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I know that I'm in the middle of The Deadly Blast From the Past but this was eating at me. This idea just stuck with me. I can totally see this actually happening. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


The team knew that Robin never talked about his past and they were fine with that. They knew that it was within his right to have a secret identity. Of course they knew that!

But there is a time when you need to come clean.

That time was right now.

Robin had never mentioned how he became Robin. They just assumed that Batman was his father. It was believable. They were close like a father and son were.

But they weren't exactly father and son, now were they?

Apparently, Batman had FOUND Robin. And his name hadn't been Robin then.

It had been Shadow.

What did that name mean exactly? How did Robin really become Robin?

They didn't know.

But they were going to find out.

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