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Molly Phillips and the gang went back on the road again after a week of relaxation. One day, Molly had a call. A call that would change everyone's lives forever.

"W-what? N-no, I don't believe it! I don't!" Molly yelled before she let go of the phone from her hand and started to cry.

"Mom? What's wrong?" Jack asked as soon as he heard her with Annie, Clu, and Carey following behind him. Irene and Ned entered from the front, wondering what had happened as well.

Molly tried her best to be calm in front of her son yet the tears would not stop.

"Guys. Everyone. Sit down. I've... I've got bad news," Molly started before breathing calmly.

"Mom?" Jack repeated before sitting down. Immediately afterwards, he suddenly had a flashback of his father's funeral.

"Jack. Everyone. I just had a call from Melinda," Molly continued. A small pause emitted as she started spouting more tears.

"What is it, Ms. P?" Clu asked, now seemingly more worried now.

"Does it have to do with Fi?" Carey asked. The sudden name of her daughter made Molly cover her face before she broke down. This instantly made Jack shake his head as if knowing what it meant.

"No. No. It can't be. It's not true. I don't believe it!" Jack shouted before shaking his head. His eyes widened in horror.

"What's up? What's wrong?" Clu asked, becoming more persistent and feeling his breath caught in his throat.

"Fi, my little girl... Melinda says she's dead. Caught in a fire when nobody else was there. Found her body inside the house," Molly answered, choking on her tears as she did so.

Everyone froze at the sudden news. Jack was now in tears before running into his room and slamming the door behind him. Clu and Carey were lost, not knowing whether to believe the news of their friend had died. And of course, Annie cried with Molly. Irene cried on Ned's shoulder while he held his wife tightly against him. A few tears had escaped from Ned's eyes, trying his hardest to be strong.

Fiona Phillips looked around the current area she was in. A smile slowly came across her lips yet tears spilled from her eyes. The smile faded soon after before she turned around to look over at the tour bus.

"Goodbye, everyone," she whispered before she walked away into the darkness of the fog.

Chapter One

It had been a month since Fi's funeral. Things still became hard on everyone. Jack became more quiet than usual. He hid inside his room whenever he heard Fi's name or saw her picture. He silently cried and sometimes thrashed the room to relieve the pain. Molly had distracted herself with her music, writing lyrics and singing and playing them. Clu had become more depressed; and whenever he saw Fi's picture, he just stared at it as if waiting for her to pop out and/or talk to him. Carey had to be the one to snap him out of it. As for Carey, he didn't show it, but he sometimes spent thinking about the times he spent with Fi and sometimes banged his fist when it seemed to be hard to cope with Fi's death. Things weren't the same at all. Annie had seen how the gang changed quite a lot. She sometimes prayed for things to get better for the group. Annie could feel the sorrow in everyone that even she felt affected by it too. It was slowly killing her inside, and she just wanted to do something or anything for them. She looked over at the ring that Fi gave her and felt a strong sense of obligation to help the troubled state the gang was in.

She opened her laptop, feeling the need to keep herself busy. It was then she suddenly received an email. Annie looked at it curiously before pressing it. There was no sender, but her eyes wandered to the topic. She froze when she saw Fi's name in the subject, Fiona Phillips. She immediately opened it to reveal a short email message:

"Dead, she is not. Living, she is. Find her, follow the clues. Go to the City of Angels. There, shall your journey awaits. If you decide not to, she will be alone to finish her destiny. Living, she may not. Dead, she will be. Sacrifice is done. Too late, is she."

Annie gaped the whole entire time when she read it. All her mind could process was that Fiona was still alive and that she needed to go to a place called the "City of Angels". Annie thought for a bit before she realized Los Angeles was considered to be the "City of Angels". She immediately closed her laptop before running and knocking on Molly's door. It took a while before Molly opened the door. Just as she did, Annie noticed Molly's frustrated look. Molly soon hid it with a smile after she saw Annie staring at her with much concern.

"Do you need something, Annie?" Molly asked.

"Yes, well, sorry to intrude Molly, but I just- I just wanted to know where our next destination is," Annie asked a little hesitantly.

"Oh. I think we are going to Los Angeles. Why?" Molly asked. Annie's eyes suddenly brightened up and hugged Molly. Molly was rather surprised but couldn't help but smile. It seemed Molly needed one anyways. "Why are you so excited?"

"Oh! Sorry about that, Molly." Annie let go of her and blushed. "I'm just excited about going to Los Angeles, that's all."

Molly smiled, nodded and then said, "If that's all, I'll go back to work." Annie nodded before Molly closed the door on her.

Annie immediately started to get back to her laptop but stopped midway when she noticed Clu using Fi's old laptop. She knocked on his door before Carey was the one to open it fully.

"Oh, hey Annie. What's up?" Carey asked. Annie smiled before looking at Clu.

"Is he doing okay?" Annie asked him quietly. Carey understood who she meant and nodded.

"A little. He's looking at Fi's website right now. I guess it's better than him just staring at her picture for hours," Carey explained before he let out a sad sigh. "I don't know how to snap him out of it, even mom and dad couldn't get to him."

Annie nodded sadly and then looked over at Carey. "And you? How are you holding up?"

Carey smiled and said, "I'm okay now, I guess. I just needed some time to process everything and to heal from Fi's death."

"Y-you guys!" Clu shouted. Carey and Annie looked over at him. Clu snapped his head to look over at Carey and Annie.

"What is it, bro?" Carey asked.

"I looked into Fi's email, and I suddenly got this message that popped up," Clu said. Carey and Annie were surprised Clu was talking. After Fi's death, he rarely spoke. And even if he did, he only said a few words.

"And?" Carey asked after he was able to snap out of his shock.

"It says something about finding Fi and that she isn't dead," Clu told them. Carey stared hard at Clu.

"Clu, I know you miss Fi, but Fi's dead. You heard the announcement. She's not coming back. You've got to realize she's not coming back," Carey told him. Annie was a bit startled at how angry Carey sounded.

"I guess it took him a lot of effort to deal with it all alone," Annie thought sadly.

Clu glared at his brother.

"She's not dead!" Clu yelled, "This email says it right here." He pointed to the screen of Fi's laptop.

Carey sighed before he looked over at the email and read it.

"Fiona Phillips is not dead. Find her and save her. City of Angels will be the first place to find your first clue. If not, be prepared to never see her again."

Carey was surprised for a moment before he clenched his hand into a fist.

"Is this some sick joke?" Carey asked before he looked at Clu and Annie. "Don't tell me you guys believe this?"

"I do believe it!" Clu yelled. Both brothers glared at each other in anger.

"I know you miss her, Clu. I wish she wasn't dead either, but they identified the body as Fi's. We've got to accept that she's gone," Carey told him, trying to hold back his anger. Carey was clutching his shirt tightly against his chest.

"You don't know that. Maybe... maybe they are wrong. Maybe they made a mistake. Maybe it isn't Fi's body they found," Clu argued back.

"Stop it. Both of you," Annie demanded. Carey and Clu looked over at her. "Wait here. I've got to show you guys something."

She left immediately and came back with her laptop. She showed them both the message. They both stared in awe.

"So... you've got the message too? Why didn't you say anything?" Clu asked, looking hurt and betrayed. Annie bit her lower lip and sighed.

"I just got the message today, and I wanted to make sure if it's true. I just didn't want to give you guys hope for it to be crushed in the end if it wasn't," Annie explained. Carey tried to contain the new information in his head.

"Like I said before, it must be some sick person trying to make us feel more miserable than we already are," Carey said.

"I don't think so, Carey. I'm not sure anybody knows my email other than family and friends. And even if it is a sick person sending an email to me, how did they know I know about Fi? There's something much more to this," Annie explained. Carey thought for a bit before nodding.

"If this isn't a prank and if Fi is still alive, whose body did they find in the fire?" Carey asked.

"I don't know. The only way is to find out. The next tour is in Los Angeles, California. I don't think this is just pure coincidence," Annie said.

"Should we tell Jack?" Carey asked, looking both at Clu and Annie for an answer.

"He wouldn't believe it anyways," Clu answered, "He's got it the toughest than any of us."

"Yeah, telling him would only hurt him. Until we know for sure, it's better we kept it a secret," Annie replied.

Carey sighed and said, "I guess."

It was dark before anyone knew it. Clu slowly started to going back to being his normal self. Carey stared at Fi's picture and smiled. Annie saw the instant change in her two friends. She felt relieved, yet there was still the fact about the email message. If going to Los Angeles was the first clue in finding Fi, how many more clues were left? What had happened to Fi? Where did she go? What will they find? Is Fi really alive? There was a long list of questions left to be answered, and the only way for it to be answered is to find out through this new adventure.