a girl with horns caught Ruka's attention… or more so pulled him into attention.

"Oh, hello there!" she chirped.

"Oh, great…" Ruka muttered into his hand 'Just avoid eye-contact'.

"You! The cool guy who's about to walk away!"

"Flattery works every time" Ruka smiled and went over.

"Yes! You! Please! Please, listen to my story!" she begged, Stan popped out wondering why Ruka stopped walking.

"Um, I'm sorry if I startled you, asking you to stop and listen. Um. Could you please listen to my singing?"

"Yes, I guess."

"Hi, my name is Linda. I want to be a teen idol singer. So here I am, working hard to let everyone know about me and my songs. But… People in the big city are so cold. Sometimes I feel I can't go on anymore

"That's life for you"

"Oh, behind your cold words are such warm encouraging thoughts! I knew you were a very nice person! So let me sing for you, straight from my heart! This song has no words but … Lalalalaha etc .!"

"Oh, stop it! Are you tone deaf! You think I can't hear? My ears are about to fall off!" Stan shouted, Ruka just kept his ears plugged and shut his eyes.

"Gasp! Oh, sorry. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! So is my singing that bad? Do I have no talent? Yes, I know. I know I'm no good"

"You're not that bad!" Ruka shouted, because he had still plugged his ears to keep them from bleeding…

"Really? So you really think so?"

'Huh, what did she say?'

"Heh, heh, heh. I knew you were a very nice person. Thanks you, I'm encouraged!"

'Really?' both Ruka and Stan thought as Linda twirled around.

'Wow, she is peppy!' Ruka chuckled.

"Could you please tell me your name?"

"Hahaha, then, let me tell you. My name is Stan. Master Stan, the Evil King of the Dark. And this guy here is my slave Ruka!"

"Oh, Ruka? What a nice name."

"Hey, fool girl, I'm…"

"Ruka. Um, well… Would you please come see me again? I'll be here. I'll always be here singing"

'I wonder if Stan can beat any women in a shouting contest… oh yeah, only Rosalyn, now where did that bi-polar woman go? Oh well, one less headache'

Ruka turned right and there was a strange looking building, Ruka tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open, then Stan popped out.

"It looks suspicious. Let me check inside for you" and then he exited Ruka's shadow, Ruka contemplated running for it, but then Stan reappeared giggling…

"I hid the door mat! The unsuspecting resident won't be able to scrape the dirt off his shoe when he comes home! Hu hahahaha!"

'O-kay… Oh look a chicken headed station staff… That's strange, there was nothing about a railroad on the brochure in the town hall… Maybe it's not in use? Oh, even the staff man looks confused… I better not talk to him; the confused ones always ramble…'

That's when he spots a man to the right of the station counting something with a swanky mirror.

"Sorry, wait, just a second" the man apologized as he counted desperately, "258, 259, AND 260. Oh? Such an even number? Oh, sorry about that. I was counting the moles on my body. Oops! I forgot the moles on my back! Just kidding! I counted them using this mirror. Well, why not celebrate it being such an even number by giving you this hand mirror as a gift."

Ruka acquired 'Swanky Mirror'! The acquired music played.

'That-That's a lot of moles…'

"Let's see, what should I count next? Yes! Let's find some spider eggs and count the number of spider babies! Ooo, I feel like something's crawling down my back. How creepy. I've got goose bumps. But look at how many there are! There's a ton of them! Boy, this is gonna be fun."

Ruka, held it out the mirror with his index finger and his thumb, not really wanting to use it now…

'Maybe there's a trashcan in this building…' he entered the door right next to the man, when someone in all yellow fell over him.

"I feel sick" a hung over gal heaved, "I've got a headache. My body's aching all over. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I'm too old for this! Um… where am I? ZZZZZ Oops, how embarrassing. I must have fallen asleep. I'm sorry, I'm such a loser… Oops, I've been drooling… Gawd, I'm afraid to see what I look like right now…"

'Not pretty…' Ruka thought as he tried to get the woman off him 'And you reek of booze!'

She notices the swanky mirror in Ruka's hand.

"Hey, you've got something nice. Can I see it? Thanks…" Ruka just handed over the mirror as the woman got off him. Dusting himself he watched as the woman eyes become wide.

"… Oh no! I have to re-apply my make-up! My customers will call me creepy. Well, I'd better get ready to go to work now that my headache's going away."

'Good… then I can leave' "Oh, yes, young boy…" she turned back to Ruka.

'Damn…' he inwardly cursed, then put on his fake 'I'm a nice guy/ shit-eating' smile "Yes?"

"You might be too young for now, but call me at this number if anything happens. I might not be of much help but I can comfort you when you feel like crying" she smiled a creepy smile.

"Well now I kind of feel like visiting this bar more often" Stan popped up.

"Oh, hello, little ghost. I'd love you to visit me as my customer"

"Um. I'm not a ghost! But I'll forgive you for that slight, this time."

'Huh, Stan likes 'those types of girls'… I never knew he was one for the flattering type, NOT!'

Ruka chuckled as he acquired 'Gaudy Card' the music played, Ruka put the card away and left.

'Well there is one more house here…'

"Oh, why, why, why? Why doesn't my Prince Charming come into my life? I've been waiting and waiting for him!" A beautiful blond woman in blue eye-shadow and a red dress sobbed.

"Someone with spiky hair and intense eyes, who dresses well and can accept me with open arms. Am I asking for too much? No… I don't think so. Someday, my prince will come. I know he will… So I'll keep waiting. I'll wait for him forever!"

'… okay… if I find someone like that I'll be sure to bring him over… she seems really lonely… and that will lead to insanity soon…' leaving the house he looked at the name plate, it read Miss Madril…

'Ah, well, I better get going and wonder where to…?' Ruka took out the Map O' Evil Kings.

"The water ripples in the wind but down below, there are signs of a suspicious being. It will bring about a regal disorder" 'Great… this princess is gonna be trouble' Ruka looked down at his shadow, Stan was giggling because he apparently remembered the welcome mat incident… 'At least she's not here…'

Ruka was about to leave when Rosalyn came running after him…

'Sigh, Tis always too good to be true…' they exited the second level via the gear-gates when they were greeted by that crazy illogical professor!

"Hahaha! I've been waiting for you, Miss Hero. You darling instigator, you!"

'Great… it's your fault…' Ruka glared at Rosalyn.

"Huh? Excuse me, sir, whoever you are; will you let me pass, please?"

'Why is she acting polite now?' Ruka wondered 'Oh right, bi-polar…'

"Hoho haha! Miss Hero, come let us go on a journey, a great quest! Come along with me, Gutten Kisling!"

'Go on!' Ruka closed his eyes and crossed his fingers.

"Umm… Excuse me?"

"My keen, intelligent brains tell me you are the one! The one who is unparalleled in her entertainment ability and her misfortunes. A biological machine that function as a trigger to generate various singular phenomena!"

"What's he talking about?"

"… She attracts weirdoes… and ghost… great…" Ruka sighed as he muttered, Stan overheard and translated.

"This old man, in effect, is saying that he's curious about you and wants to follow you around. Hwa ha ha! Atta girl, fat legs! Attracting suspicious old men!"

"Stan, you're an old man too…" Ruka muttered as he kicked up dirt, only Stan heard.

"What I-" Stan couldn't reject the answer because Kisling interrupted, yet again…

"Ho ha ha ha! You are right! The life work of yours truly, Great Professor Kisling, is the study of ghosts! Miss Hero, my instincts tell me that, with you, I will experience a multitude of encounters with ghosts!"

"Knock it off! I have my hands full as it is with this stupid shadow! GO away! Shoo! Shoo!" Rosalyn shooed.

'Well, you could always just leave…' Ruka rolled his eyes, 'I wonder if I could make a break for it, but then again knowing my luck, they'll BOTH follow me…' his large green eyes widened when he thought 'both'.

"Oh, my beautiful hero, I wish you could feel my heart. Yes. The research is but an excuse. Must I tell you that I was swept away by your loveliness?"

'BULL!' Ruka kept quiet, a calm expression on.

"Oh, my, you flatter me. You silly boy, you… What's a girl to do… Ruka?" She was all smiles, and she turned to the poor unfortunate redhead.

'What…? I'm not a girl… Meh' "Toy with his feelings" Ruka answered.

"Don't ask the slave, ask moi, you washbowl woman! I'm telling you now, I disapprove. This old man is too suspicious!"

"Oh, so you disapprove? Then, I approve! He doesn't seem like a bad guy. Come along with me, Prof. Kisling!"

"Grrr, stupid woman! Swept away so easily by false flattery."

"Ho ha ha ha! Well let's get rolling, shall we?" the accompanied song played, and they all looked around.

"Professor, did you hear that?" Rosalyn asked, with her right hand covering her left cheek.

"I hear lots of things my dear, what did you hear?" Kisling grinned.

"Um, never mind…" Rosalyn waved it off as they walked down the path enclosed by the two rust colored mountains.

'Hm… since we got on the elevator, means this area, and that plain over there are higher than sea level… but I see sea over there… and -oooo I see a treasure box, MINE!' Running off to near the waterfall, Ruka found a broken treasure box which contained a cool vest and another tiny gear right next to the waterfall.

'Aw, this doesn't have any ATK or DEF points… I'll be slaughtered… though I'll look cool while dying… Naw, I rather live' Ruka placed it into his pack while they walked/ bickered. And right when they were about to cross the bridge a ghost appeared…

"I was right! Miss Hero's amazing bad luck has already quadrupled the ghost appearance rate!" Kisling was ecstatic!

"…" Ruka turn to glare at him and then at Rosalyn who just kept quiet.

"Argghh! Woman, it's your fault! You befriended this fool!" Stan shouted as the ghost attacked.

It was done away swiftly by a barrage of overdrives and multiplayer attacks.

'Damn young Trent… at least the frogs were easy to kill…' Ruka chewed on a nut.

After collecting more and more tiny gear, three more to be precise, and a punk wig (which Ruka tried on 'Naw, not my style' he thought while taking off the blue spikes) in another broken treasure boxes east of the map they had, which concluded that they were heading south, they came to some ruins…

At the ruins they found chic suspenders, right next to a tiny frog ('It's absolutely adorable… I wonder if I can keep in my ever expanding pack…') and two more tiny gears. They finally got to a tower… but it wasn't glowing.

'That's strange; they usually glow when I find them…' Going left in the fork they found a bridge, next to the bridge was a treasure box next to a bunch of crabs, in it contained gorgeous mascara. Crossing the bridge, Ruka found another tiny gear next to a coconut… which was his main target.

'I'm getting thirsty…' After tossing the dry, almost fossilized coconut Ruka and the gang headed right, passing the pier to Rashelo and went over to the circus grounds. It seems ghost hate circuses… And there were two treasure boxes, one had cholesterol in it and the other had Lustrous Hair…

'Hm, seems like all the ingredients for that prince charming Miss Madril wanted… All I need now is to find intense eyes… maybe some contacts…? And then Casanova himself' That's when Ruka spots a tiny gear at the edge of the curly cliff.

"How many are there?" he asked no one in particular.

"Not sure… how many do you have?" Rosalyn asked.

"Right now, 16… and I bet there are more…"

"Hm, I'm not well verse in the art of the gear, my studies apply more to the spooky variety" Kisling inputted…

"Sigh…" Ruka sighed as he pocked the tiny gear.

"Slave, didn't you have business with this cliff?"

"Huh… Oh, right, the curly cliff! Thank-you Master Stan" Ruka thanked him and laughed, Stan seemed to turn red…from embarrassment. It amazed both Rosalyn and Kisling. Rosalyn was amaze that Stan could even experience such feelings, and Kisling was amazed because he'd never seen a shadow turn red!

Once a top the cliff someone shouted,

"Freeze. Don't move. Don't turn around. I'm from the world Crypto Organization. So, you've made it this far. Well, well, you must be a 'Cypher Extraordinarie' The next cyphertext is:

X- Station - O'

"Good-bye." And with that, they left, as Ruka acquired 'Cyphertext 4'! which floated down via mini parachute.

"Who was that?" Rosalyn asked turning around.

"One of secret operators of the world crypto cyphertext association. I'm a member~"

"Ohh" Rosalyn and Kisling ooed.

"Ahem, slave, we should be going…" Stan was still pinkish…

"Okay~ Oh, wait, I have to talk to the guy over yonder with the green hair"

"Why do you find it necessary to talk to every stranger you meet? It's not a good habit" Stan lectured.

"But I get information that could be useful for your world conquest master… please?" Ruka pouted, and Stan gave him,

"Ah, very well"

"…" Rosalyn and Kisling just stared at the spectacle. Was Stan the master… really?

"That's how you manipulate him" Ruka mouthed to them and smiled,

'Nope…Stan is most certainly not' they thought.

"Hi there! Have you heard of messages in a bottle? You put your message in a bottle and release it at a river or sea. What if someone, somewhere found the bottle and read the message inside? Don't you think that your world would expand to a new level? And, maybe, just maybe, whoever found it might write back to you. I know, I know, I'm a hopeless romantic so that is why I'm releasing messages in a bottle. It is my quest for romance. If I release it here, I think it'll reach the lake. Oh, I can't wait; I wonder who will find it?" The dreaming circus performer stated whimsically.

"That's true… but I don't have a bottle"

"Oh, that's too bad… But if you do, come release it here, okay, I would like to take part in the first of your romantic journey!"

"…W-will do" Ruka stated while backing away slowly and left after that.

"Well that was pointless"

"W-well not entirely, you could expand your evil to foreign lands"

"Feh, letters are for the weak minded"

"…" Ruka just sighed, his other two companions just shrugged as they trudged on to Rashelo.

After crossing the bridge, which his two companions rushed ahead, knocking the poor redhead to the sandy floorboards, Ruka got up grouchily and rushed after them, hoping to kick them into the clear water below.

'Maybe that shark would eat them…' Ruka arrived in town. Looking around, the town was all on the deck just a few feet from the water, and the only building not made entirely out of wood was a shop.

"So, this is Rashelo? Bleah, smells fishy!" Stan scoffed.

'Maybe because there are fish strung up everywhere?' Ruka looked around, there were fish on hooks, fish in pales, and fish in boxes.

"Well, the town of Rashelo's main industry is fishing. This place is architecturally interesting because the entire town is built over the lake! In addition, when we visit the port we can observe the ancient ruin called the 'Aquatic Ruins'"

'Lake, this looks like an ocean… I can't see land beyond here…' Ruka mused.

"'Aquatic Ruins'… The old building sank under the lake. Nobody knows when it was built…" Rosalyn inputted.

"Grrr! What do I care for an old wrecked building! ? According to the Map o' Evil Kings, one of those fake Evil Kings is nearby. I have it! Let's conquer this town and hunt that imposter down! Now slave, we formulate a devious plan of conquest!"

"Ugh! I won't let you! Come on Ruka. Let's go to the Hero Association of this town and help people!"

"You shut up bug-eyed woman! He's my slave!"

"No, I won't let him! I will correct Ruka beautifully!"

'Either way there is gonna be a fight, and since I'm stuck with Stan… that and I don't want to be beautiful…'

"I'm listening to Stan"

"Ahaha! Hear that belt head? With my authority, a tub woman means nothing but soot~"

"Come on Ruka! Don't take the path of evil!" Rosalyn whined and stomped her foot. The pier shook a little.

"Well, this is pointless argument is interesting but look! Something is going on over there too, isn't it?" Kisling asks, successfully changing the topic.

'Maybe having Kisling around won't be so bad…' Ruka looks at the wheezing mad scientist with the electrified hair… 'Or maybe not…'

"Heh? Oh it's true. I wonder what is going on? Let's go Ruka!" Stan pointed as everyone was leaving.

Instead Ruka started to wander, first the shop where he purchased new equipment such as a nameless sword which had +15 Attack power and a fancy outfit which had +3 Defense capabilities. Then he sold his clean outfit and ordinary sword, after that he went into a restaurant with a giant lobster on it, it was connected to a bar, but the bar was off-limits to minors.

He stumbled onto a man who was pacing about near the produce. Apparently he was the bar and restaurant owner, and he kept chatting and chatting about how they're running out of fish. So after ordering a chicken sandwich and some fruit Ruka turned to leave, but he then bumped into a child with bright large eyes. On closer inspection found out they were contacts.

'Perfect' the child wanted to see Stan, even though he knew Stan would be upset, he showed him. And the boy handed him Shiny Lens. Stan boasted that everyone who sees him would always bestow gifts…

'Whatever floats your boat? Hm, now all I need is a love sick puppy…' he walked passed a hut, which seem to be the housing of choice in Rashelo, before he went pass the shop, he had heard sobbing… The sign read 'Residence of Young MAN IN Love with Miss Madril' "Convenient…" Ruka muttered while wondering if this had all been a set up…

Ruka entered the hut, 'Wow, it's cramp… I think I'd become claustrophobic in two hours, how can people live in these? Especially with families? ! Does this mean, all the residents of Rashelo is single?' he wondered as he looked around, and spotted the pitiful sobbing blob of human in a 'corner'.

"Well, this hut is round, there really isn't a corner, is there?" Ruka muttered when he went over, and squatted down, poking the man in the head.

"Sigh, I'm no good. I'm an un-cool unpopular man. But… but every waking moment. All I can think of is her. If she gives me any kind of smile, it'll be heavenly. I have to become a man more suitable for her sense of taste and style. But how…?" the man looked up.

Ruka handed him a punk hairstyle, cholesterol, chic suspenders, and the shiny lens.

"I've think I've gained a lot of confidence. I'm almost there. I just need a little more. I'm not very good at talking" the man stood up.

'You've been doing it the whole time…' Ruka sighed, but then he remembered the chatty man in the restaurant.

Rushing over there to get this over with, he talked to the bar owner,

"? What? Is anything wrong?"

'I can ask him how to sweet talk girls, or tell me how to mix a margarita, or maybe I should just ask him how the heck he is and leave… why am I helping those two anyways…?' Ruka wondered for a while, then sighed 'Because I'm a goody-goody…'

"Tell me how to sweet talk girls" Ruka deadpanned, his deep green eyes looked nearly dead.

"…Huh?" the bar owner went wide-eyed.

'Is it so surprising that I would ask this?' Ruka wondered with a smirk.

"You are still young and ask me such a thing? Oh boy." The man placed a hand on his cheek and shook his head. "Well, that's all I thought about when I was young too. Ha ha ha"

"Not for me for a …an acquaintance" 'He's not really my friend, I mean I just met him'

"…Well, let me see. Usually a straight ball is favored rather than throwing a curve"

'What are we playing baseball or cat and mouse?' Ruka rolled his eyes.

"'You are so beautiful that all the words in the world aren't enough to describe your brilliance. So, the only thing I can say is: I love you' How about that? A little corny, but it's good for this kind of thing. Why don't you write it down?"

"Done, and done" Ruka stated as he showed the man the notepad, the man nodded and went back to pacing.

Returning to the said love sick puppy he showed him the notepad and the man repeated the words and left… probably for Madril.

"Che, sweet talk, nothing but flattery…" Stan spat.

"Master Stan"


"No man nor beast can compare to the sheer malevolence of the almighty regal dark majesty such as King Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV" and with that Ruka bowed.

Stan was silent for a moment, but then laughed "Of course!" and went chattering on and on that he was the most evil, and will subjugate the world… and yatta yatta yatta…

After arriving near the mayor's house,

"I wonder what is going on? There are so many people here…" Rosalyn wondered as she suddenly appeared next to Ruka.

'Uh, there was like three people who told me and the map that told us PRINCESS! Where have you been?'

"By the way, Stan! Don't move and talk in front of people, okay? If people find out that I'm with you… not only will my hero qualification be revoked but I also won't be able to marry!" Stan popped out ready to start his rant of how Rosalyn would be age all alone when Ruka said.

"What do you mean, you won't be able to marry, it's not like Stan and you are an item Rosalyn, he's stuck with me" Ruka said flatly.

"…" everyone stared at Ruka…

"Well it's true…" Ruka shrugged then went back to looking at the crowd… when it hit him like a ton of bricks 'Wait, that didn't sound right… Stan and I are both guys!' Green orbs widened, then looked at his other two companion, Rosalyn looked speechless as she stared at him.

Kisling, who was trying to change the subject, turned to the crowd and said "Hmm? Look at that. Somebody came out. Who is it?"

'Me?' Ruka thought… 'N-no… definitely not…me…'

"Oh princess!" "It's her highness princess Marlene!" townsfolk called out.

"Princess?" Stan asked.

"Shh, be quiet!" Rosalyn hushed him; she really didn't want to be found with an evil being, especially by royalty.

Ruka stared at her, Stan huffed.

'She's feels… familiar… a creepy familiar…' then their eyes met… the princess had caught Ruka staring, and dismissed him with haughty humph, but for that brief moment when he stared into those crimson orbs he thought, 'There is nothing there… she's empty…' and his eye promptly twitched.

The townsfolk were whispering saying she was majestic and heavenly.

"… Master Stan" Ruka whispered so only Stan could hear him.


"I don't think she's human…"

'… Without my powers I can't tell… but Ruka may be right… though… that brat is nothing dangerous'

A middle aged man, in the tuxedo standing next to the so called princess was speaking to someone who might be the mayor. Ruka didn't know that many people in Rashelo, heck he didn't anyone outside of Tenel.

"Princess Marlene is taking a boat to the symbol of the lake, the 'Aquatic Ruins' The 'Aquatic Ruins' is the place for an important ceremony! The villagers are prohibited to take a boat on the lake for 2 days. This is so as not to disturb the Princess' prayers until the ceremony is over." The grey-haired butler announced.

"Is something wrong…?" the elder man asked, shaking, "The Aquatic Ruins are ruins that nobody goes in-"

"It's not your concern, ok? You shall not take any boat on the lake and approach the Aquatic Ruins!" the middle age man yelled. The elderly man flinched back.

'That man… he seems dangerous to me…' Ruka watched the man more than the princess, while everyone was captivated by the ginger with the beautiful bloody crimson eyes.

"O-Of course, of course. It is a great pleasure to have her Highness in this town. We townspeople are praying for the ceremony's success." The mayor nodded as he placed his hands behind his hunched back.

"Princess… I'm so glad we found her so quickly! Now, we gotta go meet her!" Rosalyn cheered, Ruka flinched backwards,

"… Princess… Silly. This is silly. She's just some snob girl. I suppose the assembly line loser hero over there wants to help the Princess to take advantage of the situation and get her fame and glory. Oh what a beast human vanity is!" Stan chortled.

"Shut-up! It's not that! I just want to ask the Princess if you… oops!"

"? Me?"

"…No, nothing , um, la-la-lah…"

"Bah, whatever. Anyway let's go, you florescent pink brat. You want to meet the Princess right?"

Ruka gave Stan a wide-eye look. Stan just smirked.

"…You are suspiciously cooperative. You've got to be up to something!" Rosalyn accused.

'Like you're not…?' Ruka sighed, and then he himself had an idea.

"Eh? What are you talking about? I didn't do anything yet" Stan chuckled.

"…'Yet'? What do you mean 'yet', huh?" Rosalyn stepped up so she was face to face with Ruka and stared up at Stan. "…You are really suspicious"

'And you are really close… too close…' Ruka took a step back from the glaring sandy-blonde woman.


KH: Um, I haven't written anything new yet, but yeah, I'm back in uni and well, Linguistics is killer! Japanese just got harder since its fourth semester. Climatology is full of terms that all mean the same thing…But I love Greek and Roman Archaeology! That and Karate!

I might update in a month or two or during Summer.