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So I decided to write a story about Doon and how he is discovering these little creatures called "feelings". I'm still debating whether or not to make this a multi-chap story or not, so please tell me in your reviews!

I do not own City of Ember, the genius Jeanne DuPrau does. I don't own Doon or Lina, but I do own the boy with the blonde hair.


Doon never did emotions.

Or feelings.

Or pretty much anything along those lines.

Sure, his anger rises pretty fast, but that's pretty much the only emotion he's felt. Not happy, not sad, not scared, nothing.

You could call him boring if you wanted to. He wouldn't mind. He might call you a few curse words and storm off, maybe a punch or two, but that would be it.

So what happens when he sees Lina, his best friend, his counterpart in getting out of Ember, hug a boy and peck him on the cheek?

Doon doesn't know.

Sure he feels the urge to close his hands into fists. He knows this feeling. But there's something else there.

Something he doesn't know.

Something new.

Doon watches from behind a building. Lina's laughing at something the boy said. He starts laughing too. She gives him another hug. The boy whispers something in her ear.

Doon needs to find something to hit the boy with…fast.

He looks around frantically, looking for anything. Leaves, twigs, rocks…


He picks up a decent size rock, throwing it up and down in the palm of his hand. Why is he doing this? What does he plan on doing after throwing the rock? Why can't he just leave Lina alone to do whatever she wants? It's a free country, right?

But he can't let her do whatever she wants. She might get herself into trouble. She might leave Doon forever. She'll marry that kid with the blonde hair, start a family with him, live with him, sleep with him, die with him…he can't have that happen!

And Doon realizes that he's feeling something knew. Something he never thought he would feel.


He's scared. He doesn't want to lose Lina again. He missed her too much last time. He missed everything about her, her hair, her smile, her laugh, everything.

He never should have let her go last time. He was stupid. Dumb. Foolish.

Doon puts his head in his hands. 'Why did I let her go last time?' He forgets about the rocks, drops them out of his hands, and slowly slides down to the floor.

Should he let her be free?

Or should he keep her next to him?

Should he let her live her life?

Or should he take all that away from her?

As Doon asks himself questions, he forgets about the little scene with Lina and the boy. Their faces are literally centimeters apart. And as they close the gap, Doon looks up and his brain completely shuts down.

He lost her.


So I've decided to make this a multi chapter story...good idea? I think I'll do every chapter with him finding a feeling...that would be interesting... and I plan on making these shorter than usual, but with a lot more chapters.

I know that if you guys read my other stories, I haven't updated "City of Sticky Notes" in forever and I probably shouldn't have done a multi chapter story, but this idea just screamed at me! Please review, and I will update my City of Sticky Notes. For those of you who haven't read it, please do! Its a Mortal Instruments story, so any fans out there, please read it! Thanks guys!