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She had to master the technique. It would finally be her breakthrough from her father's shadow. Finally. Yet the goal seemed to be so far away, out of her reach, completely out of her league.

Why was such a simple thing that comes from a child's dream so difficult? She still could only manage to float a few feet off the ground. But then, she told herself fiercely, think of all of what you could accomplish through this.

The raven haired girl had gone all the way to fly out into the woods in a distant area so she would not be disturbed by the city noises. After her visit to Gohan's place in 439, she only realized how loud it was in urban districts. In the wild, she would be able to concentrate properly and still keep the flying technique a secret.

It must've looked like she was about to commit suicide from an outsider's point of view, as she was standing at the edge of a dangerous looking cliff. She had tried looking down, but it seemed endless, and she quickly looked away before fear crept into her veins.

There was a grove of trees circling around her in a little clearing. The sky was in a light blue hue, and the sun was shining brightly, in contrast with her frustrated mood.

Right, let's do this…

Birds of multi colors were in the trees, and were chirping very loudly. She clenched her fists tightly. If only they'd shut up! As if they heard her thoughts, they chirped even louder. "Tweet tweet!"

As she listened closer, she slowly began to discover that there was a pattern of the various sounds, forming together in a complicated song of nature. The parakeets kept the beat, while a woodpecker served as the tenor. A band of canaries sang in a higher octave, weaving around. Other birds added their own style to the tune.

They almost seemed to be singing to her. Words began forming in her mind. Fly, fly away into the blue sky. Fly, fly!

In a trance, she muttered, "Yes indeed, I'll fly."

Yes, yes, fly away!

Hawks were circling up in the air, beckoning her forward.

It seemed so tempting to just leap off the cliff and spread her arms like a bird's wings. A tiny part of her conscience scolded her for been so ridiculous by jumping off. It's only in cartoons that characters can do that.

But she decided to ignore the warning and take a step forward. And another step… She took a deep breath and gathered ki into the balls of her feet, like Gohan taught her to. Keep a calm mind. Be at peace mentally. The edge was near, and in a blink of an eye she flung herself off. All the ki gave her a sudden burst of strength as they propelled her upwards toward the sky, away from the endless depths.

She got higher and higher, faster and faster. With a shriek of delight, she poured even more energy into the flying. She spread her arms and laughed happily like a little schoolgirl. Yes, yes, yes! She performed somersaults and cartwheels in the air, tumbling around. Finally.

Videl finally mastered how to fly.

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