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Interlude - Making of a Tyrant (III)

It had taken some time, and a lot of string-pulling on Shirou's part, to set up his plan but finally it was all coming together.

He would have to fix all of the Fujimura vehicles free of charge for the foreseeable future, but he was already doing it for free anyway.

Old man Raiga thought he was being clever. After years of trying to convince Shirou to get paid for his work he did as their mechanic, he finally managed to corner him like this.

Well, it was worth the trade in his opinion. It was worth suffering the teasing from Raiga's men about Shirou-chan finally becoming a man.

It was even worth overhearing Raiga's comment about having to find another candidate to continue the family bloodline, though Shirou would have to ask Medea to erase the memory from his mind once everything was said and done. Shirou did not need that mental image, thank you very much.

The most difficult part was keeping it secret from Taiga. Not just the part about him and Medea, but the part about Raiga's comment as well.

Eventually, everything fell into place and Shirou just had to reap the fruits of his labor. At this point he could only hope Medea would approve of them.

It was an ordinary Saturday, all things considered. Medea just returned from grocery shopping to find the house completely empty.

That wasn't unusual at that hour of the afternoon. Shirou would return from school a bit later because of his involvement with the Student Council. Rider had taken up the duty of acting as his bodyguard, so she would be close to him the whole time. Satsuki usually returned with Shirou, but when was held back she took a stroll through the city with other female students.

The diminutive vampire was trying to avoid making close friendships knowing that she would soon have to leave the city, but vampirism aside she was still a teenage girl with teenage needs and wants.

She eventually got dragged out by her classmates and she ended up enjoying herself a lot, which resulted in more outings. Ultimately that meant she wasn't home nowhere near enough as she used to be during the day, returning only after dark to train with Shirou.

Medea did not mind. She liked the quiet atmosphere of the Emiya household when it was, in fact, quiet. She looked forward to preparing a hearty meal for her beloved, though they would have to share it with the other guests.

There were worse fate than sharing something, she supposed.

However, when she was about to get start cooking the phone rang. Medea frowned, wondering who could be calling at that hour. No one but housewives and NEETs would be home in the afternoon.

She giggled at the thought of being a housewife, and went to answer the phone with a spring to her steps.

"Yes~? This is the Emiya household."

"Are you in a good mood, Caster?" Shirou's voice said from the other end of the line.

"Shirou? Did something happen? Why aren't you contacting me telepathically?"

"Let's just say I preferred a more traditional touch for this." he replied.

"Hmm? What are you on about?"

"There is a package for you in your room. Get it and get be ready by eight o'clock tonight. You'll now what to do next then."

"Shirou, I don't understand."

"Just trust me, alright? I promise you won't regret it."

"What about dinner?"

"Don't worry about it. Just... believe in me."

"... alright. If it's you asking, then I'll trust you."

"Thank you. I promise you won't regret it."

"Silly. I already knew that. I'll see you later then?"

"Yeah. Later."

He hung up the line and Medea put down her own receiver. Now, now. What had that silly man concocted?

Medea could tell there had been a plan in the making from the way he approached the conversation. To think that Shirou would plan something behind her back without her noticing.

Medea was almost proud of him like a mother seeing her precious child starting to walk on his own. Really, it was a memorable moment.

She went to her room wondering what she would find. Shirou had to have sneaked home while she was out shopping, which meant he had her habits and timings down pat.

He was a clueless idiot around women but outside of that field his planning abilities were not half bad.

She found a bulky, brown envelope laying on the tatami in the middle of the room. With careful touches she started unwrapping it and her eyes widened considerably when she held the contents in her hands.

"You dolt," she whispered, but her words did not match the bright smile that had blossomed on her face.

Eight o'clock. She had only a few hours to get ready.

Satsuki returned home when the sun had already set. It had been a fun afternoon with her classmates and one she didn't think she'd ever have the chance to experience again.

She was a vampire, a monster that fed on humanity, but she was human as well. For the first time in a long while, she truly felt that she could still be human.

As long as there is hope, one can go through just about any adversity. Satsuki felt she truly understood that concept now, although she would have liked to avoid being questioned about her relationship with Shirou, or his relationships with the other women that seemed to gravitate around him.

The only thing she managed to achieve was denying that they were anything more than friends, but she was forced to admit that she did like him. However, she would not follow through with those feelings because he was in already in a relationship with someone else.

She refused to say who, and told them to go ask him if they were so interested. That killed that line of conversation very quickly. Apparently Shirou had been considered sort of unapproachable, even before the rumors of him being a womanizer started to spread.

Apparently whereas Tohsaka was the school idol to the male half of the student body, Shirou was the same to the female half. His growing reputation as a gigolo did not subtract from his attractiveness at all. In fact it had added to it.

Apparently a guy who constantly scores with adult foreign beauties and local teenage ones is even more of a prize.

Satsuki couldn't quite wrap her head around that concept... even though she couldn't quite disagree with them either. If she was a more competitive kind of woman, she would have at least given a shot at getting him.

However, she knew what her chances of that happening were and that knowledge was further compounded when she arrived in front of the gates of Shirou's house.

There was a limo parked there, with a man in a sharp black suit and a hat waiting next to it. Before Satsuki could formulate a thought about whos and whys, a figure stepped out of the gates, making the vampire's jaw drop.

Caster was wearing a purple silk dress that fell on her slender body like a curtain made to highlight her every curve. The slit to the side of her dress reached to about mid-thigh and it teased the length of her leg with every step she took.

The neck-cut was deep. Not so much as to be obscene, but deep enough to attract the eye and fix it to her pale flesh and the sparkling of the jeweled necklace she was wearing.

"Oh, Satsuki," Caster called out upon noticing her. "We won't be home early tonight. Do not bother waiting up for us."

There was no need to explain who "us" was. Who else could Caster be going to meet looking like... a goddess descended?

Satsuki could only nod numbly, mouth still agape. Even the chauffeur had a difficult time not stealing a glance as he opened the door for Caster to climb inside.

The limo departed as soon as the driver had sat the wheel, leaving a still stunned Satsuki in the dust.

"Completely out of my league," she decided once she recovered her wits. There was no way she would have won a competition for Shirou's heart, even if she decided to give it a try. She was completely outclassed.

Oh, well. It stung but it would make it easier for her to move on.

The limo sped through the city in almost complete silence. The engine was a distant buzz that Medea could only barely hear over the beating of her own heart. The front seat and the back seat were completely closed off to one another, so Caster was all alone in the enclosed space.

She felt trepidant like a teenage girl at her first date. Which was exactly the case, minus the teenage part.

To think that Shirou would be so thoughtful to prepare something like this for her... she could scarcely believe it.

What else had he organized? She could hardly sit there, fidgeting in her own skin, feeling all too self conscious.

Did the dress look good on her? Wasn't she too old for these kind of clothes? But Shirou had picked it for her so the least she could do was wear it.

It was so embarrassing, but also so very exciting.

The limo crossed the city, passing over the bridge that connected the two halves of Fuyuki. The coastal city served mostly a harbor, and wasn't much of a tourist attraction, but at night, with the artificial lights reflecting on the surface of the ocean it had its own charm.

Caster focused on the sight outside the car to control her nervousness. A method that worked only partially as she couldn't help from biting her lip and wringing her hands.

Eventually the car reached its destination in the city business district. It parked in front of one of the many skyscrapers and the chauffeur rushed to open the door for Caster.

There were a number of finely dressed people in line to enter the external glass elevator to the top of the building. They all turned to look at her when she stepped out of the car, stunned into complete silence.

Caster scolded her features. She would not look like a fool in front of this rabble. She would not reflect badly on Shirou.

"Lady Megissa, this way please," the man at the entrance called out with a curt bow. "Arrangements have been made. There is no reason for a person of your caliber to wait in line."

A murmur of discontent rose from the queued patrons, but a single haughty look from Medea silenced them. They were in completely different categories and they knew it. The gap wasn't simply that between a human and a Heroic Spirit.

She was in a completely different world in terms of class and beauty. For the first time in a lifetime, Medea did not feel like second-hand goods.

She felt confidence and self-assurance as a woman flood through her limbs in a way that she had experience only in Shirou's arms. The nervousness and insecurity from before was reduced to a faint murmur at the back of her mind.

She held her head high and stepped through the door. Faint ambient music welcomed her and the elevator took off towards the sky.

As she rose higher and higher so did her spirit. Overlooking the city made her feel in a way she hadn't felt in a long time.

Like a Queen.

The elevator reached the end of its journey and stopped. The doors opened and Medea stepped out, feeling her heart in her throat despite looking like she owned the place.

She found herself at the reception of a restaurant. The man at the desk bowed slightly at her.

"Lady Megissa, we have been expecting you," he told her politely. "Your date is already waiting for you."

He showed her through the door and into the the dining hall. Fourth fifths of the floors were made of glass panels which made it look like they were sitting outside.

She approached their table abruptly, halting all conversations at the tables she brushed past.

Then they saw each other.

Medea almost didn't recognize Shirou, until he stood from his chair.

He had cut his hair a little and he combed them backwards, highlighting the sharpness of his eyes and jaw, making him look a couple of years older than he actually was.

His real age was further blurred by the custom-made suit he got for himself. A simple matte-black, but a high-quality one and far from inconspicuous, especially considering how the white shirt underneath his coat clung to his torso. Just tight enough to show that he was far from skinny.

An impeccable look, for an impeccable man.

She approached him and he approached her. He wordlessly took her hand and kissed the back of it.

"I already knew you would be stunning in that dress but you defy my every expectation, Medea." he whispered.

"That should be my line, you dummy," she replied with a smile on her lips and a blush on her cheeks. Her eyes showed hints of tears. "What have you done?"

"Nothing less than you deserved, for a change," he told her. "Come, sit down."

He took her to the table, pulled the chair out for her and helped her sit.

"Shirou... Shirou this is amazing." she told him once he sat down in front of her at the small circular table.

Shirou waved his hand. "It's nothing much, but it's the best place Fuyuki City has to offer."

"It must have cost you a fortune. You shouldn't have."

"Oh, I really did have. And it didn't cost me anything. I just pulled in some favors."

"That can't have been so simple," she protested. She might have not know all the intricacies on the present world but she had been living in it long enough to have understood a few things.

Shirou shrugged. "I might or might not have bribed a few people here and there. A little blackmail could have played a role too, but nothing worth nothing."

"Shirou!" she laughed. "I can't believe you would do something like that."

"There was no other way. This place has a waiting list of several months," he explained.

"And you couldn't have reserved somewhere else instead?"

They were interrupted by the waiter bringing the menus. They both chose their meal and the waiter left, only for another one to come and pour them both a red wine.

"I might be mistaken Shirou, but I thought that the law of this country prohibited the consumption of alcohol to minors."

"You are not mistaken," he said, taking the glass to his lips and sipping it. He did a remarkable job at concealing any discomfort at his first taste of wine ever.

Medea smiled and took a sip of her own wine. It was excellent and coming from royalty that was quite the review.

"Shirou, I wouldn't want to presume, but are you going out of your way to break the rules for me?"

Shirou let out a soft snort. "I suppose it could look that way, but not really. I just broke the rules that I couldn't circumvent."

"Oh my!" she giggled. "Am I being a bad influence on you perhaps?"

"Please. I was breaking the law long before I met you. Vigilantism is illegal no matter how necessary I found it to be. Don't get me started about the rules of the Clock Tower I've been disregarding left and right."

"Hmm. I didn't think of that. Oh, dear. It looks like I fell in the hands of a scoundrel after all. Whatever will it be of my poor frail self?"

Shirou did not reply to her joke but his eyes were firmly affixed on her face. He didn't miss a single nuance of her expression. No small quirk of the mouth and no crinkle of her eyes escaped his sight, and Medea noticed.

Feeling slightly embarrassed under his stare, she recomposed herself.

Shirou reached with his hand across the table and Medea took it in her own. They sat silently staring at each other for a few minutes and the moment was broken when the appetizer were served.

"It would be better if Detective Dojima weren't to know about this latest escapade of yours."

"Probably not," he agreed. "He's already having a hard time coping with everything as it is. I'm afraid he'll blow a fuse if he finds out I've been... less than scrupulous for the sake of impressing my girlfriend."

Medea giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. Normally she wouldn't like being called a girlfriend any more that she liked calling him a boyfriend. It reeked of naivety and infantilism, but tonight she felt young again and it caused a pleasant bubble of warmth to form in her chest.

"Oh, so you are trying to impress me." she observed mirthfully.

"No, I regularly eat here on my own." he replied sarcastically, taking a bite of his food. Medea did the same enjoying the high quality cuisine.

"You know, you didn't have to." she told him.

"I know I didn't," he agreed. "I wanted to. I think we should enjoy ourselves while we still can."

"Those words coming from a workaholic like you could be a sign of the coming of the end days."

"I'm not a... Okay, maybe I am." he admitted. "To be honest, I don't have anything I want to do. The only thing that ever gave me a sense of purpose was helping other people. I can find other things enjoyable, but I feel no desire to pursue them."

"Was?" she asked.

"Excuse me?" he asked back.

"You said the only thing that gave you a sense of purpose was helping others. Is that no longer the case?"

"I think it's fairly obvious that I also have something else that gives me purpose now."

"...oh," Medea simply said with a pleasant touch of red across her cheeks and a flutter in her chest.

"Is everything alright?" he asked, seeing her reaction.

"Yes, I... I'm not really sure how I should react. This is my first time, you known, being courted."

"Don't worry about it," he reassured. "This is my first time courting anyone as well."

Medea's hands fidgeted and she looked down in her lap.

"Yes, well. You are doing a fairly good job of it. ... This isn't fair, I'm supposed to be the one taking the lead in our relationship."

"But you don't have to," he objected. "I won't claim that I know what I'm doing, because I very much don't but... I think we should figure it out together as we go."

"I... I would really like that." Medea nodded, finding the courage to look up into his eyes. She was a bit upset. She was in truly uncharted territory with Shirou and she couldn't say she liked it all that much.

At the same time, there was nothing worth living for in the territory she was familiar with as it was filled with the things that gave her her moniker.

She had to trust him, and she had to trust herself. Ironic how she found the former far easier than the latter.

"Talk to me, Medea. Don't ever be afraid of me."

"It's not you I'm afraid of," she replied. "How could I ever be afraid of a dummy like you?"

"Good. I'm not afraid of you either, just so you know."

"I can do terrible things Shirou," she confessed. "I have done them already."

The rivers of blood she had spilled were etched into history and into herself as well. As an existence that transcended time, her sins were already set in stone.

"I'm aware and I don't care," he replied flatly. "You are here now, with me. I won't let those things happen again, neither to you or by your own hands."

"I believe you, you know? If there's anyone I think can do it, that's you."

"Good. What kind of hero would I be if I couldn't even protect the woman I hold in my arms?"

The waiter returned in that moment to take away their empty plates, refilling their glasses of wine and serving the next course.

The conversation steered towards more light hearted topics about nothing of true relevance. It was a thoroughly forgettable conversation for anybody else, but an irreplaceable memory for someone like the Witch of Betrayal.

The evening progressed between soft laughters, additional glasses of wine and gentle brushing of fingers. Eventually, they reached the end of their meal and stood up from their seats, continuing their date at the lounge bar.

Whereas the restaurant area was brightly lit, this other space had a darker but still welcoming theme. Medea looked starstruck all the time, like a country girl who had just moved to the city.

That was the case in more ways than one.

Although she had been trained in Magecraft since childhood, she had lived a sheltered existence like any other princess until the day when fate stripped her of everything and turned her life into a nightmare.

Princess or Witch.

From the beginning, she never had the opportunity to be anything else. She always ever saw the world from up above or from down below.

It was no wonder that she couldn't relate or sympathize with people. She was never part of their lives, but only a distant existence to be either admired or cursed.

Shirou had every intention of changing that for her.

They sat at the bar and ordered more drinks. A colorful cocktail for Medea and a straight drink for Shirou.

The buzz of alcohol in the back of his head was manageable and Avalon was getting rid of it faster than Shirou was trying to drink. Therefore he could in no way blame on it the fact that he found Medea more attractive than usual.

Lately Medea smiled and laughed more often but it was still rare that she would do so for extended periods of time.

She was having fun. Truly, genuinely having fun.

She talked of everything she experienced in this world since she came to live with him, from her absurd conversations with Taiga, the TV shows she watched while she cooked, the people she met while shopping.

Shirou thought he could have sat there and listened to her talk for the rest of his life and not have enough of it.

Too bad that nature had to call and interrupted the moment they were having.

"I'll be right back," he told her, leaving for the restroom.

He didn't take him more than five minutes to do his business and return, but in that short time frame the entire situation had changed.

Shirou had been taught by Kiritsugu to track things and people when entering a room. Shirou was better at learning those kinds of lessons than anything related to Magecraft, so there was no way he couldn't notice that a good chunk of the other patrons had changed seats in his absence.

It didn't take a genius to spot the encirclement that had formed around Medea. Particularly not when the stool Shirou had vacated just a handful of minutes later was now occupied by an unknown man flirting with Medea.

On her part she looked thoroughly unamused and was clearly waiting for this man to get a hint and remove himself.

It all changed when she spotted Shirou returning. Her eyes briefly flickered to him and the man in front of her before her entire demeanor changed.

Gone was the annoyment, replaced with an amused smile. Her closed off posture changed to one more open and she leaned forward to reply to something he had said.

She was flirting back.

Shirou saw the change happen and felt confused, more so because he felt an unpleasant stab in his chest and had the sudden impulse to throw that man across the room.

'So this is how jealousy feels like,' he realized, just as he realized what Medea was up to. It seemed that she enjoyed stirring unnecessary troubles. Then again what was he expecting from a Witch?

"I know that she's the kind of woman that makes you want to try to hit on her," he said as he approached the stranger from behind, "but it just so happens that she's with me."

The stranger turned. He was a man in his early thirties, neatly shaved and with sharp eyes. He could be easily called handsome, and because he was in this establishment he wasn't hurting for money either.

Needless to say, he was oozing confidence.

He looked at Shirou from head to toe, and didn't seem impressed with what he saw.

"You are just a boy," he said, sounding surprised about it and even somewhat mocking. Clearly he felt that Shirou was even less of a competitor that he had first expected. "You should be in bed by now."

"Yet I'm here with her and you are being inopportune. Kindly remove yourself."

"Look, she's out of your league. Go home before you make a fool of yourself."

"I won't ask you again." Shirou replied.

"What are you going to do about it? Teach me a lesson?"

Anyone would be hard pressed to find a man more accommodating than Shirou. He was veritably prideless and would not feel truly offended no matter what was done to him.

However that didn't mean he had no sense of right or wrong, of appropriate and inappropriate. There were things that he liked and things that he disliked.

More precisely he disliked this man's attitude. Even though he knew that it was all part of Medea's plot he still felt greatly irritated. That black feeling pooling at the bottom of his stomach crawled up his throat and out of his mouth forming words that Shirou had a hard time recognizing as his own.

"Get bent!"

Although it was unmistakably his own voice who said those words, to his ears it sounded like something sharp scratching against a flat surface.

A sound similar to two pieces of steel grinding against each other, maybe… but probably closer to a wild beast's claws scraping on a glass window in the middle of a pitch black night, trying to break inside.

Or trying to get out.

He didn't know what the other man had seen in his eyes, but Shirou didn't miss the moment when excessive confidence turned into abject terror.

The man almost fell from his seat and scrambled off, backing away like he expected Shirou to rip out his throat at any moment.

Shirou followed him with his eyes until he was far enough that he felt confident about simply turning tail and running off.

Only when the door closed behind him, Shirou turned to look at Medea, who Shirou was gaping in shock for the first time since he knew her.

"Are you entertained enough yet?" he asked of her, his tone laced with disapproval.

Medea's mouth snapped shut with an audible click of teeth hitting teeth and she looked like she was seeing him for the first time.

Shirou turned around and started to walk away.

"I.. Shirou," she breathed out, face flushing brightly. "I... I didn't think you had it in you."

"That makes two of us, then. For the records, what did you expect I'd do?" he asked, his voice deceitfully calm.

"I don't know but... definitely not that."

"... grab your things. We're leaving," he said, and turned to walk out.

"Shirou! Shirou, wait!" Medea cried as she followed him out of the establishment. He was already inside the elevator when she caught up with him.

He held the door open for her, but he would not meet her eyes.

"Shirou, I'm sorry," she started to say a moment after the elevator began its descent. "I didn't -"

He slammed his fist on the emergency stop button and the elevator ground to a halt. He rounded on her, and she instinctively stepped back against the elevator's inner wall. Medea found herself staring inside Shirou's eyes, which were burning like smothering flames, his face a few scant inches from her own.

"Do you have any idea of what you're doing to me?" he asked, his voice a low growl.


"I don't like violence. At all. Yet, I was about to punch that guy's lights out just for getting between me and you."

"I... I didn't mean..."

"Yes you did," he accused. "You wanted me to fight for you; you wanted to see how far I'd be willing to go."

"I... yes," she admitted, shamefully. "I did want to see you fight for me. I'm sorry, it was a spur of the moment."

"Don't do that!"he said with the same voice he had used with the man from earlier. "You know how far I'm willing to go for the things I truly want. Don't believe even for a second that you are not so important to me that I would not be willing to go just as far for you."

He wasn't joking. She could see it in his eyes. She could hear it in his voice.

Why was she surprised, again? Since when did she start thinking he was a man who would not go at extreme lengths for the things he wanted?

Just because said things were very few and they usually involved the happiness of others, it didn't mean he wasn't willing to spill blood for them.

He was a already tyrant before they even met. And just like every tyrant in history, the price to stand in the way of his desires was to be crushed.

One would only have to stand upon the graves of Vincent Guilford, or Shirata Shizuo to have proof of this.

So what if they had forced his hand? Emiya Shirou still made the conscious decision of taking their lives to bring about the outcome he preferred, out of those available to him at the time.

He hated violence and abhorred killing, but not so much that he would rather give up pursuing his ideals, his desires. Being willing to spill his own blood and lay down his own life before even that of his enemies might be what made him a hero rather than a villain, but even that did not detract even one bit from his selfishness.

He lived by his own morals and only abided by the law right until it got in the way of what he was trying to accomplish. Even the prospect of his own death wouldn't so much as give him pause; she saw it firsthand. The only thing that ever held him back were his own inherent human limits, and those too he pushed farther away every single day with unrelenting efforts.

What the hell had she been thinking, provoking him like she had? Why not tickle a sleeping dragon while she was at it?

It would be by no measure a less foolish endeavor; the price she'd have to pay for it might take a different form but it would be equally steep.

The only real difference between the two acts was the reason why it would make her knees shake like they were doing in that moment.

Bone-chilling terror versus mind-melting desire.

There should be no need to elaborate who would cause which, if not for the fact that Shirou had demonstrated he could achieve both, separately, in two distinct people simultaneously.

Her breath was coming in short gasps and her chest was heaving strongly.

"Well then…," she said with some difficulty, having to wet her dry lips. It seemed that a good portion of her body fluids had flushed right where she felt them pooling on her body. "How about you take me somewhere secluded and show me exactly how displeased with me you are?"

Shirou's frown deepened in confusion, then he blinked in realization and he developed a blush if his own, even though it only served to partially soften his frown.

"You are impossible," he snorted.

"A Witch is not so easily redeemed." she concurred.

"So it would seem," he grunted before he slammed his hand on the elevator's control panel, sending a burst of surgical Reinforcement through its wires and frying its circuitry. The lights flickered and shut down, only to be replaced a moments later with the soft red of the emergency lighting.

"Shirou, wha- hmmp!"

He kissed her hard, cutting her off, shutting her trouble-stirring mouth and sealing her wicked tongue. He pulled her close putting an arm behind her back and one behind her head, deepening the kiss even further.

Medea's initial struggle came out of surprise and lasted about half a second before her arms circled around his shoulders with an intensity to match his own and one of her legs came out of the slit in her dress to hook behind his thigh.

When he broke off the kiss some undetermined time later she was breathing even more raggedly and her eyes were slightly glazed over.

"Shi… rou?"

"For the next couple hours, this is as secluded as you're gonna get," he promised with a smile that gave her the goosebumps.

"Oh dear," she muttered, a part of her mind wondering if the option of tickling the sleeping dragon was still on the table.

Turns out it wasn't, but she didn't have cause to regret it.

Two hours later, when the repair crew managed to restart the elevator they found out it was completely empty even though witnesses were positive that two people had been inside when it broke down.

It was impossible, of course. No one could get out of an elevator stuck between floors.

And yet there was something left behind that the repair crew didn't know how to explain.

A set of purple female undergarments had been discarded in a corner of the elevator.

How none had seen it before with all the people coming and going from the building was just another unsolved mystery in a long list of inexplicable events in the history of Fuyuki City.

Rider returned from her night-time bike ride shortly after dawn. She parked the bike next to the tool shed that served as access point to her Master's Workshop and headed towards the main building.

Having lived at the Emiya household for a few days already she had gotten used to the local routine. At this hour either Emiya Shirou or Caster would have breakfast well underway and the appetizing smells would be filling the house.

Yet there was nothing of the sort and she couldn't even hear any sound that hinted at the presence of people. It was Sunday, so they might be still sleeping in but it was odd. For what she managed to glean of her Master he would not rest one moment more than strictly necessary.

Could something have happened?

She proceeded to his room and knocked on the doorframe. There was no answer, but more importantly her knuckles produced no sound when drumming on the wood. A feat of Magecraft, no doubt.

She made to open the door and check inside, but stopped midway. What had Caster said to the resident vampire when Rider first met her?

"Next time you decide to peek into of a room other than your own, you'd better be prepared to take part in whatever is happening inside."

Rider stood in place for a moment, considering those words. Then she turned and left from whence she came. She would be taking the bike for another ride and return around noon. In her estimate, whatever was happening or not happening inside of that room would be over by then.

Her estimate was off by about three hours. Turns out that Shirou was even more displeased than he first let on.

That did not really give Medea reason not to provoke him again in the future, but that's another story.


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