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Title- Tyger and Dr. Speed

author- Derrick Flax (wabi7)

Chapter 2- Thirst-

"Well, there's only one way to get out of the room." Oracle said with a slight crestfallen tone. And we all know what that means. "Okay." I reply. I turn to face Jake "We're gonna have to fight." But before I even got the first word out my mouth, I see Jake taking off towards the guard. "Yo!" Jake yells as he attracts the guards' attention. "Target sighted." Came the monotone voice from the guard as it ran towards Jake. Jake stands there putting his weight on one foot as the robot approaches him. "Move you idiot!" I yell as I sprint towards the robot. The robot was an inch away from the blue haired teen, when Jake vanished. I stop in my tracks as I try to find out where he went, the guard doing the same. "Calm down." Comes the cocky voice from behind me.

I turn around to face the indigo haired teen. "Since when did.." My sentence is cut short by Jake. "I'm just toyin' with it. Let me try something." He says as he vanished in a blur. "Yoohoo!" I hear Jake say tauntingly as he taps the guard on the shoulder. The guard turns around only to find nothing. Jake then appears behind it, "Yo! What are you looking at?" He says as puts his elbow casually on the guards' shoulder. Once again the robot turns around quickly only to find nothing. "Yo." a whisper came from behind me. I turn around to see Jake grinning. "What are you doing?" I ask."I got a plan." He says while putting his weight on one foot."What is it?" "I'll distract it and when it's looking at me , you come from behind and attack it." " I gotta say, that's a good plan." I say as I realize I'm not working with an idiot. "I take offense to that" He says with a grin. "Get over it." I reply with a smirk ,as we both head towards the guard. "Hey there!" Jake says as he appears behind the guard.

As the guard looks behind it, Jake appears at it's left side. "You silly thing you." Jake says as he taps the side of it's head. The robot turns to face him, "Do it now!" He says as dodges as the guards' claw. I rush up towards it , let the ice flow across my hand, and punch it's head off, followed by me jamming my fist through its' chest. I yank my hand out and watch the guard fall to the floor as sparks fly from the chest and the decapitated head. "Whew!" Jake says as he wipes his forehead. " I thought that'd never end, I was running out of steam." I catch my breath as I let the ice dissipate from my hands. "What's your name anyway?" Jake asks. "Ty." I reply as I examine the other pods. "Hmm," Jake walks up to me. "I'll call you Ty-Ty" "no." I reply dryly as I continue to look through the pods. "Well..you're wearing orange and black.." Jake said aloud to no one in particular. "How about Tyger? Get it? Tyger as in tiger like the animal..." He lets his sentence trail off when he saw the mundane look I was giving him. "So...that's a yes?" He asked.

Before I could reply, my cell phone vibrated again. "It's Oracle." I said as I put the phone on speaker. "Get ready." She said. "My readings show forces gathering beyond that door." Jake and I look at the door. "Oh, we have more guests!" Jake said cheerily. "What's the plan?" He asked. "First, you need something to fight with." I said as I looked around for something he could use. "Gotcha'" He replied as he walked up to the decapitated robot. "Help me with this." He said as he grabbed the 'spine' of the robot and started pulling. "What are you doing?" I ask as I walk over and start pulling on the neck. "Getting a weapon like you said." He said as he pulled the 'spine' free, sending debri flying everywhere. "Would you look at this?" He said as started twirling it. That's when we heard it; the hissing sound as the doors slid open to reveal three other robotic guards rushing in the room.

"Get ready!" I said as I ran towards the guards. "Already on it!" Jake said as he was already taking on the first one. That's when I saw it; the golden ball of light. The same light that "assimilated" that one guy. "Jake don't let that light touch you!" I yelled as I dodged the glowing ball headed my way. "'Kay!" He replied as he dodged a kick from the guard, and jammed the staff into the guards' face and ripped it out. "Oooh are you okay?" He asked sarcastically to the guard as he watched it fall to the ground and shake violently. Meanwhile I jammed my fist through the guards' chest and let the ice flow out of my hand and into the guard. When I pulled my hand out, it fell to the ground and shook violently before sending sparks flying. Before I knew it, there was a bright light, and I was on my back.

Pain radiated through my left arm. "Ty-ty,you good?" Jake asked as he looked back at me. I shook the pain off, "Yeah," I said before I realized he called me by that name. "And it's Ty, you idiot." I replied as I got to my feet and ran towards the third guard, Jake already behind the it. "Oh but you responded!" He said as he dodged a punch from the guard. "Shut up." I replied as I ran up to the guard ,and thrust my fist through it's chest. "Ah cheer up Tyger, I'm just screwing with ya'." Jake stated, as he ran his staff through the robotic guards neck. "There's two more around the corner." Jake said. "How do you know that?" I asked as I started to catch my breath. "Cuz' I can do this." Came his voice from behind me. I looked behind me , only too see no one there. "See?" Came his voice from behind me. "Okay,gotcha." I replied as I turned around to face him. "Okay, let's go!" He said as he went around the corner. I went around the corner to see there were two guards blocking a door.

I ran up to one guard that was attacking Jake, and pulled it towards me. "Target sighted." Came the cold statement from the robot. "Target this!" I exclaim as I charge up the ice in both hands, and send beams of ice from both of them. The guard flies back and starts to shake violently. "AARRGH!" I hear Jake yell as he falls to the floor. "Hey!" I run towards the robot who was preparing another light ball, conjure up as much ice as I can and slam it into the side of its' head. The decapitated robot stood there motionless as sparks fly from where its' head previously been, before falling to the ground. "Wow, that does hurt!" Jake says as he gets to his feet. "You ok ?" I ask. "Aw you're worried about me." He says with a grin as he points to his face. "Forget I asked." I say dryly as the door before us opens, revealing a spacious room, with what looks like a giant metal tarantula and two other guards. "Uh did I mention that I'm scared of spiders?" Jake asks as we walk into the room.

"Well it might be time to just face your fears." I said. Suddenly a monotone voice came from the metal behemoth. "Meet with reinforcements, I will patrol the area." The two guards went through the door behind the metal spider. "Okay here's the plan," I said "I'll hit with with long ranged attacks and when we get closer , we both attack." "Sounds good to me." Jake says as he vanish, and appears behind the behemoth. "That works too." I say as I charge up the energy in my hands and blast it at the giant. As i approach it , it stings hits me with some golden light, it doesn't hurt. But as I try to run towards it, it feels like every muscle in my body is anchored down. The metal giant backs up a little as a golden light surrounds it, and charges at me with full speed. "Tyger move!" Jake yells as he continue to strike it. "can't move!" I reply as I brace myself for the oncoming attack. The giant tackles me, pushing me back a little. After the tackle ,it collasps to the ground and the the light fades. /I'm still alive?/ I ask myself as I pat my body to make sure I'm in one piece. "No tyme to be putting on a dance for me." Jake said as he continued to strike the giant. "See what I did there? I said 'tyme' as in 'time' but I mixed your name." "Shut up." I say as I start to blast beams of ice out of my hands. "Soo that's a yes?" Jake asks as he swings away at the monster. Soon the robotic spider stands up as this time it hits Jake with the light. Jake tries running but it's like he's running in slow motion. The spider surrounds itself with that light again before backing up a little. "Brace yourself!" I yell as I blast the spider with beams to get its attention. The tackle sends Jake flying back a bit. "No!" I say as something inside me welled up again. It was that thirst I experienced when I was trying to escape from the pod. I grab on to one of it's legs, and start sucking the heat from it. It tries to shake me off , but finds it hard to do as ice appears on its' leg and starts running up it.

/I won't let you kill the only person that can help get off this ship!/

I continue to drink.

/I won't let you stop me!/

Ice covers half of its'body.

"You can't stop me."

- Chapter 2- End-


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