For my darling JoMoFan-Spot. Merry Christmas lovely.

Adam sighed as he took a seat on the couch. Being 6 months pregnant with 3 year old twins around Christmas was not his idea of a relaxing holiday season. Add that to the fact that his husband was away for work and wasn't likely to make it home for Christmas Day tomorrow and his stress level was through the roof. His friends had helped out as much as they could, but Trish and Amy had left for Toronto the day before and Johnny was spending his Christmas Day in Chicago-well a bed in Chicago anyway-with his boyfriend. His mom had flown in that day and as much as she fussed over him and the kids he was still exhausted and missing his husband. He let his eyes drift closed, telling himself that it would only be for a few moments of resting his eyes. By the time the second hand on the clock moved again he was sound asleep.

The pregnant man woke up to the sounds of paper rustling. Instantly awake he shot up, only to see a red figure placing presents under his Christmas tree. Thinking it had to be his mind playing tricks on him Adam blinked slowly a few times, before he gazed at the figure again. Yep, that was definitely Santa Claus in his house.

"What the hell?" he groaned as he tried to push himself up. Immediately 'Santa' was at his side, concerned blue eyes looking at him.

"Jay?" Adam asked in surprise. The 'Santa' grinned at him and nodded, tucking some of Adams hair behind his ear.

"Surprise," the other man said. Adam smiled sweetly and leant up to kiss Jays exposed cheek.

"What are you doing here?" he asked in confusion. Jay smiled and kissed Adams forehead gently.

"I couldn't miss Christmas with my family," he explained. "Even if my husband seems to be passed out on the couch." He tilted his head. "Why are you passed out on the couch?" Adam blushed.

"I was putting the presents under the tree and got tired," he confessed. "I sat down and must have fallen asleep." Jay laughed and pulled Adam closer, brushing a soft kiss over his lips.

"You looked adorable," he admitted. "But you should have let your mom help you." Adam smiled and leant up to kiss Jay gently.

"I'd much rather my husband helped me," he admitted, causing Jays eyes to twinkle and his mouth to curve up in a cocky smirk.

"Alex why is mommy kissing Santa Claus?" Angel asked his sister from where they stood on the upstairs landing. Alexandra shrugged and took her twins hand.

"We'll ask in the morning," she promised. "Let's go back to bed. Maybe Santa will bring Daddy home for Christmas." Angel gave in, following his sister as always as they crawled back into bed, both whispering 'Please bring Daddy home for Christmas' before they fell back asleep.

Waking up the next morning both twins raced downstairs, Alex and her flying pigtails leading the way. Angel followed her at a slightly more sedate pace but when they both saw their Daddy sitting on the couch they squealed and leapt on him. Their Daddy laughed and caught them easily, hugging them tightly before he let them go and open their presents.

Adam came and sat next to his husband, almost purring as the muscled arm slid around his shoulders. He didn't care about the presents this year. In his mind, his best present ever was sitting beside him.