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Title- Tyger and Dr. Speed

Chapter 1- Gift

I awake with a headache to screaming.../someone's screaming...but who?/ I hear metal fall on the floor letting a metallic tone echo throughout the air...but it all sounds so muffled.I let out a groan as I open my eyes to see a orange light running up and down my body, but this isn't normal light, it's like it's sucking every cell out of me. Starting out as mild heat, but each time it runs back up my body, the pain progresses. I get to my feet and soon scan my surroundings to see an orange gelatinous ,almost translucent-like wall imprisoning me. The headache slightly fades and I immediatley realize the situation i'm in. /I'm trapped!/ I try ripping through the gelatinous wall, but to no avail.

"Help! Hello? Someone help me!" I yell as I still try to get out. I'm still punching and kicking at it , when I feel a sudden burning, like a rubburn, all over my body. "Help! Somebody help!" I scream as I try banging on the wall. I fight to keep a level mind, knowing that if I allow myself to go to "that" place, I won't have a chance to get out. I take deep breaths as I fight back fears and continue to scream and punch. "Lord, Jesus..." I manage to get out through my struggling " Help me. Just let me get out." I place my hands on the wall, my deep breaths becoming more shallow with each inhale. My fingers dig into it and I hang my head as I start to slip into fear, not even paying attention to progressive burning. "Get me OUT!"

Suddenly my hands feel like I just stuck them in a jar IcyHot. I pick up my head as I look at my palms to find a thin layer of ice forming on them. I let out a deep breath as a smile crosses my face , I realize that the God has placed the answer to my prayers right in my hands. I muster up all the emotion I can as I place my hands on the wall and let that IcyHot feeling flow into them again. My hands start burning a little bit and soon it feels like they're emitting some type of pulse. The warm "air", if you could even call it that, drops it temperature to around 40 degrees ,and the burning soon stops completly. I look at my hands to find ice creeping up my arm, but it doesn't feel like ice, but more like a layer of skin. /Focus./ I order myself ,refusing to get caught up on the why,where, and how; that's for after I'm safe.

I close my eyes and focus my attention on absorbing the heat from wall, from the air, from everything. The more heat I absorb , the stronger I feel, the more i want. It's like an insatiable thirst, a thirst for heat, and I'm not finished yet. I feel the gelatinous wall soon become rigid, I open my eyes to see that the orange wall has lost it's color. I pat the wall, / It lost it's elasticity too./ I kick and punch a good two times before I fall out and onto the maroon floor, which held a similair texture to the wall, I turn around to see what imprisoned me. It looks like a yellow pod...well a yellow busted pod. As I get to my feet, I feel the crunch of mutiple shards of the broken pod underneath my black sneakers. I turn around to see that there are some other people, but they were running down some isle. /follow them? No. they could be going the wrong way. Can't stay here though./ I'm about to follow them when I hear screaming coming from a pod in front of me to my left. There's a blurred figure struggling to get out. I can tell because i see their hand reach out to rip the gelatinous wall , but the wall didn't break. It was like watching one of those Glad trashbag commercials.

I take a look back at the passageway, where everyone else went, the only way in or out. I sigh as I run to the pod and press my hands to it. "Hold On! I'll get you out-!" I am sent flying back as the pod explodes. "Darn!" I say as I once again pick myself up off the floor and jog over to the pod to see a blue haired guy in his late teens stumble out. "Hey, hurry up we have to go." I let my word trail off as he turns around and pukes in the pod. When he's finished, I wave him over to the hallway. "Come on! We gotta go!" I say as I run over to the exit, but that's when I hear screaming, "No please don't ! I have-" The plead is cut short with a golden light followed by a sizzling sound. Soon a monotone voice comes from around the corner of the hallway. "Target aquired. begining assimilation."

My body is frozen as I hear drills, screams, and smell burning flesh. Thoughts race through my mind. / what to do? Should I help? Should I run? No, Can't do that../ I'm snapped out of my thoughts as I hear metal steps approaching from around the corner of the hallway. /Darn, if it whatever it is, catches us we're done for. Gotta hide for now. But where?/ I scan the room and i see to empty pods further back. "Come on!" I say as I run to the pod and hide behind it, the blue haired teen following suit. "I'm Jake,Why are we hiding?" asks the teen in a half whisper. "Where were you?" I hastily reply in a whisper. Jake scratches his spikey dark blue hair. "Um..." I rub the inner corners of my eyes. "Sorry, that came out wrong." I say as I look past the pod we're hiding behind. That's when I see a slender figure approaching from around the corner. My heart skips a beat as the figure comes closer until it stands in front of the exit. "What is that?" Jake asks as he looks over my shoulder. "I don't know," I say as I press my back against the pod we're hiding behind. "But it's definitely working for the thing that trapped us here, and from what I heard earlier , I don't think it's friendly."

As we both press our backs against the pod, Jake turns to me. "Got any ideas?" "Not any besides fighting it; you?" I reply as I start massaging my head. "Nope." He says as he fiddles with a rubber-band and a paper clip he pulled from his pocket. "Let me think up something for a second." I say as mentally flip through ideas. Precious silent seconds go by. "Got one now?" Jake asked. "Not yet." I say as I try to remain calm. About ten seconds go by. "How bout now?" Jake asks, as he continues to play with the little contraption in his hand. I give him stern look. "No." That's when my phone vibrates, I look at the screen to see a green feminine holographic face speaking. "Uh hello-" I answered. "The hack worked - I'm in, and you're awake and free!" Came the voice of lady in her late twenties. "*Whew* - Okay. I'm Oracle, and we are going to get you off this ship. Look for a doorway out." I look around to see that the exit has been shut off and a robotic guard is patrolling in front of it. "Uh Orcale?" I ask as i hold the phone up to my ear , Jake pressing his ear to the other side of the phone. "Yes?" Comes the reply from holographic face. "There's a guard patrolling the exit." I say as I peered around the pod, to verify I had said the correct thing. /Yup, still there./ I quickly hide behind the pod afraid that I might be spotted. "Well, there's only one way to get out of the room." Oracle said with a slight crestfallen tone. And we all know what that means. "Okay." I reply. I turn to face Jake "We're gonna have to fight


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