The Magic Of Christmas


Natalie Elizabeth

Beckett stood nervously at Castle's door. She had a plate of ninja bread man in one hand, her hand bag on her shoulder and a gift bag in the other. She raised the hand with the gift bag to knock on the door. It was now or never.

"I'll get ittttttttttttttt!" she heard Alexis yell out.

Beckett watched as the door was flung open to reveal a very Christmassy Alexis. She had a Santa hat on her head and was wearing a long sparkly red top with black leggings. The teen's eyes widened when she her.

"Oh my God, you came!"

Beckett then tried to stabilize herself as Alexis launched herself in her arms.

"Merry Christmas Eve."

Beckett laughed. "You, too."

"Come in." Beckett wasn't really given a choice as Alexis grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into their loft. She had been there last week and had seen the decorations Castle had already put up but since then he added more. Any surface that wasn't covered with twinkle lights was covered in cotton wool she assumed to look like snow. There were ornaments and baubles everywhere.

"Grams, ready to see our surprise dinner guest?"

Beckett saw Martha standing in front of their wine collection. There was already five bottles on the counter but she obviously assumed she needed more.

"Just one second, I needed to a bit more wine to handle tonight."

Beckett frowned and looked at Alexis. She assumed the night was meant to be about joy and happiness. Why did Martha need that much alcohol to achieve that?

"She thinks my mother is coming," Alexis informed her.

Beckett's eyes widened. Christmas Eve, with Castle's ex!

"She is not, by the way."

At hearing this announcement Martha turned around confused and then her eyes lit up when she saw her dinner guest.

"Oh darling come here, Merry Christmas Eve."

Beckett put her plate of gingerbread on the counter along with both bags and eagerly entered Martha's arms.

"Merry Christmas Eve."

Martha pulled back and then looked over at her granddaughter.

"Why didn't you tell me it was Kate?"

Alexis shrugged. "I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Well, you're father certainty will be surprised," she said. "Richard!" she called out for her son.

"I made ninja bread men and I brought you a few small gifts," Kate said, indicating her pile she had left

on the counter.

"Oh Kate, that wasn't necessary," Martha told her.

"Yes it was, thanks, Kate. Dad loves ginger bread. Look Gram, there little Ninjas." Alexis held up the plate and showed her.

Martha shook her head. "Your father will love it. Richard!" she yelled again.

Alexis took the gifts and placed them under the tree that was already pretty full of presents.

"Alright, I'm here."

Beckett turned around at the sound of Castle's voice. He was dressed in a rich red shirt and looked incredibly handsome. He raked a hand through his hair and then really looked at the person standing next to his mother. His eyes bulged and his mouth gaped open.


"Hi Merry Christmas Eve." He stood there shocked so Beckett approached him. She leant in and gave him half a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. He still looked shocked when she backed away.

"You're here."

"I am."

"You found the hat."

Beckett raised her hand to her head and pulled the hat off her head.

"It was in my jacket pocket." Had he lost it?

"Oh I know, I put it there. I noticed you were going to crime scenes without one and I was worried you would get sick. I can't believe you're here. I'm not dreaming, am I?"

Alexis chose that moment to run past and pinch him. Castle rubbed his arm, his face contorting in fake pain.

"Just one second," he told her before dashing after his daughter.

Beckett sat on the couch in Castle's loft contemplating her night. Alexis, with minimal help from her father, had put on a spectacular dinner. She was so glad that Alexis had challenged her to a dance off on their Wii game system two hours after they had eaten dinner. If not, there was a good chance she would have lost her button on her jeans when she sat down. According to the clock in Castles house, it was midnight, although her own watch said 11:45. Beckett couldn't figure out which Castle had changed the time, little one, or big one. Both seemed excited about receiving gifts. Big Castle sat down next to her on the couch.

"Have you had enough?"

Beckett smiled. "It's been great. Thank you for inviting me."

Castle patted her knee. "Thank you for coming."

"Ok, present time."

Alexis ran to the tree and started removing gifts and handing them to the owners. Beckett was surprised when three small gifts were placed in front of her. She noticed that only a few gifts were placed in front of everyone; the rest remained under the tree.

"We only open gifts from family and friends on Christmas Eve," Castle informed her. "The rest are from people trying to get in my good books, companies, that sort of thing. Open my gifts first," he told the three women in the room as he picked up his camera.

Beckett picked up the small square shaped gift and held on to it as she watched Alexis open her gift. When the girl saw what her gift was she let out a squeal. She watched as Alexis held up a collection of books and then put on a cheesy smile for the camera.

"There by my favourite author; these will be great for when mum ditches me."

Beckett's gaze slid to Castle and saw him frowning at his daughter. Alexis was oblivious to her father's stare for a few seconds before she realised what she had just said.

"Second favourite author."

"That's more like it." He then snapped his camera in his daughter's face, unrespectablely creating a very funny shot.

"Thank you, Richard."

Beckett glanced at Martha who was waving an envelope.

"Spa treatments."

Castle snapped another picture before all eyes turned on her. She had yet to open her gift. Peeling off the tape she carefully unwrapped her gift to reveal a jewelry box. Beckett took in a deep breath; it could be anything. She opened the box and started at the contents.

"Do you like it?"

Beckett looked at Castle.

"It's beautiful," she told him. "Will you help me put it on?"

Castle leaned over and took the silver bracelet out of the box. Beckett held out her wrist and waited for him to put it on her.

"Dad, what charm is that on the bracelet?"

"It's a reindeer."

Beckett pulled her hand back. "What?"

"A reindeer. I wanted to get you something Christmassy. The Santa charm just looked creepy and the Christmas tree looked like an arrow. So I chose a reindeer. I thought this Christmas might not be as bad as some and you might like to remember it."

Beckett looked at the charm. Oh, she would definitely be remembering this Christmas.

"Thank you." She leaned over and kissed him again on the cheek.

Castle simply grinned at her.

Martha's presents were the ones to be opened next. Beckett was surprised to see she had received tickets to a sold out show.

"Thank you Martha, I really wanted to see it."

"Hey, I tried to get tickets, how did you get them?" Castle complained.

Martha smiled at him.

"I have connections too, darling."

Beckett stared at the two tickets. "So, will you be joining me?"

Martha waved Beckett off. "Oh no, take someone special; make a night of it." She then sent Beckett a wink. Beckett bit her lip and slid a glance to Castle, who seemed oblivious to the exchange.

"My gift next," she announced.

Castle looked at his long triangle shaped gift.

"What do you think Alexis, Toblerone?"

Castle wacked his gift lightly on his knee, while Alexis rolled her eyes at him. Alexis tore into her gift and screamed in delight when she saw what she had received.

"Gram, look what Kate got me."

Alexis held up a brightly coloured scarf and then looked over at her gram who was holding up a similar item.

"Kate, this is gorgeous," Martha told her.

"Is it from the same places as the one you were wearing earlier" Alexis asked, wrapping the scarf around her neck.

"Yeah, it's from a little boutique; this woman hand paints them."

"I feel fabulous," Alexis said with flair. "Dad, are you going to open your gift?"

Castle snapped off a few pictures of his mother and daughter before picking up his gift again. He ripped off the paper and then stared at the shiny surface of his gift. It wasn't the reaction Beckett expected until she realised he had it the wrong way around. He spun the item around until black letters appeared on the gold surface.

Richard Castle

Police consultant

"Oh this is awesome." He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I can't wait for the guys to see this."

"Well, unless they get arrested for murder they won't be able to see that, Castle."

Castle was confused.

"That goes on your desk at work, or rather my desk, our desk."

Castles eyebrows rose. "Our desk?"

"Gates is warming up to you, a little. If she has to have you around she wants it all official. You are now officially a police consultant; you get an official ID and everything."


"But don't think it's a get out of jail free card. You get arrested and they will call me first. It will save your family on bail money, at least. Now, I tried to get you your own desk but there really isn't any room close to mine unless we totally shuffle everything around. However, there is room for a slightly bigger desk, so after the New Year we can go looking for a desk that we can both share."


Beckett nodded.


Their eyes locked and Beckett forgot to breath.

"Open my presents," Alexis interrupted.

Castle closed his eyes and hung his head down. He couldn't catch a break.

He took his last special gift and opened it. He smiled at the game he had received.

"I've got a week to practice before you get back and then I'll kick your butt," he told his daughter.

"You wish, Dad."

Beckett leaned forward to see what Alexis had gotten him.

"It's one of those singing games for my PS3."

Beckett looked at the cover of the game and froze. 'Love songs.' Alexis had gotten him the love song edition. In her dream Santa had gotten Castle the microphones for his game system so he could sing 'I love you' from the roof tops. It had to be a coincidence, surely. Beckett tried to distract herself from Castle's gift by opening her own. She tore off the paper and opened the lid of the box. All she could see was a glass ball and knew Alexis had gotten her a snow globe. Who didn't love a snow globe? She grabbed it from the top and pulled it out, shaking it before removing her hand from the top of the globe to reveal the scene. Beckett froze as the snowflakes fluttered around the castle inside of the globe. A castle surrounded by trees. The same castle from the picture that Santa had given her in her dream.

How was this possible?

"Where did you get this?"

"I found this little Christmas shop. I swear, the owner looked better than some of the store Santa's."

Beckett turned the snow globe in her hand. How was this possible?

"Don't you like it?"

Beckett looked at the crestfallen Alexis.

"No, no. It's beautiful. I was just shocked, that's all."

"Well I'm off kids; there is a Christmas party waiting for my presence."

"Well, I need to go off to bed, too," Alexis announced.

"I probably should be going, too. I have to work tomorrow," Beckett told them, standing up.

Beckett hugged Alexis and then switched with Castle and hugged Martha. The teen made quick work of gathering her gifts and exiting the room. As did Martha, leaving Beckett and Castle alone. Beckett gathered up her presents and put them into her bag before grabbing her coat and heading towards the door.

"Thank you for sharing your family with me, Castle."

He smiled at her and shrugged.

"Thanks for coming. It made the night feel real special."

Beckett turned to look at the door and then back at Castle. It was time to go, she knew it, but she wasn't quite ready.

"Hey guys."

Castle and Beckett looked up the stairs at Alexis.

"You're standing under the mistletoe."

Beckett looked up and saw the green plant hanging from the roof. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Alexis disappear so she returned her gaze to Castle who looked slightly embarrassed.

"Mother hung it there because we were getting a lot of deliveries. Thankfully for her they were all young men."

Beckett nodded but noticed he made no attempt to kiss her under the mistletoe. Maybe because he was scared, like her father said. He was too scared to kiss her. If it was going to happen, it was up to her. She had to be strong. Beckett took a step forward and pushed Castle a few steps back. It was then that she rose up on her toes and kissed him. Her lips played over his briefly before she pulled back. He stood there staring at her before looking up at the roof.

"You know we are no longer standing under the mistletoe."

Beckett nodded.

"I don't understand." Beckett had kissed him. She wasn't drunk, it wasn't a dream, they weren't distracting goons. She kissed him.

Beckett reached out and grabbed his hand.

"I want this, Castle, but I have been afraid. But I learned something last night. If I am scared all I have to do is hold your hand and pass all my fears on to you. You can hold my hand and pass all your fears on to me. Our fears can meet in the middle and explode."

Castle looked at her, shocked.

"I ... what... how the..."

Beckett stopped his rambling by kissing him yet again. When she pulled back he was smiling at her.


Fear swept through Beckett; this was all so new and strange. Castle grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze.

"We could just hold hands."

Beckett laughed and nodded.


Together, hand in hand, Beckett and Castle walked off, towards their future.

High up in the sky a man in a red suit looked down on the pair. Getting them together hadn't just been the Christmas wish of Rick and Kate, it had been that for millions of Caskett fans around the world.

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!"

And with a jingle of bells Santa and his nine reindeer dashed away into the starry night sky.

The end.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good write!