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On board a stolen vessel stolen in a far off sector of some sort of galaxy, Kilaven and I were on a mission. Too find 'Ratchet' and convince him to help us train the Lombax populace for this dimension. To get off that rock and go home.

There was, however, a problem.

Most of the youth didn't want to go back, and most of the adults as well. Fear had been pumped into them through campaigning and drills by certain generals. I guess it's just easier to run a species when they only exist on a floating rock. Speaking of floating rock…

"Kilaven! I think that's it!" I called.

Kilaven, who was half asleep in the passenger's seat, suddenly sat up straighter and leaned forward. In front of us was an asteroid ring surrounding what appeared to be a very large station of some kind, what was strange though were the soft glimmers of a light blue hue that appeared here and there. I had no idea what the stuff was but it couldn't be bad, right?

"Hey, Pris. See that glowing thing over there? It's above that flat surface. Isn't that a good place to land?" Exclaimed Kilaven, who was pointing towards some of the shiny blue stuff, he then smiled. "We're so close."

I smiled too, we were.

That was when I noticed a metal automatic door on the side of the station, which I paid no attention too before, and I noticed them now because they were opening. Kilaven noticed it as well and ours jaws dropped at what came out.

It was a ship. Not just any ship, but a Lombax fighter ship. Coloured in a light blue hue and dark metal, I give the pilot credit, he could give his ship some style. Speaking of the pilot, the ship was skilfully being driven through the asteroid ring, right towards us.

"That's not out to blow us up, is it?" asked Kilaven, who was staring at the ship as if it won the 'Best Engineered Spaceship' award. (yes, that award is back on the rock and is handed out yearly.)

"Guns aren't out, no warning message and isn't approaching at a dangerous speed. Guess…"

Starship Transporter 5985-Gamma, This is 3371-Alpha do you copy?

At the sudden interference, our jaws dropped slightly lower and Kilaven and I looked at each other with shock. Looking at the intercom that just spoke Omniversal… with the voice of the guy we were looking for.

Starship Transporter 5985-Gamma, This is 3371-Alpha do you copy? Repeated the voice out of the intercom.

Finally getting my wits about me I answered back (in Omniversal). "Uhhh… yeah, we copy."

I swear I heard something about an 'unexperienced answer' before we got something back.

You need to turn on your distance communicators; I had to fly my ship to get into your reception range.

I looked onto the control panels. Yes, the distance communicator was off.

"And why would that be your problem?" I asked the communicator in front of me. Kilaven had his eyes scrunched together in confusion.

I heard a light chuckle from the other end.

Look closer at the glowing blue stuff.

Kilaven and I leaned closer to the window and eyes widened in alarm at the massive snake like beast we saw. It was huge! Bigger than our ship! It was looking right at us with glowing blue eyes, apparently waiting for the fatal mistake we were about to make.

"Thanks…" I squeaked.

No problem. You're not the first outsider to not recognize a leviathan.

Back on Vessel 12 Ms Jasin's POV

I couldn't believe it. I was finally here, finally going to see him and the pilot gets us LOST!

I was fuming in my seat, trying to prevent myself from knocking out the pilot and flying there myself. I've been there before after all and memorised the coordinates the moment I saw them. How could someone who calls himself a pilot get us LOST!

A glance to my left saw the faces of two very stiff young Lombaxes looking in my direction. Aradia appeared to have turned into a statue while Hidan just looked around awkwardly. I could hear Eider screaming at the pilot on the other side of the ship. I inwardly chuckled, two angry parents on board.


I looked up to see General Micdos Vadin, looking somewhat annoyed. Normally he would have been telling Eider to pipe down, but if it was Aradia we were looking for… a inwardly chuckled at the thought.

"Please tell me you know the way there," he asked/begged.

I gave him a half smile. "I thought you would never ask."

Ratchet's POV

So there I was, in the middle of a leviathan breeding ground, instructing a young female pilot on how to land in a hanger and navigate through an asteroid ring, wondering how the hell she got her license.

"Okay, now fly through the metal doors and land on the red pad." I said into my intercom.

Is that all?

Her accent was strange, not something I could place, I was guessing a French or American Valkyrie. They often had trouble navigating through asteroids due to the lack of them around their planet.

"Yep," I replied.

The transporter vessel slowly and shakily went into the hangar, attempting to avoid touching the doors and headed straight for the red pad. Aphelion was flying steady behind them and already had an opinion of the recent flight.

That was pathetic. Came her metallic voice. I do hope you will be looking for fighter patrol planes soon, that would make the day more interesting.

There was a gasp on the other side of the intercom.

Your ship can talk?

This time it was a male voice, with the same accent as the girl. Now I was confused. The Valkyries never hung out with their male counter parts.

Without a second thought I asked "Where are you from?"

We'll explain later. It was the girl.

A metal movement next to another pad caught my eye. Clank had positioned himself in front of the blue pad (near the red one) and was making large movements, making sure to let Aphelion where to land.

Dodging the other ship, Aphelion made a beeline straight there and gracefully landed without hesitation. All the while talking to clank in some robot language I didn't know.

My restraints lifted off me and the cockpit opened up. Hesitantly I looked over to the transporter ship which appeared to be having trouble to land. It was going round in circles above the pad. I shook my head and hopped out of Aphelion, then casually leaning up against her while waiting for the other ship to touchdown.

I don't like the pilot girl. Said Aphelion, causing me to glance at her and softly place my hand on her wing. She makes that poor ship look ridiculous.

There was a quiet 'I heard that' from the confused vessel which looked like it was finally starting to land. Releasing the landing platforms and slowly sinking down.

I rolled my eyes and muttered slowly, "I'm so lucky to have a ship like you." Aphelion' s lights glowed with pride in response.

With a sudden THUNK! the ship landed. It shuddered a bit before the cockpit opened up. Whirring and buzzing sounds seemed to indicate that whoever made that ship decided to make the simple things (like opening a door) complicated.

It just sat there; cockpit opened and I started hearing words and phrases in another language. I think they were arguing.

I'm no stranger to foreign languages, I'm fluent in about 11 and know basic communication in another 6. A necessary skill when travelling from galaxy to galaxy. Even if I didn't understand it I normally knew which language was being spoken.

However, I don't even think I've heard language before.

A head popped out of the cockpit. A Pink Lombax head, popped out of the cockpit.

It was either a manly looking lombax girl… or a pink lombax guy.

I just raised an eyebrow. Now that's something you don't see every day.

"Sorry, to intrude," said the Lombax. It's voice was kind of squeaky and I was starting to think it was the girl when a grey (definitely female) Lombax suddenly popped out.

"We need your help!" she said.

Aradia's POV

Ever wondered who the rookie pilot was?

Well said rookie has only been on stimulated flight programs and has never had to navigate while flying before. I knew the rookie. The rookie was a freshman at school and I had no idea she was coming on this trip for flight experience.

Olive coloured Humali Cressida was a rookie pilot.

And she was sitting awkwardly next to me, trying to start a conversation. Hidan decided to be a 'gentlemen' and her the window seat so she could get a good view. He promptly fell asleep afterwards.

"So… Aradia," she began. Her voice sounding strained. "What do you think of Mr Leviathan Killer?"

Great way to start a conversation.

Don't get me wrong. Humali was nice and didn't intentionally cheat on Priscilla's boyfriend. (He was cheating on both of them and they teamed up to get back at him.) She never really paid any attention to the 'in' crowd, was smart and apparently only died her fur because she really hated the colour.

But she had these bright pale pink eyes that just creeped me out.

I try so hard not to judge her, or too stare too much or be rude or… anything else. It was just Humali. She had that effect on a-lot of Lombaxes.

"He's pretty good looking… I guess…" I answered her. Trying hard not to look directly into her eyes.

"Yeah… It's not often you see a guy with a pilot's build," she said with a smirk.

That brought my attention back. Pilot's build? A leviathan hunter, gladiator, model and pilot?

"What the hell does he do?" I asked aloud to no one in particular.

"Might be a jack of all trades," answered Humali calmly. "Someone who can easily adapt would have a higher chance surviving out here." She gestured to the stars out the window. "Makes you wonder if the most beautiful things that exist in reality are actually the most dangerous."

I looked out into the beautiful starry sky. "Your point being?" I asked

She sighed sadly, "Everyone's come up with their own theories about this guy. This is mine. He looks great and probably has a great personality. But… most likely has the knowledge and ability to defend and destroy. I don't mean to pry Aradia, but the moment that guy finds out he's 'hot' where we're from he's going to use that fact to get information. He would have done it before. He may not even do it intentionally. He will use everything he can get his hands on to get what he needs, information or otherwise." She placed her hand on the window as if reliving some old memory.

I stared at her coldly. "You shouldn't judge a guy based on your observations on a jerk." I told her.

She shook her head. "You misunderstand. He would have developed automatic skills that keep him alive. Ways to talk to others, which weapon for which aliens, how to pilot a military vessel… Those a most likely things he never thinks about anymore. What I'm saying is that he probably is an automatic general, in a way. Doesn't need to be trained. Our leaders are not worried about him, that want him. There is no one in our generation who has even tried out for the guard, so why not grab the natural who has no other career path and make him show our ignorant generation how to live again."

I glanced back out the window.

"Think about, Aradia."

Then, she too, drifted to sleep. I just kept my eyes on the stars. Too the general's… was Ratchet just a figure head, a weapon to use against whatever makes us want to stay on the rock? With that in mind, I fell asleep.

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