Reunited in the Big Apple

Rachel's POV

"I'm boredddd!" Kurt shouts from his strange position on the couch

"I don't careeeee!" I mock and he pouts. We are lounging in the living room on a Saturday night because Noah and Blaine have to work late. But they said they'd be here around 6ish and well it's 5:30. Sam and Quinn were off on a date.

"Shut up, Barbra!"

I let out a gasp "Rude much?"

We glare at each other for a little bit but then we burst out laughing. I hope nobody walks past our front door because we'll sound like crazy people…but then again….

It's as if my nightmare comes true because seconds after I think this, someone knocks on the door. I stop laughing and I look at Kurt as he smirks.

"Maybe someone's complaining" He gets up as I let out another laugh as he walks over to the door. He pulls it open and he huffs. "What the hell do you want?"

I raise an eyebrow as I wonder what's going on. But then I figure it out as I hear a voice. I huff in annoyance and roll my eyes

"I want to see Rachel" I scoff as I hear his horrid voice. I get up and stalk over to the door.

"Jesse! How great to see you!" My voice oozes sarcasm.

"Rachel! You look great" It's like I can see the manipulation in his eyes. Something I've ever seen in Noah's eyes.

"Do I?" I smirk, looking down at myself. "I guess that happens when you're happy" Jesse raises an eyebrow and then looks to Kurt, glaring. "Kurt, I got this, I can handle him"

Kurt stood there with his arms crossed for a moment then huffed "For the record, Rach, I never gave him our address"

"I believe you" I say "Jesse kind of stalks people" Jesse scoffs and I smirk "Why are you here? There's no chance I'll take you back, so you're wasting your time if that's why you came here."

"Earlier, you said you're happy. How are you possibly happy with someone like Puckerman?"

"Well he treats me like a boyfriend should treat his girlfriend. But I'm assuming you wouldn't know anything about that" I'm on a freaking roll!

"Excuse me?"

"You egged me, Jesse" I took a step toward him, my eyes full of rage. "Usually boyfriends don't do that" He shoved his way through the door and into the apartment

"Rachel, I said I was sorry!"

"And you of course that's going to make me swoon and fall into your arms?" I smirk and cross my arms over my chest "Fat chance, St. James"


"You didn't even like me! You were trying to put me in a funk"

"It worked didn't it?" He glowered at me and I rolled my eyes

I glared at him "You're such a bastard!"

"Oooh, Rachel updated her vocabulary"

I scoff "I hate you. I hate you more than I hate Finn, and I hate him with a passion"

"You used to hate Puckerman!"

"I never hated Noah! I found him annoying, yes, but don't forget he was my first boyfriend"

"You told me I was your first boyfriend!"

"Nope, technically you were my third" He looks offended and I shrug. "I dated Noah for about a week and then I dated Finn for a short while, then I met you"

"You're a bitch!"

"If telling the truth makes me a bitch, so be it!" He glowers at me.

"I don't buy this whole you and Puckerman thing!"

"Well, you should, because I love him"

Jesse snorted "Rachel, you don't know what love is?"

"You're one to talk. I bet you've never loved anybody but yourself!"

"Excuse me?"

I covered my mouth and put on my most innocent face "Sorry, I didn't think that would be too insulting for you" I pouted at him, knowing that I was pissing him more and more with each word.

"Rachel, grow up!"

"Me? You egged me! Then you show up at my apartment, expecting me to forgive you for everything and become your girlfriend again!"

"I forgot how much of a diva you were"

I laughed "Me? Sure I was dramatic, but you, Jesse, are the biggest diva of all!"

"You got pissed when you didn't get a solo"

"Yeah I know! I was there! But I've changed, and maybe you should too, because you're going to end up alone"

"Ha! I probably have more friends than you!"

"Really? Because my friends actually like me, yours put up with you because you have talent!"

"You're friends actually like you? You live with Mr. Gay and Ms. 16 and pregnant!" That's when I slapped him, and let me tell you, it was a long time coming. "What the hell, Rachel?"

"You are seriously asking me that?" I clenched my fists "You do realize you just insulted my two best friends!"

"You are so not worth everything I've done for you!"

I let out a laugh "What exactly have you done for me?"

He said nothing. He glared at me and then I heard footsteps from behind me. I turn around and I see Noah, Quinn, and Sam. "Oh, look who finally decided to show up! Bieber, Preggo, and your-so-called-boyfriend"

I took a step toward him "I'll slap you again, St. James,"

"Doubt it"

I slapped him again "What'd you doubt?"

"Stop slapping me!"

"Stop insulting my friends!"

"Come on, some of those names were pretty funny! Ms. 16 and Pregnant! Comedy Gold!" Before I know it, Quinn, Sam, and Noah were beside me.

"I really hope you weren't referring me to Ms. 16 and Pregnant!" Quinn growled

"Relax Quinn, Rachie already slapped him, hard" Kurt said nonchalantly from the couch. I would've laughed in any other situation, he was just so calm as he listened to this fight, flipped through his magazine and looked up every so often.

"What the hell are you doing here, St. James?" Noah clenched his fists and advanced toward him.

"Wanted Rachel back, but now I'm starting to rethink this" Jesse eyes flickered from me to Noah. "So, Puckerman, how has life been? How many other bitches have you gotten pregnant?"

Everything happened so fast. Quinn launched herself at Jesse, but Sam grabbed her waist and pulled her back. I was too busy helping keep Quinn calmed down so I didn't notice Noah's fist collide with Jesse's face.

"Nope, how has life been with you? Egged any vegans lately?"

Jesse's hand covered his nose know and I could see blood seeping through his fingers

"Leave, Jesse. No one wants you here" Kurt says in a monotone as he flips through his magazine without even looking up

"Fine, but you're going to regret this, Rachel!"

"The only thing I'm gonna regret is not slapping you harder!" I smirk and take a step toward him and he rushed out the door. I walked after him and slammed it behind him. I groaned and leaned against it. "That was fun"

"Did he really come here to get you back?" Quinn asked as she placed her purse on the edge of the couch.

"Yes" I rolled my eyes "Then he started insulting you guys and I just lost it"

"It was so funny when she slapped him" Kurt laughed. I started laughing too "His face was priceless"

"Damn, I wish I would've been here to see My Hot Little Jewish American Princess slap the shit out of St. Douche." Noah placed his arm around my shoulders and I leaned into him.

"So, Sam, Quinn, how was the date?" I asked, hoping to get off of the Jesse topic.

"It was perfect" Quinn smiled sweetly at Sam and he grinned back. They were so lost in their own little world.

"Kurt, is Blaine spending the night tonight?" Quinn asked, shaking herself out of her lovestruck world. I giggled and Kurt rolled his eyes with a smile.

"Yeah, he is. I'm guessing so are Puck and Sam" I nodded and so did Quinn.

Quinn walked over to Sam and grabbed his hand. "We're going into my room, I'll see you guys in the morning" We all said goodnight and they walked out of the living room.

I look up at Noah and I kiss his cheek. He smiles down at me and I hear Kurt groan. "Why do you guys have to be so damn cute?"