Reunited in the Big Apple

Quinn's POV

"Rach! Get up! We're going to be late!" I shouted

"Barbie! Please be quiet. I need my beauty sleep" Kurt yelped from his room

"Rach, seriously! We can't be late!"

"For God's sake! Rachel Barbra Berry, get your tiny little ass up! I can't handle this!"

"I'm up!" Rachel shouts from her room

Yep, this is what a normal day looks like for us. Kurt doesn't have to be to work until noon, so he usually wakes up at nine. Rachel and I on the other hand have to be at work by nine. We work in this cute little café near Central Park. It's not where we wanted to be by this point in our lives, but it pays the bills, so we're taking it.

Kurt, Rachel, and I all decided sense we were all moving to New York we thought it'd be better to move in together. Kurt and Rach got into NYADA and I got into NYU. We all became good friends in the last couple months of senior year.

We bonded over our tragic love lives. Blaine broke up with Kurt just a couple days before graduation. Blaine had said that he didn't want to have a long distance relationship. He claimed he couldn't handle it. He was devastated. We stayed in with him as we watched chick-flicks and ate junk food.

Rachel and Finn broke up, of course. But this time it wasn't my fault, or Puck's. It was Sugar Motta's. She and Finn had been sleeping together for months. Rachel dumped his ass, and then she surprised everyone by slapping Sugar. Whatever, the bitch deserved it.

And then there was me. I never got Sam back. I'm still heartbroken. I can't believe I let Finn back in! I let him convince me to cheat on the best boyfriend I've ever had! He actually ended up with Mercedes again. Sam and I remained close friends for a while. But after about a month, I couldn't stand him talk about Mercedes over and over and over again. I stopped answering his calls and texts. I barely even glanced at him during Glee or any classes I had with him. He began to take the hint and he stopped trying to talk to me in the hallways and after Glee.

But as soon as the three of us skipped town, we vowed to forget them. We couldn't have heartbreak drag us down.

Rachel walked into the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar. She took a bite and ran a hand through her hair.

"Morning" She yawned

"Finally! We're going to be late!" I shoved my phone in my purse and swung it over my shoulder.

"Fine! I'm coming!"

"BYE KURT!" I shout and I hear a groan in response.


We get to the 'Big Apple', I know original name isn't it, and we open the small café. Rachel starts to wipe down the tables and I sweep up behind the counter. I toss Rach her apron as I put mine on.

"Thanks" She smiles.

Right after I finish tying my apron the bell above the door jingles and in walks one of our regular customers.

"Good morning, Mrs. Johnson" I smile to the elderly lady.

"Good morning girls" She smiles at both of us and walks up to the front counter. "And Quinn, dear, how many times have I told you to call me Linda?"

"Can I get you the usual?" I ask and she nods. "Well then that comes to $4.99" She smiles and starts to dig through her purse.

I walk over to espresso machine and I start to make her usual latte. "Rachel? Could you get her the blueberry muffin?"

"Sure, Q" Rachel walks over to the showcase and pulls out the muffin. She brings it over to the cash register and starts to wrap it up. "So, how are you this morning, Linda?"

"I'm great, how are you, dearie?"

"I'm fine" Rachel grinned and put the lid on the latte.

"Here you go" She hands me a ten and I place it in the register. I take out her change and hand it to here. I would expect her to put it back in her purse, but she puts it in the tip jar.

"Oh, Linda! You're so sweet! But we can't take a $5 tip!" Rachel complains

"You two deserve it" She winks. "Plus I know how cheap some of these New Yorkers are" She smirks and grabs her muffin and places it in her purse. Then she picks up her drink and starts to walk away. "Have a nice day, ladies" She throws over her shoulder

"You too!" We exclaim in unison. The door jingles as she leaves and we see her disappear from sight.

"She's so nice" Rachel sighs and goes back to wiping down the tables.

"I know. Why can't all New Yorkers be like her?"

"Linda's one of a kind, Q" I smile and pick up the broom and start to sweep again.

Finally, it was only 5 minutes to closing time. Not many people had come in today. But I don't blame them, it's Sunday, it's everybody's lazy day. Even New York. If I had a choice, I would still be snuggled up in bed right now.

I took a small bite of the homemade bread Rachel had decided to make today. I moaned "This is the best, Rach!"

"Why thank you!" We both giggle and I take another piece of the bread. We start to talk about what we'll do tonight. Kurt had a date, his first date since Blaine, actually. We only look up when for the 4th time today, the door opens and the bell rings.

"Hi, how can we help-" I stop talking. I know my expression has changed from one of kindness to one of anger.