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Chapter 15

Their eyes snapped open, Robin's memories of his past ending. Now they understood.

Even Artemis.

"I'm . . . sorry . . . I didn't mean to . . . I just . . . I don't know," she said, her face sad.

Why had she done that? Why had she been so convinced that Robin was a double agent? Why didn't she trust her teammate?

"It's okay, Artemis. I would have done the same thing. Besides, now you've proven my theory," Robin said, popping his neck.

Artemis raised an eyebrow. "And what theory is that?"

Robin looked at her. "That I'm not the only one with trust issues."

Artemis chuckled weakly. He was right. She DID have trust issues and major ones at that. Who wouldn't after their father betrayed their trust and forced them into a life of crime?

"But you've to make it up to me," Robin said, a smirk forming on his face.

Artemis gulped. "How?"

Robin's smirk was clear on his face. Now Artemis was more than a little nervous. What was Robin planning on making her do? Artemis opened her mouth to tell him some things she would NEVER do so he wouldn't name them. But Robin's next words close her mouth shut.

"You get to tell Batman."

Seeing Artemis' pale face, Young Justice laughed. Oh, how they were going to enjoy this.

Robin chuckled. And here he thought his friends would take his past the wrong way.

But they hadn't.

And for that, he was grateful.

Very grateful.

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