Title: Love Needs Communication
Rating: G
Author: Mac (ColMackenzieJAG@aol.com)
Disclaimers: All characters are property of Donald P. Bellasario and some others.
Spoilers: "Defending His Honor" (just the Harriet/Singer thing)

"Admiral, Lieutenant Sims would like a moment of your time, Sir."

"Thank you, Tyner, send her in."

Harriet looked ready to cry and scream at the same time. "Are you all right, Lieutenant?" he asked.

"Sir, what would happen to me if I decided to strangle someone to death?"

The Admiral stared at her for a minute, then realized who she was talking about. Who wouldn't want to strangle Singer! No, he shouldn't be thinking like that. Especially since he was her superior officer. "Sit down, Harriet."

Harriet moved towards the door. "I'm sorry, Sir, this was a bad idea. I never should have come."

"Lieutenant, please sit." She nodded and did so. "I know Lieutenant Singer is very zealous, but you can't let her get to you. She doesn't have what you have, Harriet."

"You mean a husband who's away at sea with a yeoman who's not a man."

He's eyes widened. "Yes, Sir, she told me. She overhead Colonel Mackenzie and Commander Rabb talking about it. She also told Bud that I bought the house. I was waiting for the right moment to tell him, and she ruined it for me!"

"Harriet, you both need to learn how to communicate. Tell each things as they happen. You would do no less if he was stationed a half hour away."

Harriet nodded. "I suppose you're right, Sir." She smiled. "Thank you, Admiral."

"Anytime, Lieutenant, dismissed." Harriet went to door. "Harriet."

"Yes, Sir?"

"You're not the only one."

short and sweet... what did ya think?