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1. No beginning and no end

"If you go to the north, the night will become darker and darker, and you will finally come to a place where the sun never rises. There is no life, it's too cold and too dark, not a single animal, not a single plant. Only rocks and sand. And darkness, lonely and endless darkness."

He turned his head, his chin brushing against her hair, and her gaze followed his hand which moved from the left to the right. His other one was still gripping her waist and she had nothing to think about, except feeling his hearts beating against her and listening to his voice, explaining the strange place he had brought her —a planet that never turned around its sun.

"If you go to the south, the light will turn brighter and brighter, and you will finally come to a place where the sun never disappears. It shines on and on, burning everything. There is no life either, it would be cooked in a few seconds, the air is too hot and the sun is too bright."

He paused. His hand reached her arm and he began stroking it without even noticing, his touch going up to her shoulder and down to her hand to the rhythm of his voice.

"And between those two extremes there are places like this one. Not too sunny, not too dark. Life has found a place where it could grow up and create a new."

He was right. She had never seen something like that before. The sky was purple, dark and almost blue over their heads, but it turned lighter and softer at the skyline to become pink. The colours were beautiful, between light and shadow. There was no black, no white, but grey, no red, no yellow, but orange, and every other colours were a mix of two, three, four others. It was a place where you could not be alone, you could not be wrong or right, and you could not be rising or falling. It was half-measure and balance.

"It's always dawn—or always sunset. You never know. Always expecting the sun to rise or to fall. There are only a few people living here, and they never stay long, because they become crazy. They never know where they are, when they are, if it's day or night, if they are before or after. Hours pass by but time means nothing here because nothing changes, nothing moves. No beginning. No end. And it always has been—always will be."

He stopped speaking and his hand was not moving anymore on her arm; he was just holding her tightly now. She could feel him putting a kiss in her hair and taking a deep breath as he smelt it.

She was expecting him to start speaking again but he did not, only laid next to her without moving. She felt his last words running in her mind and, finally, she dared to ask the only thing she was wondering about.

"Doctor? Are you trying to say something about us?"

She pulled back a bit, so that she could catch his look.

"What? No. No. I was not thinking about..."

He looked lost and confused and she could see his thoughts fighting in his mind. And then he slowly calmed down as she smiled at him. There was nothing wrong. He had not made a mistake. She was not blaming him—she never was, and never would be.

"Oh. Yes. Perhaps. I don't know."

He sighed and his chest moved up and down under her hand. He was staring at her face, tracing her shapes with his fingers, drawing the outline of her eyes, exploring the curves of her lips, walking over the mountain of her cheeks. There was something in his eyes, something he was hiding, and she could not ask because it was something she had not lived yet. Something sad and something bitter. But she could also see his love and his tenderness, for the things they had already lived, and the things that they still have to live.

"You know that it can't be..." she finally said. "This. This planet. What you've said about that place. Everything has to start and everything has to finish. Beginning and end. Life and death. That's how it works. That's how everything works."

And so our story has to, she thought. And so wehave to. And she was sure that he could hear it, he could understand it, and he could read it on her face.

"Maybe. Maybe not." he answered. "Not here."

He kissed her forehead and she lay against his chest. Everything would be simple if it could be like this place. She sighed, and she could feel he hold her tighter.

"Can we stay here a little more?" she whispered.

As long as she wanted.